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  1. wyj1306

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] PD Olympics: Long Jump

    Bet: 27,365,921,202 placed by wyj1306 on 14/01/2019 Wagered 0.00003680 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00003680 Bet: 27,365,923,258 placed by wyj1306 on 14/01/2019 Wagered 0.00003680 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00003680
  2. wyj1306

    What is your most Loved & Hated coin in PD?

    I really like the btc myself, but I love betting on Doge, I feel more confident with him.
  3. wyj1306

    neich on PD!

    Hi, welcome, I'm new here too. Good luck in the forum and the bets
  4. wyj1306

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 Btc?

    My friend, this is a very difficult question to answer but if the person asked me to ask for it back I think I would give it back but if they did not say anything I could think differently but it is very difficult to know and this situation is complicated.
  5. wyj1306

    Hi everyone, wyj13006 on PD now!

    Thanks for the advice, slowly I get the hang of it and I hope to learn aida more around here.
  6. Actually, the chat is half-way, but nothing that does not solve with a good moderator, soon things will be well, and certainly the Portuguese-speaking community deserves more attention.
  7. wyj1306

    Hi everyone, wyj13006 on PD now!

    Thanks, you can be sure that I will try to contribute whenever possible, thanks for your attention!
  8. wyj1306

    Hi Everyone

    hello, I'm new here from the PD forum, so let's be happy here! Good luck
  9. Hello everyone, I have a account here in PD for a long time, but I still did not use the forum, but this week I ended up coming to know, so here I am. Thanks for everyone's attention and have lots profits!
  10. wyj1306

    How to Win?

    He said it all, that's right! most of the time I won I said it was my lucky day, but in fact at that moment I was calm and able to bet on a casino because most of the time when I'm losing is when I'm nervous or stressed, I end up getting with anger and that leads me to lose, I noticed that too. I found your very interesting, congratulations!
  11. wyj1306

    20k to 0.01 btc

    It's very complicated, my friend, but things like that happen to everyone, this week in Stake from 20 doge to over 30k, and with 2 rolls I ended up losing everything, I was very sad, but we have to stay calm the next time it will be better. Good luck.