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  1. I don't think so. and I actually hate the 1.0102x payout specifically when recovering defeat. because it is not recovering but increasingly destroying. and also hunting on payout 1.0102x only wasted my time. You shouldn't bet if you only hunt on the payout
  2. indeed most gamblers do that, when a gambler wins a bet to touch the target of victory, then he will think that achieving an easy victory, if only a short time has won and reached the target, why not just continue to achieve greater victory? this is where greed comes into action and makes the average gambler defeat and destroy
  3. Same with you, I also do not use Vault to secure the coins that I have, because I am thinking of what to save coins in gambling, I think that coins are brought to Kekasino to be played, at stake in the betting arena, not saved. if you do not want to save in the casino, go home and enter the inclination if you want to save and save. dikasino to bet and the answer after that is win or lose. finished story
  4. I myself am still in a minus position for this coin, because I think someone's luck lies in the coin too ... Good luck friends, xrp is a good coin to bet, unfortunately I am not as bad as you in betting using this coin
  5. I also thought about that. I made sure that this was indeed true. between trade and gambling has something in common that most traders don't realize. Many traders are asked if he gambles? Peacock would say that they don't gamble, even though basically without them knowing it, they actually gambled.
  6. I have tried this method many times, but still when I changed my bet to btc, I returned to find a long red line as much as a long red line that I found while making a bet using the previous dogecoin. This seems to imply that if I change my coins before finding the green line, then I will find a long red line back as much as a long red line at first, and I make sure this strategy doesn't work for me
  7. I often hunt by using 2x payout as a place bet that I think is suitable for reaping the victory. but that only applies for a short time, because at the beginning of the bet, I did win the bet, but as time went by, I began to feel the pressure of the long red line, slowly but surely my balance was gradually drained until I lost. Looks like hunting in payout 2x is very vulnerable to defeat, but it happens if done for a long time, if betting in a short time, then this payout 2x is very suitable to try to reach profit at least 2x times the balance we had at first
  8. for me martingale is my balance killer. I prefer playing seniors at this time than playing auto especially with the Martingale attack pattern. I admit that martingale patterns are very profitable, but ... in addition to patience in betting because Martingale patterns do take more and longer time to bet, we also need accuracy in calculating the percentage of basic bets with the amount of balance we have, adjusted with the payout that we use in betting and also the percentage level of losses, because if it all does not match and run from the calculation, then whatever amount of bankroll that we have will run out with nothing left
  9. gambling is indeed a risk, but that risk I think is a challenge for a gambler to get back up after losing, instead of retreating and surrendering after losing streaks even for days. gambling indeed has two choices, we must determine our choice, lose or win, we determine it, for that, if you want to win, try harder in understanding the pattern and set the strategy as much as possible, the vision of gambling should be like that
  10. yeah, sticking with one side of the betting bet is quite dangerous, because we might find a long red line that might be in our mind not possible. as you feel hunting in 11x payout with the longest total of red lines reaching 155 red lines, it is enough to remind about playing with one side very vulnerable to defeat. and very high risk. we should learn how to measure the back and forth between under and over, because I think the dice game should use that strategy, always changing the direction of the bet.
  11. very back with you friends, I hate freerolls, because I think it's wasted work. and as you said, it would be very painful if you hit high payments while doing freerolls. therefore I always avoid freerolls because it only wastes my valuable time.
  12. yeah, this gambling dice is indeed very popular and I think this dice game is quite fun than other games, and it also exists in online casinos, if in a real casino, this gambling dice is not very comparable to what I feel in online gambling. I am more fortunate in online gambling than at a real casino. and it seems like we have something in common, friend. I feel the same way, I seem to be addicted to gambling for money, but I have enough fun in the bets I make
  13. true, I also experienced it. betting in online gambling does require focus and seriousness, if focus is diverted by a number of things such as someone asking us to talk, or something that makes our minds diverted from the bets we make, then I make sure defeat will come to us, I myself prefer silence without anyone disturbing me, without anyone knowing my whereabouts when I bet, because I need silence, silence, calmness when betting, because only that can make my concentration undisturbed by things which could result in my losing the bet I'm making
  14. I think it's the same, there is no difference between online casino and real casino, the difference is the desire to stop gambling among the many gamblers in this world. if the desire to stop playing gambling is unanimous and has been really intended, then he will stop, he will not bet again, it all actually returns to the gambler, back to his intentions. so I think stopping playing gambling at a real casino or online casino all depends on the gambler itself.
