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    @zulfandina got a reaction from epasokmulang in PaddysPub wagering technique   
    I think this strategy works for some people. but unfortunately, this strategy did not work for me. I just tried it. and bust. only able to produce 50k sathoshi. and I lost the 10k sathoshi that I had. too many red lines I found. it seems I am out of luck tonight
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from WildMachines in 🎤[$800]The Greatest Minds - Martin Luther King🎤   
    Bet: 97,871,028,709
    placed by zulfandina on 28/09/2021
    0.00000073 Multiplier
    33.00x Profit
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from WildMachines in [$800] 📖 The Greatest Minds - Dante 📖   
    Bet: 96,828,354,623
    placed by zulfandina on 07/09/2021
    0.11000000 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
    Bet: 96,828,355,368
    placed by zulfandina on 07/09/2021
    0.11000000 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in Gambling During Quarantine   
    if that is said to suck up the balance, I don't think so. it's just that winning and recovering the defeat that happened a few months ago to myself is still difficult to achieve. I think with enough time now to bet on primedice because of this plague, it exceeds in my opinion. because we all know that gambling in gambling with a long time is indeed not good in winning
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    I wish you the best for primedice. I hope primedice is always there for all gamblers in the future.
    and I'm also sure the primedice admin will always try to give the best for the judges by presenting various promotions or other interesting things as a form of business primedice provides comfort for gamblers who join and bet
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from 999qwerty999 in Jackpot is 113 BTC now!   
    You are absolutely right, primedice does provide the largest number of jackpots from all crytocurrency gambling sites that exist today, and therefore primedice is always the top of all gambling sites that have existed since the gambling-based world of crytocurrency began in the internet world today.
    with 113 btc wins on the jackpot win, it looks like it will be very difficult to achieve, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to win. can definitely get 77.77 rolls in a row. I hope I can get it, given the amount of the bet has been set, that will be a consideration
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    maybe for yourself the results will go like that, you can forget about all your losses in gambling after you chat with the people closest to you, or share affection with them ..
    but for some people it might only be temporary. I think that treating boredom when you lose is only one way, which is to win it back by winning the bet. so that the heart and mind will be calm
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    happy birthday primedice, good luck primedie always successful and always victorious. I always hope to be with primedice at any time. Since getting to know Primedice, I always spend most of my time with Primedice. I hope this will continue and primedice will always be in my heart all the time
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in How much is the high wagered you made for a day online gambling?   
    life must indeed work for the sake of making money, and money is a continuation of human life. people's fortune is different, there are many who are few. I hope you get a job soon, friend. and if that happens, don't forget to not be greedy in gambling. prioritize the family first, the rest you can spend it on primedice, make a gradual bet, recover the previous defeat and achieve your dreams with a win with primedice
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    I have tried this and it has proven to be good for reducing feelings of sadness after losing gambling. but this is only a temporary reaction. I will only feel happy and will not feel sad anymore if I manage to recover my defeat I won the bet.
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Nikola_ in How much is your deposit and withdrawal for one month?   
    if calculated in detail, maybe only a few people who are in the category of "win" in the bet he made when compared to the deposit he made too. just don't despair about it. because in gambling anything can happen. so, achieve your victory, and never stop trying
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Nikola_ in My Challenge in Primedice!   
    I think if you hope to double the prizes from this forum to complete the challenges you might have made for yourself, I suggest making a deposit, first to increase your balance.
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in How have you come to gambling?   
    at first I was like you, starting with a free tap and gathering it little by little. but because it took too much time, I took the initiative to find a shortcut to get bitcoin quickly. that's when I got to know primedice and started betting. Damn .. I haven't learned it yet so all the deposits I made are exhausted
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in How much is your deposit and withdrawal for one month?   
    maybe a few months ago, I still made a withdrawal after I made a deposit and won a bet.
    but not for now, every time I make a deposit I always destroy it, lose and keep losing. last I made a deposit of 8000 doge, and it was destroyed in an instant. really unlucky
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Chikou1306 in What if PrimeDice launched its own coin? PDC   
    seems like a pretty good idea.
