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  1. Me it's become my job after having won a huge sum on another site. The referrals brings a more regular income because it is very hard to have a regular salary through gambling. It's even impossible .. I think that people who are "pro" are rather players who have won a huge amount and after that continues to play with a strict bankroll management. To summarize I would say that it is impossible for long therme to bet on gambling to generate a regular salary, on the other hand if you win a large amount of money it opens up a lot of opportunity to no longer have to work
  2. New video PRIMEDICE ! in doge.1% chance / increase lose at 1.71% basebet : 0.02 DOGE .It's the strategy I play the most with the 0.1% chance!
  3. Video of a strategy I often use at night:) one of my favorites with the startegie has 14% chance and 17.3 increase lose .
  4. Video Primedice with a payout in 1980! I start with a bankroll of 1.56 litecoin! These are the strategies that I play the most on PRIMEDICE and which are very profitable for me for the moment
  5. Thank you very much, my friend! Thank you very much, my friend!
  6. Yes, I wouldn't do it again. I didn't know it was forbidden. Sorry. (i have edit my first post)
  7. Hello I don't understand too honestly .I always paid ( and I post the proofs of payment every time) but i respect Hello I don't understand too honestly .I always paid ( I am known in the world of dice/gambling and I post the proofs of payment every time) but i respect your decision
  8. thank you bro ! participate to giveaway if you need
  9. Good luck bro. Hello ! thank you ! I hope to live the same adventure on Primedice.
  10. Hello everyone. I am Jack and I am youtubeur gambling ! I decided to launch myself on primedice !! my Youtube channel is called "Crypto gambling Pro". I'm launching my first PRIMEDICE video today. I hope you like it. I'll update my videos here! Good luck to all and long life to PRIMEDICE ! PRIMEDICE VIDEO :
  11. For me : greatest Bust: 6 BTC (not in PD) in roulette 😨 greatest Bet: 9.89 BTC (not in PD) payout X990 😎
  12. Hello bro, thank you ! in 3 days for first the video !
  13. hello everyone. my name is Jack and I'm 30 years old. I started on Primedice a little while ago. My nickname is Youse. I've been playing dice for 2 years. I'm a big gambler (dice, blackjack, roulette, horse, betting...) I love sharing and discussing crypto/gambling that's why I signed up here! Good luck to all and good day!
  14. I think everyone has already experienced a loss that they regret. and you have to ask yourself, why do I regret it? the answer is very often the same, to have played too much money for us. For me the key to gambling is bankroll management. To impose maximum losses per day/ time per day... etc you have to "professionalize" yourself, all the big winners I know have one thing in common = strict bankroll management (like a poker player). It helps to fight the tilt which is the player's worst enemy (whatever the game). For example if I have 1 bitcoin of bankroll and I lose 0.005 it won't get tilted or regretted... On the other hand if I lose 0.1 the tilt will come very quickly... and I will end up losing everything. Even on a game with 0% edge, if you tilt you will end up at 0 bankroll. It's not easy to do, but it changes the "life" of a gambler. (sorry for the English... translator)