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  1. itulah ketidak berdayaannya manusia yang kurang pengetahuan dan kejamnya mereka yang berkuasa. seharusnya tanpa pertanyaan dan berbagai mediasi, mereka seharusnya bisa membedakan mana yang berhak mendapat bantuan dan mana yang tidak berhak. pemerintah memiliki banyak uang dan memiliki banyak anggota yang bia saja disuruh untuk langsung menyurvei ke rumah masing2 penduduk. apa salahnya di survey langsung, terkadang pemerintah juga harus terjun langsung melihat bagaimana kenyataan kehidupan rakyatnya di bawah kepemimpinanannya agar mata hatinya terbuka melihat penderitaan rakyatnya yang mungkin saja jauh dari pemikiran dan dugaannya
  2. courage and luck are indeed two different things. but will make a gambler win if you have both. but unfortunately that is very rare. many are willing to bet with very large numbers I think because they have a lot of money, not because they really dare to take the risk of losing the bet
  3. I think so too and because of that too I am discouraging my intention to sacrifice the balance that I have just to reach VIP. I'd better focus on my bets to win than focus on reaching stars that could be won next time if my bet continues
  4. wow .. 0.01btc, you hit 9900x with a basic bet of 100 sath? it was an extraordinary victory. I really want to know how you can hit the green on the 9900x payout and what's the strategy?
  5. your victory is far better than mine. 0.0099 btc can be said to be better than 0.002 btc. I'm sure if you have more time to bet on primedice, you can win more than that
  6. I think because we were told to stay at home (lockdown), this allows us to have plenty of time to bet on primedice. recover losses that might be possible if we have enough time with primedice in a day. It seems like you have a problem with your personal finances.
  7. if we only tell others the true facts about primedice and invite them to join primedice, it will not be entirely successful if there is no immovable evidence we can show them ... and if we can show evidence that is immovable to them like the one posted by our friend above, I think people who initially did not believe in primmedice will be silent without answers, and most likely they will join us in primedice
  8. It's true, friend, rather than betting 0, it's better to bet even with 1 satoshi. because if we suddenly hit the green line, it will still produce victory. many agree that betting on 0 bets is only a futile job and it is possible to waste a seed that might be good at that
  9. yeah .. it requires a large bankroll if hunting at high payout, I also think the same as you, it will automatically lead to destruction if the bankroll is not strong enough to hold the red line. I think hunting at low payout is still more possible if it only increases wagered towards VIP
  10. do you mean you watch videos are your gambling friend? or is it just a mind-breaker when a painful losing streak? Shouldn't you have a little food or drink beside you when you bet so that you are not too tense with the bet and can relax while watching the video
  11. akhir-akhir ini saya selalu mencoba keberuntunagn melalui pola serang manual. padahal beberapa bulan sebelum nya saya sangan membenci pola manual ini, karena terkesan lambat dan selalu bertaruh pada payout kecil. berbeda dengan pola martingale yang beberapa bulan lalu menjadi pola serang andalan saya dalam menghasilkan kemenangan, cukup sakali klik dan menunggu hasilnya. hanya saja saya mengubah strategi saya karena saya teringat akan obrolan beberapa bulan lalu di ruang obrolan, tentang payout 2.25x. dia mencoba selma beberapa jam dn hanya menemukan garis merah sepanjang 10 gulungan saja, sementara ketika saya mencoba, saya justru menemukan 17 garis merah berturut-turut. kenapa bisa berbeda? ada juga sebagian teman yang mengatakan dia menemukan 14 garis merah kemudian hijau. saya bingung.. apakah ini ada kaitannya dengan benih ( seed ), ataukah keberuntungan itu memang benar-benar ada di perjudian?
  12. sepertinya bukan hanya peran orang tua, tapi guru, tetangga, dan lingkungan sekitar juga berperan penting dalam hal pengawasan anak2. zaman sekarang bbanyak orang dewasa yang justru menjerumuskan anak kecil kedalam dunia perjudian. khusus nya anak-anak dari golongan menengah keatas yang mungkin memiliki banyak uang jajan, keadaan ini menjadi kesempatan bagi beberapa pria dewasa yang pengangguran untuk mengambil keuntunga dari anak tersebut tanpa memikirkan apa resiko yang akan terjadi pada anak kecil tersebut di kemudian hari
  13. maybe for you lockdown is what disturbs your mentality, not gambling. because from what you mentioned above, you just have fun in primedice and make money without time limit, no lockdown. I hope you can make money and have fun, friend
  14. sometimes a little carelessness carries a big loss. the hard-earned money is lost in an instant because of our own carelessness. I've also experienced this, I didn't really check everything before I pressed the confirmation button, the result was I lost the 10k doge that I had. I hope this incident will give us valuable lessons so that in the future we will be more vigilant and always careful in every transaction we make in this cryptocurrency
  15. if the mental has been disrupted, and gambling has become a daily routine, then it will be difficult. specifically avoid gambling. talking to a health specialist may have a point but not to treat meltas that are disrupted due to losing in gambling, but just chatting and sharing experiences, maybe it can ease the disturbed mind and mentality
  16. The advice is quite helpful, because I have tried that, focusing myself in sports and avoiding alcohol shortly after I lost at gambling, it is indeed a good step to refresh my mind and create calm in myself.
  17. It is true. in the search for bets that have been made may not be so difficult. the hard part is hitting 77.77 in a row with the specified number of bets. many people say this is impossible to get, but it is not possible to make primedice if it is not in primedice (hitting 77.77 in a row)
  18. Do you make your personal challenge chasing gold ranks? good luck and achieved, friend. I think you can finish it in a week or even less if you are always consistent and persistence every day in betting chasing the target
  19. my biggest fortune in primedice in one bet is 0.008 btc. I bet on payout 3x with a manual pattern. but only that one time. because after that I suffered continuous defeat
  20. if seen from the amount of bets and payouts he plays, I have a conclusion that he has both. he has a good strategy in predicting good red and green lines, and he also has good luck, only I have one more thing. he has a gambler's mentality. if I had a balance of that size, I was sure that I would not be willing to bet that much. fear will haunt me before I bet
  21. indeed a few days ago I intended to achieve VIP rankings as soon as possible. but after I thought about it again, the vip warning I would be able to get if I continued to bet even if I didn't chase it, I would arrive on my own even though it took a long time. so I stay focused on producing wins without thinking about the stars now
  22. my biggest profit in primedice in one day only reached the minimum withdrawal limit. and that doesn't happen day after day. even I can only withdraw in 2 weeks only 1 time. defeat is still difficult to overcome. maybe I still need to learn about some strategies to recover my lost balance
  23. gambling does have its own negative influence on the devotees. it's just not always related to the mentality of a gambler. maybe the bad effects really affect the mentality of a gambler, it could be his emotional level increases, irritability and so on. but that did not happen to me.
  24. do not ever be afraid to make high stakes friends, because sometimes it is recklessness that sometimes produces unexpected and unexpected results. if you succeed once in a high stakes, then you might have fun with the high stakes, not just during normal betting you can have fun
  25. I think this strategy works for some people. but unfortunately, this strategy did not work for me. I just tried it. and bust. only able to produce 50k sathoshi. and I lost the 10k sathoshi that I had. too many red lines I found. it seems I am out of luck tonight