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  1. OK I will read the rules not to make any more mistakes. Thank you very much.
  2. Sorry I did not know, as I do to delete, do not know how to delete mine posting ?
  3. Tell a little about the things you like in your parents, the things you like to do. Or some particularity you think is different.
  4. If I were the lucky one and won the BTC 112.49 Jackpot, I would jump and scream like a madman. After I got back to normal, I'd make rains in every chat, helping everyone a little bit. Then I would establish a daily goal type 1 or 2 who knows up to a 5 BTC a day and then would be happy. :)
  5. I prefer to play manually, use Auto-bet so when for the challenges. Now the dice-bot never used would not know how to set it up, who knows I can search on the dice-bot and try to use.
  6. The extremely crazy, I'm looking for the greatest profiti I can achieve. And I'm sure I'll get it soon lol
  7. I'm working on it, but after I get I will establish a daily goal, to increase more and more
  8. Aposta: 29,192,940,759 colocado por OJD1426 em 02/03/2019 Apostado 0,00016927 Multiplicador 3300.00x Lucro 0,55842173
  9. Only 3 but I'm working to increase
  10. Day 02/03/19 It was a great day for me, where I can make a nice move with payout exceeding 1000x. I was very happy.