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  1. I've tried a number of strategies in Baccarat and it seems like I really don't fit into this game. I even lost up to 0.001 BTC tonight in the baccarat game
  2. if calculated in detail, maybe only a few people who are in the category of "win" in the bet he made when compared to the deposit he made too. just don't despair about it. because in gambling anything can happen. so, achieve your victory, and never stop trying
  3. Yes, it is true. all just return to "hoping" to win and find the green line. in my opinion there is no precise prediction that can prove what number and what line will come out after we roll the dice.
  4. I only say that this main coin can only be used in the prime itself ... not to be traded in market share, but through this coin, the primedice party can use this coin to create a kind of challenge among gamblers using this coin, and prizes in the form of bitcoin or other coins.
  5. Of course. playing smart is basically prioritized in terms of achieving wins with a minimum number of withdrawals. but there is no need to outsmart the dice to reach it, it only needs a few strategies to play and achieve victory
  6. Hmmm. I think if you hope to double the prizes from this forum to complete the challenges you might have made for yourself, I suggest making a deposit, first to increase your balance.
  7. I think the division will remain the same between daily reload and reload every 10 minutes for each claim, only an increase in the number of satoshi each claim will be considered for the primedice. let's hope if the reload continues, the value of each claim is increased by the primedice. I hope so
  8. I also think that primedice must be thinking about that, besides listening to some of our suggestions, and analyzing it, I'm sure the primedice is also thinking of ways to hold something that aims to attract the interest of gamblers to join and bet on primedice
  9. isn't it better, friend. if the price of bitcoin is falling, I think the primedice would rather give victory to the judges, and only take a little for the primedice itself, say about 10% of the deposit amount that occurred on that day. but if the BTC is going up, then the victory will be on the primedice side, and I think it will touch 10 BTC every day, maybe even more than that
  10. well, that would be very fair, right, because the time each person has to bet is obviously different, because everyone's activities are also different. it would be nice if the reload in primedice has a division of time that can be selected with an amount that is certainly generalized
  11. hai agan-agan semua pecinta primedice dari indonesia city. saya ingin membahas kasus yang sudah cukup menggemparkan indonesia beberapa bulan ini, covid19,.. ya .. wabah ini sangat meresahkan seluruh penduduk indonesia, dan saya meyakini kalau kita semua terkena imbasnya juga kerena kita juga warga negara indonesia. dalam keadaan zone merah di beberapa lokasi di indonesia, pemerintah mewajibkan warganya untuk tetap berada di dalam rumah, menghindari keramaian dan pusat-pusat perbelanjaan. dengan tujuan mencegah penyebaran wabah ini. saya sendiri merasa tertekan kkarena tidak bisa beraktivitas di luar rumah ( bekerja ). karena jika saya tidak bekerja, keluarga saya mau makan apa? akan tetapi setelah beberapa hari berada di dalam rumah, saya terpikir untuk mencoba keberuntungan saya di primedice, mencoba untuk bertaruh dan menghasilkan kemenangan. saya pikir virus corona ini membuat saya aktif kembali di primedice setelah beberapa minggu. mungkin karena terpaksa pada awalnya, dan ketagihan pada akhirnya. saya berpikir dampak dari covid19 ini sangat berhubungan dengan aktifnya saya kembali di primedice, bagaimana dengan anda sekalian? apakah ada dampak positif yang anda rasakan setelah penyebaran wabah covid ini dengan taruhan yang anda lakukan di primedice? atau malah justru semakin buruk? saya pikir karena lookdown ini kita harus bertahan didalam rumah, dan apa lagi yang bisa kita lakukan di dalam rumah seharian selain berjudi di primedice
  12. masih mending agan bisa mudik, saudara saya yang di jakarta tidak ada yang bisa mudik ke medan. kalau pun kemungkinan bisa mudik menjelang lebaran, di takutkan bakalan ngak bisa balik ke jakarta habis lebaran. jadi serba salah
  13. seems like a pretty good idea. I think if primedice releases its own coin even though it can only be used in primedice. through this coin the admin can later hold a match with btc prizes. I think this can be used as a promotion
  14. playing smart and making profit is the main goal of gambling. about VIP ranking, I think anyone will definitely achieve it while the bet continues to run every day, and as time goes by, wagering will also continue to grow which in the end the VIP ranking is reached even though it is a little slow
  15. kalau dihitung2, masih mending reload harian. sekali klaim aja, karna kadang waktu kita tidak habis di pd saja seharian. kita juga memilii aktifitas lainnya .
  16. it can also be said to play smart. does not prioritize greed when betting. because most people still feel dissatisfied with the victory that he won, and that actually spurs him to continue betting. even though he has reached the minimum withdrawal limit from his victory
  17. sometimes a high target actually gives good results if we are consistent and persistent to get it. even if later on reaching the target, at least the number is close to the target set.
  18. I don't think that will happen. because the casino also won't be harmed. they make a gambling website because they also want to make profit, not lose. but the promotion to lure gamblers especially in pimedice is very important. if by giving a reload of 0.001 btc the claim does not burden the primedice, why not
  19. if it reloads with a small amount every 10 minutes, then I will also expect a daily reload with a small amount even if only 1x claim every day. but if you hope to get a large profit, I suggest you to make a deposit
  20. You are right. I also will not bet on 2 btc even though I have a balance of 10 btc ,. I will choose other businesses but that does not mean I will stop playing gambling.
  21. No, no.. my friend is not fat, he has a thin posture even though he eats without stopping when the food is still in front of him. but because I focus on betting, I'm not bothered by it and I still bet on the cigarette that always faithfully accompanies me
  22. even if you use the 50:50 calculation. it will not guarantee that you can calculate chance. good luck siding. and we can't guess whose luck is on whose side. even if you try different luck at 50:50
  23. comfort when betting is indeed the most important thing when gambling. but this matter is still underestimated by some gamblers, even they bet when the conditions of their surroundings are unpleasant and really disturbing. in the end they broke all their bets and were angry with the situation. even though they know it before the bet runs. as if it seemed like a forced bet
  24. It is true. Even though I try to cheer myself up by engaging in other activities outside of gambling, my mind is indeed still focused on the defeat that I do in gambling and my mind always hopes when it will win and have money
  25. it all starts with a small profit and tries to make it a big profit, until finally satisfied with the victory and making a withdrawal. but most of it is destroyed by greed and regret. butterfly after winning is still very rare for gamblers because it is never enough with minimal wins