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  1. I deposit when I want to play. I don't think that deposit immidiately for chasing looses is good way to recover. After busting big amount you definitely need a break.
  2. pfodo

    Begginer's luck

    It's a myth. Beginers luck does not exist. Stay in reality friends!
  3. pfodo

    My Technique for Winning Big

    I modified it and it works nice: Base bet: 0.00001000 Balance: 0.1 Multiplier: 1.8X Raise on win: -25% Raise on losing: 60% Stop betting when you hit Profit: 0.0002 And again and agian...
  4. Good luck Oleg!!!!! username Primedice/Stake: pfodo
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    #15 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!!

    good luck Stake: pfodo Primedice: pfodo