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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to hui in [0.0033 BTC] Nice Chat Challenge V   
    You guys are bad at this nominating thing - all of you failed in providing a quote along with the nomination... and as I said, alts will be checked, too... 
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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to hui in [0.0033 BTC] Nice Chat Challenge V   
    Nice Chat Challenge V
    Due to the huge success we'll have another occasion where a nice chat not only gives us a better time but also the chance for some prizes!
    Starting Wednesday 00:00:00 UTC and ending Friday at the same time I will again calculate the average number of words per message in the (english) chat of all participants (and also take into account the number of total messages as a minor help in case of draws).
    For the resulting Top-Chatters I will quickly (but not thoroughly) skim through the chat to check if the chat rules were applied and that no alts were used in the time period.
    The prizes will be as follows:
    0.00100000 0.00066666 0.00044444 0.00030000 0.00020000 0.00013333 0.00010000 0.00007000 0.00005000 0.00003557 Additionally I will also give out up to 3 special prizes (0.0001 BTC each) for the coolest/nicest/most funny messages during that time nominated by you. To nominate someone else for one of these prizes please quote their name and the message you liked best in this thread. I will use my subjective judgment for those.
    Good luck everyone - and most importantly have fun on the keyboard!
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    ahmeddz1995 got a reaction from SEMPAXs in Challenges Difficulties Solved   
    this chalenge is very nice becauze only i nead 300 bett for hit this chalenge i witch i can win
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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to rembo2 in Primedice with trivia and Primedice with no trivia   
    In my opinion it is very too tough rules for this little thing.
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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to williamsh in Primedice with trivia and Primedice with no trivia   
    I think you are forgetting something about trivia - it is literally free money! Why are you complaining about this? I mean, to limit the amount of trivia and mute people for giving out free money is just absurd in my opinion. Sure, some are spam, but mostly they are super fun and interactive.
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    ahmeddz1995 got a reaction from Bojana in ​🎂​ [0.46 BTC] Full Week of Birthday Challenges!   
    nice happy birthday pd
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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to Steve in High Roller Post Giveaways!   
    Twitter - williamsh, nikowin44, PrimeDragon
    Instagram - gandza750, Kate865, zuxel
    Facebook - KKD1115, bravezach, MidOrPeed
    Reward Link - https://primedice.com/?coupon=giveaway0304
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    ahmeddz1995 reacted to Zoltan in [0.002 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 1)   
    not eligible, as you can see, the next enrty should build on the previous one, so has to have higher bet ID then the earlier entry.
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    ahmeddz1995 got a reaction from obak121 in Bitdouble.io |social gambling game |Prov fair | 0.005 mBit faucet | New PVP game   
    thanks i try for this