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  1. if seen from the amount of bets and payouts he plays, I have a conclusion that he has both. he has a good strategy in predicting good red and green lines, and he also has good luck, only I have one more thing. he has a gambler's mentality. if I had a balance of that size, I was sure that I would not be willing to bet that much. fear will haunt me before I bet
  2. indeed a few days ago I intended to achieve VIP rankings as soon as possible. but after I thought about it again, the vip warning I would be able to get if I continued to bet even if I didn't chase it, I would arrive on my own even though it took a long time. so I stay focused on producing wins without thinking about the stars now
  3. my biggest profit in primedice in one day only reached the minimum withdrawal limit. and that doesn't happen day after day. even I can only withdraw in 2 weeks only 1 time. defeat is still difficult to overcome. maybe I still need to learn about some strategies to recover my lost balance
  4. gambling does have its own negative influence on the devotees. it's just not always related to the mentality of a gambler. maybe the bad effects really affect the mentality of a gambler, it could be his emotional level increases, irritability and so on. but that did not happen to me.
  5. do not ever be afraid to make high stakes friends, because sometimes it is recklessness that sometimes produces unexpected and unexpected results. if you succeed once in a high stakes, then you might have fun with the high stakes, not just during normal betting you can have fun
  6. I think this strategy works for some people. but unfortunately, this strategy did not work for me. I just tried it. and bust. only able to produce 50k sathoshi. and I lost the 10k sathoshi that I had. too many red lines I found. it seems I am out of luck tonight
  7. kembali dengan saya untuk berdiskusi akhir-akhir ini peminat forum primedice semakin menurun, membuat saya terus berpikir bagaiana menghidupkan kembali forum tercinta kita ini. saya berpikir bagaimana jika pihak primedice membuat coin baru, atau lebih tepat nya coin primedice. kelak coin ini hanya akan bisa di gunakan di primedice yang bisa didapatkan melalui faucet yang dibatasi setiap haarinya, dengan adanya coin ini, primedice bisa membuat promosi dengan membuat berbagai kompetisi, seperti jumlah coin terbanyak, atu jumlah wagering terbesar dalam satu minggu, atau kompetisi lainnya yang mungkin saja mirip dengan tantangan mingguan. nah. pemenangnya nanti akan mendapatkan hadiah berupa btc sebagai hadiahnya. saya pikir hal ini bisa meningkatkan popularitas primedice juga forum primedice. apa yang anda pikirkan tentang hal ini? apakah jika ini terwujud, mampu mengundang para penjudi lainnya untuk aktif di forum primedice atau di web primedice?
  8. nah, disitulah salah satu etak permasalahannya. pengurusan kartu pra kerja yang bertujuan membantu ekonomi yang semakin sulit. tetatpi pengurusan kartu pra kerja ini aja masih berbelit2, entah kinerja panitia nya yang tidak beres atau justru programnya yang masih kurng tepat sasaran
  9. It is true, the challenges make us more active in this forum, and I am increasingly diligent to solve any challenges that exist in this forum, but if you expect only from this forum to be able to get a little money, then I think it's been misused. because this is a casino
  10. no, they will not enter the market. This coin will only be used in primedice. It seems like you don't understand what my words mean. if primedice makes its own coins, it's only used in primedice. and not for sale. This coin can only be used when primedice holds a wagering competition, the most number of balances, and so on. and the winner will be given a prize with bitcoin. so this coin is only a means, a tool. not for trading.