  15. hmmm ... if it's too easy to bet, play gambling, anytime, anywhere, without knowing the time and place, maybe I agree, but if you say it will be easier to lose, it's not worth what I feel. because even though it's easy to bet, it doesn't mean defeat will be easier to obtain, defeat will always be the activity of every bet, because if betting uses strategy and really does master the technique in playing dice, it looks like the defeat will get even further.
  16. it's true, there are some gambling sites like that, by holding lucrative promotions, active gamblers will try it out and make a big deposit, after the casino target is reached, they run all the gamblers' money in the amount big, this is a high level of fraud that harms hundreds or even thousands of people. but primedice is not the case, primedice is the best online casino gambling site ever, primedice is proven to be fair to all its members. and I make sure primedice will be more advanced than all existing online gambling sites
  17. yeah, that has indeed changed, it looks like there are significant changes to primedice and some features in it. as you said, the greater the stakes, the greater the prize, that's good, because I think it's worth the pay, because it won't be good if expenses are not balanced with a small payoff
  18. I think from now on don't ever lend tone coins to anyone, even people you know, because I myself have experienced this many times, and I am tired of all the frauds that people have committed against me. for that, if you want to be successful, don't give your coins to anyone, because that will only make you suffer even more
  19. I thought it was true at first, but if we look at the advice of not putting eggs in one place, then I think that sharing the coin is a wise thing to do, because in any case we need reserves. because things that we don't want can come suddenly without our knowledge
  20. right friend, I also experienced it. I am increasingly fluent in English, even though I really cannot speak English, and it all happened because of my habit of joking and chatting together in the English chat room, and this made me familiar with English and not with the language of the country I myself. I love English, and also the people in it
  21. true, this is primedice which relies on dice gambling as the only game that can be bet, and primedice has no other games in betting, however primedice was formed only to popularize this truly phenomenal game. I don't think that lottery or anything will ever be added to primedice. so, .. master the science of your dice game, then you will successfully win
  22. This seems to require a lot of capital in completing 2 challenges in one week, because lately the level of difficulty of the weekly challenge is increasing, if only the level of difficulty of the weekly challenge for all gamblers in general is already as difficult as now, how is it that the level of difficulty of the VIP class challenge will be easier? I think if the class had gone up, it was clear the difficulty would also increase. and of course the prize also I think is quite tempting considering the VIP ranking is not how many in our beloved primedice
  23. I think the purpose of playing gambling is indeed money, calmness, and pleasure as you said, but the facilities that are given by primedice to gamblers who reach VIP ranking, also money, such as rakeback, monthly bonuses, and so forth. indeed if you think about it, weekly challenges are a source of income in primedice, but not all are able to solve them, as I feel, I lost my deposit of 360k sath to solve weekly challenges, and until my balance runs out, I still haven't completed the challenge . so it takes struggle too, not as easy as you think
  24. hahaahaha... memang agak ribet jika ngobrol dengan bule, sah ngejawab buka google translate, mendapat jawaban pun buka google translate. susah emang ngobrol dengan manusia planet.
  25. greed is always done by gamblers in bets that are always done repeatedly, as if the error never happened before, it does not need to be learned, but in control, be on the lookout. if you need to stick a piece of paper on your laptop or computer with the big text "DON'T GET HALF", so that when betting we always remember that. but I don't think that will prevent a gambler from being greedy for betting. because the point is not lessons and reminders, but self-awareness in betting, self-awareness that the real purpose in gambling is to win healthy, not win big