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  1. if your target is high, then you need to provide a strong and numerous bankroll to achieve that target, if that is the challenge you set for yourself. however, first consider all the losses that might occur and it is beyond the possibility
  2. if you see the number of residents between stake and primedice, then I might agree if the stake will make its own coin as a new form of promotion, maybe. however, I still hope that primedice is prioritized for this one rather than the stake
  3. if you say stingy, I disagree. because the faucet I think is very common in use by several other online casinos. and primedice replaced it with various promos that were far more interesting than the faucet. but people don't understand that
  4. the disadvantage of betting on a smartphone is that one of the most annoying is not being able to open two tabs at the same time. just like you said, even if we click it twice quickly, if we have a problem with the internet connection or the smartphone that we use still has a low version, it will be a bug. and it was very annoying
  5. I think that's the way it is, he's really lucky to be able to run bets on 2x payouts and win long-term (4 days) wins. I have also tried hunting on this payout and after finding 21 streaks of red streaks, I never tried it again
  6. if so, the desktop version that we have must be commensurate with the old version which can display the emojis. ok i will try it, i think i need the latest software to try
  7. memang benar jika pemasukan kasino itu sangat besar jumlahnya, tapi kenapa diberbagai negara ada juga pelarangan perjudian, jangankan untuk mendirikan kasino, untuk berjudi di warung2 saja dilarang keras, padahal kan mendatangkan keuntungan juga untuk pemerintah setempat. jika hal tersebut mendatangkan keuntungan, kenapa harus di larang
  8. Before stake existed, Primedice had launched a charity event at this forum. but since the stake is running, maybe because there are far more interested parties than primedice, I think that's why they moved it to stake. but I hope primedice still has its own charity event even if it isn't worth the stake in the end
  9. true, fans of live casinos will crave this. but if primedice really wants to make it happen, it's not difficult to do by the admin. it's just not for now, it depends on how much demand for this matter and what are the benefits for the primedice.
  10. I never used to be dicebot. but I have indeed been suggested by friends to use dicebot if I want to save my live stats file to simply calculate whether I profit or lose a bet that I make every week.
  11. seems like the third point is quite touching. I believe that hall, does not have a clear purpose, they only have thoughts on how to win and make money. this is one of the characteristics of amateur gambling in my opinion which always loses at the bets it does
  12. back to the gambler itself basically. because all the things about gambling and money owned remain in full control by the owner ... so if the gambler is a gambler who cannot control himself when betting, no matter how good the money storage features, including the vault feature, will not function properly for him , even if someone else keeps the money.
  13. many say so, just for fun and to spend time that might be boring in the real world because it doesn't have a rush or anything else to do. but still everyone is looking for profit in gambling, just the difference in focus
  14. It seems you need to learn when to stop when winning a bet, at least you have felt the pleasure of spending the money you won when betting on primedice. do it, and you will immediately cut your hair according to the model you want.
  15. how it is not the purpose of eddy to seek success in gambling, whatever it is about fun and the best in the game is still the real goal is to seek profits
  16. if we judge the amount of each claim, between per day and every 10 minutes it is clearly different, even very much different in number. it's just that we also need to look at the condition of every gambler who has a bet time that is clearly different. I think everyone will have different answers about this
  17. if we compare stake and primedice forums, it is indeed far different, considering the number of players alone is very far away. but as you said, before the stake was established, this forum was always visited by hundreds and even thousands of gamblers every day. I miss that day repeating
  18. I think Primedice will continue to be lucky by managing this casino. and will continue like that. it looks like the vault feature with functions can produce if a gambler saves the money they have in vault, it will be very unlikely to be realized
  19. in fact it seems like it is, the forum is crowded because it is paid for, but in essence this forum is a place to discuss fellow gamblers in the primedice and also share information about cryptocurrency and gambling. most use it wrong
  20. You might like automatic patterns instead of manuals or scripts. but if you try these two different things and produce a victory, your belief will change
  21. hahaha... itulah yang dikatakan penyesalan dikemudian hari. saya juga demikian, setelah berkecimpung di primedice ini, saya justru menyessali kenapa saya tidak fokus dulu di pelajaran bahasa inggris, justru saya paling benci pelajaran bahasa inggris, karena saya berpikir tidak ada gunanya belajar bahasa inggris, sekaang baru saya menyadari hal tersebut sangat berguna dan benar2 menyesalinya
  22. it's true, in some gambling sites that are so widely spread in cyberspace, most of them just don't pay the winnings that we produce, it seems like I don't need to publish it. and in primedice we actually get everything we want and there is no need to doubt this primedice site
  23. You have already expressed your intention when you have a big win. but some other gamblers seem to be betting again, and they are likely to fall back into poverty due to defeat. What is your advice if this really happens?
  24. I think betting on 2x payouts is still better than 1.0102x payouts. because there is a possibility of increasing the balance (victory), but this strategy cannot be used in a long time. in just a few tens of minutes. don't forget to change direction in every 10% win from your balance. Good luck
  25. Jackpot is indeed the most difficult challenge to achieve in any type of gambling, that's why jackpots give prizes that are quite surprising for anyone who managed to get it. however, I think winning the jackpot won't be the end of my bet on gambling. I think if I win the jackpot, it will only add to my interest in gambling