  11. that's right, coin xrp does have fast transactions when compared to other coins, it looks like our friend's strategy above is good enough so he can make withdrawals by increasing his balance in a short amount of time. I was interested in what strategy he was playing
  12. I seem to agree with you, friend. not only because we have been in primedice for a long time, but because primedice has indeed been proven and has helped a lot, especially me personally. This info is also useful for us if there are gamblers out there who don't believe in primedice
  13. That's right, betting on 2x payouts is terrible. we could find 24 reds or maybe more. playing with changing attack patterns is safer than sticking to one strategy, especially on 2x payouts
  14. oh .. you mean to talk about parting with your friends who might be the last day you get together with them. and you successfully forget about your loss in the bet you made. and you also feel sad because you lost your friends. I understand what you mean. it's just that I also follow the above topic. which of losing in the above topic is too sad when losing. losing here means losing in gambling, not losing friends. sorry if I am wrong
  15. herein lies the reason why I never bet with basebet 0. because when I was hunting, suddenly the green line appeared before the actual basebet was set. this makes me disappointed and very disappointed. I advise you not to bet too often with 0, because that will only waste the time you have,
  16. hai semua indoprime.. ok langsung saja, sesuai topik di atas, kita semua tahu tentang hari yang di tunggu-tunggu, yaitu HALVINGDAYS. yang mana prediksi para pakar-pakar crytocoin sepakat menyatakan tentang kenaikan harga bitcoin yang mungkin saja akan menembus angka $20.000 pada bulan mei 2020 ini. dan tentunya mendekati hari HALVINGDAYS ini pasti semua orang memiliki rencana sendiri-sendiri. seperti mulai mengumpukan coin sebanyak mungkin, atau berinvestasi di berbagai situs terpecaya, atau mungkin mengcoba peruntungan di primedice dengan berjudi berharap mendapatkan bitcoin sebanyak mungkin. saya pribadi memiliki rencana mengumpuklkan bitcoin sampai hari H tersebut. dengan cara bermain judi di primedice. saya berusaha dan berharap bisa mengumpukan sebanyak mungkin bitcoin, saya berusaha sekeras mungkin mempelajari berbagai strategi demi memenangkan taruhan di primedice.. bagaimana dengan anda sekalian? apakah anda sekalian memiliki rencana hebat menjelang hari H ini? jika ya, apa rencana anda tersebut? apakah primedice memberikan solusi bagi anda meraih kemenangan dengan cepat? mari berdiskusi. saya akan dengan senang hati mendengarkan rancana-rencana hebat teman-teman semua di primedice
  17. bagus itu om, klo memiliki waktu yang fleksibel dalam kesehariannya, terlebih di daerah om covid tidak begitu mewabah. jauh beda dengan dengan daerah saya. jik demikian bertaruh atau tidak di pd, om bisa saja memilih waktu yang tepat, yang berarti tidak ada masalah sedikitpun antara efek covid ini dengan taruhan om,
  18. saya percaya kalau banyak diantra kita justru mempercayakan pendapatan mereka dari perjudian hingga saat ini, khususnya saat lookdown seperti saat ini. dan karena tingkat pengangguran yang mungkin saja sedang di alami oleh sebagian teman kita yang ada di sini sehingga perjudian menjadi prioritas utama dalam hal penghasilan keuangan
  19. correct. but not everyone knows about this. people actually tend to ask people who have tried certain gambling sites about the status of the site, whether it has been verified or not, dri on looking for reality directly like the information given by our friend above
  20. that might be for a few people. because until now I still haven't reached bronze rank. every time I bet, I just focus on making money, not focus on ranking
  21. maybe for some people not counting how much money they deposit for gambling, as well as withdrawals that may occur repeatedly in one month. but we need to record it so we can find out whether we have gained or even lost
  22. not every time I have money I will play gambling, I only gamble with extra money. because most of the money that I have is used up for daily needs in real life
  23. yes .. when the price of coins rises, then automatically in gambling will also increasingly have to achieve victory. even with the various strategies I used, the results remained the same. only defeat. the effect of rising coin prices is indeed very influential on gambling. and I'm sure most gamblers feel it
  24. I think the second point is felt by most gamblers. I think this anxiety occurs because of a gambler's lack of confidence in his own abilities. and in the end he suffered a mental breakdown, did not dare to face defeat, even to the point of being afraid to bet using the deposit he made. if it's like this, it's better for that person to stop playing gambling
  25. do you not provide food and drinks when you bet on primedice? I think we will bet for a long time. say for 3-4 hours. I think in a fairly long time we definitely need something that might make our mind a little relaxed and reduce tension when betting. I think it's better to provide at least soft drinks...