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  1. Before I started opening my laptop and online to Primedice, I had prepared everything that I needed while betting. for convenience I provide coffee and cigarettes. because these two things are well suited to the gambling atmosphere.
  2. their wage in their country is big? like in dubai country? uh ... right. maybe this is the reason why they can bet that much, like the last time I noticed there were dozens of bets with a basic bet of every bet of 2 btc. that's a very large number in my opinion, but it seems not to him the gambler
  3. It is true. I saw it on stake. people rarely play baccarat to make a profit, because it is too difficult to achieve victory in this game
  4. precisely because of that there is no formula that can accurately guess the direction of the green and red scrolls and their numbers at online casinos. but there are still some gamblers who are still trying to find a solution to this algorithm through a number of theories that I think are just a waste of work
  5. saya pikir hanya saya dan akmal aja yang dari sumatra. sementara lainnya dari pulau jawa mayoritasnya
  6. it's true, but it doesn't work properly when we are on a pc / desktop. it will look strange.
  7. I think our friend's point is like a term savings. when a gambler saves their funds in a vault, withdrawals can only be made at certain times, but there will be an interest rate for each amount saved
  8. I think it goes back to each person. if his daily busyness consumes more time with the real world, then reloading every 10 minutes claims will be very hard to enjoy, but if he is an active gambler, then he will be very happy all day.
  9. it looks like he has received a warning from the moderator. and he should know where he is posting his comments if he wants to join the discussion.
  10. the sound in a game is as a pleasure so that when betting, it can be relaxed and relaxed. but as is your case, it will make you even more afraid of getting caught if you are betting by your parents. therefore, turn off the sound if you are betting so that you can concentrate and not be disturbed by some of the activities around you
  11. that's right friend There is no other site that offers these promotions and bonuses besides primedice and stake. and because of that I also keep fighting with these two sites and throw away other sites that might offer some promotions so that I join them. huh .. I will not be interested in their offer. I already have primedice and stake. don't need anything else
  12. of course playing on a PC or computer is more convenient than playing on a smartphone. the difference is quite striking, on a PC / desktop we can bet while chatting while on a smartphone it is very unlikely to be done together, and there are many other things, obviously betting on a PC will be more comfortable than on a smartphone
  13. This news caused regret in several investors. considering the price of bitcoin has returned to its place, and is likely to continue racing upward. I regret my doubts when the value of bitcoin dropped a few months ago, I had hoped that bitcoin would fall, so that I could buy more bitcoin.
  14. bitcoin and con artists will never stop growing. especially about fraudsters, they will continue to grow one after the other. while china is one of the countries with the largest stock of bitcoin, so, china is also the owner of the biggest fraudster cryptocurrency in the world. these con artists will not be killed, they will remain. all they can do is capture them one by one
  15. when it comes to precise strategies in hunting, I don't think it will exist. some people might win their bet with a fairly large amount, that we can see in the HIGH ROLLERS room. but we don't know how many losses they experienced a few days before. one thing is certain, strategy is number two in terms of betting, the first is luck Talking about strategy, I don't have anything to share here about strategy that can always be profitable, because I still suffer losses in betting.
  16. as a friend, I have an obligation to give a little advice, as well as take advice. I hope you succeed in realizing your dream of having a home from the results you get from gambling, keep the spirit and do not want to get acquainted with the name of despair
  17. seeing the increase in the percentage on the cryptocurrency exchange both in terms of sales and in the purchasing sector, makes me even more convinced that bicoin will not only break the $ 10,000 figure but will exceed that, and could be twice as much as $ 10,000
  18. I try to amuse myself with various other activities, but still my mind still refuses not to think about my defeat these past few days. a suit to just amuse yourself to divert your mind if it's about a lot of money in my opinion
  19. You are absolutely right, friend, this is not because of carelessness or greed, wanting to get more coins when the harna coin goes up, but it's about the nature of gambling that I can't control. When I have a coin, I always can't hold my desire to play gambling, even though the price of the coin is rising and rising
  20. children at an early age will not immediately feel the pleasure of playing gambling, because their guesses can still be reprimanded, advised at first, but if the habit he plays gambling is not stopped, this will make him not want anything to learn. in depth except the gambling field
  21. yeah .. and I believe that everyone must have their own plans for victory in primedice. but this is still constrained for me personally. because achieving profit is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. need hard work and good efforts to realize these targets.
  22. I bet as much balance as I have on that day. if I reach the minimum withdrawal limit, then I will withdraw and stop playing that day, if I lose, I will also stop that day without making a second deposit.
  23. This is not about fast betting, but it's about speeding up bets that we are doing when the internet connection is having problems that might have an effect on bets that are getting slower
  24. That's right, I've also experienced things where I clicked wrong. I, who originally wanted to reduce the number of Justu bets instead, hit all in. luckily I found the green line, if not, maybe that would be my last bet of the day. Click errors are painful, however sometimes they are sweet
  25. When I lose a lot of money in gambling, I will take a step away and leave gambling before I really lose everything. that's all I can do, because sometimes if I'm unlucky, betting using any strategy won't result in a win