    I think if primedice releases its own coin even though it can only be used in primedice. through this coin the admin can later hold a match with btc prizes. I think this can be used as a promotion
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from sarojsubedi in Next reload on Primedice   
    hopefully, friend.
    I think many want to reload again in primedice. because in my opinion reloading is quite helpful. and I also hope the primedice has an interesting plan about further reloading
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    I always gamble at night, especially when this pandemic hits my country. but I never gamble until morning. I only gambled until late at night and before dawn I would rest for a while. because in the morning I have a lot of work at home that I have to do
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Cryoto price going up and you bust your coins in gambling?   
    You are absolutely right, friend, this is not because of carelessness or greed, wanting to get more coins when the harna coin goes up, but it's about the nature of gambling that I can't control. When I have a coin, I always can't hold my desire to play gambling, even though the price of the coin is rising and rising
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from sai99 in Leaving Primedice? Read this 1st   
    that's right friend
    There is no other site that offers these promotions and bonuses besides primedice and stake. and because of that I also keep fighting with these two sites and throw away other sites that might offer some promotions so that I join them.
    huh .. I will not be interested in their offer. I already have primedice and stake. don't need anything else
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from sai99 in New sound settings in PD   
    the sound in a game is as a pleasure so that when betting, it can be relaxed and relaxed.
    but as is your case, it will make you even more afraid of getting caught if you are betting by your parents. therefore, turn off the sound if you are betting so that you can concentrate and not be disturbed by some of the activities around you
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Patience and confidence   
    in gambling, many say both of these. namely PATIENT and SURE.
    in my personal opinion SABAR here aims to remain consistent and persistent with the bets we are doing so as to keep having an accurate balance, besides implementing a good strategy, patience remains the main thing. then SURE here can mean SURE to one's own abilities or SURE to primedice itself.
    which do you think you are applying to yourself about beliefs. Are you sure primedice will give you a win or are you sure yourself will win in primedice?
    when it comes to patience, it seems difficult to describe it thoroughly
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in Better to play manually or auto?   
    hahaha ... it should be like that. after all I have never found any gamblers who bet on payouts 100x or more by playing manuals. bet on the 100x payout it will find the red line along 300 more rolls and if lucky, can immediately find the green line afterwards Will we click our mouse 300x more in a few hours? I think it's just a waste of time
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in Buy a house from gambling profits   
    I already have a house myself, and I intend to build a house like a villa that I planned as a family vacation place at the end of the month. it's just that I still think about the financing. I really plan to get these costs through primedice. and I hope it will come true
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from Mahdirakib in How do you spend your earnings in Primedice?   
    I think if you are a person who has a lot of money in your life.
    but, even so, I think you need to learn to save some of your money that you get from primedice, maybe as a memento for you if someday you leave primedice and you have distinctive memories for you that you were once a big gambling family. primedice
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    @zulfandina got a reaction from nolep in Analyze topics in one category   
    hi all primedice forum lovers ..
    I want to talk a little about something that might affect our beloved forum
    Alright, let's get started.
    in a talk on television lately I see as if reporters are at a loss for words in making reports of criminal theft and motorcycle grabbing that always happens everywhere every day.
    for that, they took the initiative to delete a number of articles in the daily newspaper with the aim that new articles can be loaded again with the same news but with different people so that information continues to grow and new news can continue to be published on several television stations and daily newspapers.
    I think, what if the same thing is also applied in our beloved forum. old topics that might have been years ago, deleted. so that new topics can appear even with the same content but with different sources. this seems to be able to prevent the fears of prima forum lovers from initiating creating new topics without having to fear being exposed to spam because they are accused of repeating topics that were published some time ago (given that primedice is just a dice game, and that is the only game we talk about and always discussed in paid forums). I think this can also revive the primedice forum activity which is always crowded but now looks like an empty space that is completely empty.
    what do you think of all your friends Is my suggestion acceptable? or if there are other inputs, please specify. I am waiting for comments from all my friends.
    Thank you for your time