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  1. I just do not like the dark theme. even if it's dark when I bet. You're also right, because I'm also a little confused using this dark mode. it seems I am already familiar with the original primedice display
  2. I think stake and primedice will also make money from us, it's just that primedice and stake make the promotion as if returning our losses a few percent, maybe even the money given is not from the deposit bet you made, but from the results of the tip or the rain that you get and you play. Other sites do not offer anything like this. stake and primedice are indeed extraordinary
  3. it should be. betting on a smartphone is very uncomfortable, especially if we plan to bet for quite a long time, it will hamper the plan because the battery life of a smartphone is limited, if you have a PC, then it's better to use a desktop rather than a smartphone
  4. I think he just wants to try, so it's not just talking about profits. if in a long time it is clear that it requires a lot of Bangkroll if it is focused to gain profit. specifically with payout 2x .. because sometimes betting on payout 2x can kill any balance
  5. that's why I try to ask friends who are here, exchange opinions and discuss with each other. and who knows where our friends have tried and managed to hit the green on the 9900x payout with a Martingale pattern. because I'm afraid to do it if no one has ever succeeded with this strategy. do you think this is impossible?
  6. if you don't have other activities in your real life, it might just happen to you. but if you have a myriad of activities, I'm sure you will find it difficult to divide your time to gamble.
  7. it's hard to really understand the correct pattern when playing gambling. if there is someone who wins in a big payout, I think it's just luck and confidence of the gambler.
  8. I have never been satisfied with the victory that I have ever gotten, if it wasn't for I was afraid of losing back the money I had won, then I believe I would still bet until I get as many wins as possible. and I will never be satisfied. and I also believe that most gamblers will also say the same thing as what I say
  9. after a long time until I felt despair because I always felt the pain of being crushed and continued to be destroyed in gambling, I also moved for a moment from the front of the computer, pondering and thinking how my fate would improve in betting if I still lost the bet I did. In the silence, I took my cellphone and started tweaking it, without realizing I saw a video on YouTube about someone trying to bet and win the bet for 2 btc. I am surprised. for a moment my spirit reappeared. I watched the video to the end and then I returned the money, many times. I was thinking about trying the strategy. With full confidence, I returned to the computer, after making a deposit, I began to regulate my breath and the bet ran. at first I was still ahead, won quickly. but ... in the end I still destroyed all my money. Have any of you tried the tricks you see on YouTube? if so, how are the results? did you win or just the opposite?
  10. ada sisi negatif dan positifnya, tapi saya pikir sisi negatifnya terlalu tinggi. tindak kejahatan semakin meningkat dan semakin brutal bukan hanya karena dampak wabah corona ini, tetapi karen dampak ekonomi yang semakin sulit, dan pemerintah juga tidak tanggap dlam menangani masalah perekonomian yang semakin sulit saat ini
  11. if you are not sure of your own abilities, why gambling. it is indeed the behavior of people who don't believe in their own abilities after all, gambling is not just about losing or winning, in gambling we feel the satisfaction of winning even when losing.
  12. although it looks like fun to them, but it can ruin their lives. losing everything they have will be very sad. just as a friend, I will still advise them. even if they hate me for advising them not to do crazy things for gambling, I will still advise them. I'm sure someday they will thank me
  13. self-control when betting is indeed very difficult. I myself still failed in doing it. and if I remember the price of bitcoin rising or falling, it will help me to control myself when betting. it really affected me
  14. wow .. very expensive house prices in your country, friend. if you went to my country, maybe you would have lived a very luxurious life if you had 20 btc. don't you have a house, you already have a villa complete with all the luxury furniture inside and also a luxury vehicle too. You also don't need to work anymore if you have 20 BTC in my country
  15. true friend, even I have never seen anyone post their bet id in the chat room with high stakes when playing baccarat. precisely because of that also I did not bet on this baccarat game because I think other gamblers also rarely bet on this game
  16. I also have friends who don't smoke. and often accompany me when I play gambling. I see he doesn't stop eating and drinking. It seems like if you run out of food while playing gambling, it will be very uncomfortable with the bets you make
  17. indeed it should have been done first, but our friend did not do it because he did not want to interfere with the pleasure of his friend, this is also a reasonable reason, but it has bad consequences for his friend.
  18. it applies if a gambler can control himself and not be carried away when experiencing defeat. while the majority of gamblers find it difficult to master themselves and always lose control when they experience defeat. this is very dangerous for a gambler, because not only their mentality will be disturbed, but their possessions will also be the next target
  19. I have read a lot about various bets and various strategies in every bet that runs on primedice, but I have never seen anyone try betting on 9900x payout using Martingale strategy. if anyone knows this, please let me know starting from the basic bet, setting the percentage of onloss percentage and also stop on profit and stop on lose, finally how much bankroll we need to hit on the 9900x payout, I want to try this. because even though I have never hit the green line at 9900x payuout using Martingale strategy previously I thank you for being willing to share experiences and discuss with each other
  20. This seems to be good enough to increase the amount of wagering with a small balance, but I think it's good to increase the amount of wagering together with the amount of profit. it's better than just finding wagering
  21. ha ha ha... This seems to be the same as an uninvited victory. sometimes something that we can not guess when it comes, including a victory in gambling, when the target is set, we more often fail to achieve it, but when the target is ignored, there is not even the slightest plan to find victory just playing casually while chatting, just when like that kemengipi us. indeed all unexpected things always come when we don't need them, including a victory in gambling
  22. if a child loses in gambling, he will indeed suffer a lot, but if you say that if he wins, then he will become a billionaire? I do not agree with your opinion. because if a child plays gambling, it will damage his mentality, not see him lose or win, but obviously a child who has known gambling early will have a bleak future
  23. indeed getting drunk while gambling will greatly affect the bets we make. but sob ... I think it's too sad to do when betting
  24. for me personally, he. the price of bitcoin is very influential on the bets that I make. because I didn't calculate the price of the btc, I could have lost my mind when I bet. because sometimes I can't control myself when I bet. then the price of this BTC can withstand the speed of the bet I made
  25. I always gamble at night, especially when this pandemic hits my country. but I never gamble until morning. I only gambled until late at night and before dawn I would rest for a while. because in the morning I have a lot of work at home that I have to do