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  1. 9 hours ago, arya99 said:

    memang benar binatang seperti anjing kalau tiba tiba di kagetin pasti akan otomatis menyerang karena memang naluri nya begitu dan kita juga tidak boleh membuat gerakan yang tiba tiba juga. meskipun anjing di perlakukan baik juga pasti suatu saat akan menyerang kita. karena ada sebab lain juga.

    percaya tidak percaya sih saat bulan purnama , anjing lebih agresif dibandingkan hari biasa. karena sudah banyak kejadian anjing peliharaan yang tadi nya sudah jinak menjadi galak dan menyerang pemiliknya.  

    kebanyakan memang seerti itu, tapi tidak semuanya. karena anjing juga ditakdirkan sebagai hewan penyerang. insting anjing memang sangat peka terhadap suara yang keras atau mengagetkan. insting mereka akan segera terangsang untuk melihat dan mencek asal suara tersebut, jika suara yang mengagetkan mereka tersebut dekat dari mereka, maka respon mereka terhadap asal suara tersebut akan di jawab dengan tindakan. makanya ada anjing yang menyerang majikannya dan itu memang kenyataannya

  2. On 04/11/2019 at 03:36, GRAPESGRAPES said:

    I'm not sure on this one, every time i bet on 2x 3x 5x i get fucked but the higher multipliers seem to give me good results as long as i bet low and gradually build up the profit 

    indeed there are some people whose luck lies only in the high multiplication, if he tries to hunt in a low multiplier, he will actually get away from victory. however, all depends only on luck, because sometimes the situation can be reversed

  3. in my opinion, when we get a win, it's appropriate that we share with friends. because they are also like that. in gambling, sharing is beautiful. but, we also have to count the number of wins, if only enough for minimum withdrawals, then I think it makes it rain for friends, it can be postponed first. because no matter what, self is still the priority.

  4. sepertinya saya tidak memiliki hoby lain selain bermain judi. karena selain hoby, perjudian memang sudah menjadi aktifitas sehari2 saya. walau demikian, saya masih aktif diberbagai pengajian. aktiftas orang tua lah. walau demikian saya tidak begitu bergantung pada perjudian sebenarnya, hanya sekedar mengisi kekosongan waktu saja.

  5. On 06/11/2019 at 02:19, rembo2 said:

    I think there are not many people who have all the currencies in profit. At least most PD players have negative profit indicators. But there are lucky ones with good profit.

    absolutely right, friend.
    I also think so, only a handful of people who have green in all their currencies, even so, minus the amount of their currency could have been covered by green in other currencies, that's a profit that may be in large amounts

  6. I protect my privacy, especially about gambling that I do from the public, but not so with my family. the whole family knows about the gambling activities that I do. but not so with my friends. so that the secrecy about my gambling activities is maintained from the environment and my friends,
    so ... even though I borrowed money from my friends or vice versa, they never knew what I was borrowing the money for. while they borrowed money from me, I clearly knew what they were using it for, so no one of my friends moved away from me. I think so too if they know my gambling activities

  7. On 06/11/2019 at 20:15, Byteking said:

    yes green rolls depends on luck and odds too, but if you are very lucky you can beat odds.

    it all depends on luck, however in betting and hoping to get green does not mean being able to beat the odds. I don't think I can go beyond the odds, specifically about getting green on bets

  8. I think I bet depending on the total finances that I have. so, the strategy only works after that. Percentage calculation for each bet that I make is the initial stage before I start betting, because if I do not calculate it, then all will only be in vain. This is gambling, not just a game, money sprinkled here and there, so you need to calculate before betting. basically I'm a person who carefully calculates before I bet

  9. hunting at 100 times payout is sometimes terrible. how not, with the amount of red that is sometimes beyond our calculation the amount. I myself have tried to hunt on payout 100x with the longest total of 721 reds. even if my balance runs out and the bet stops immediately,
    so, no one can predict the amount of red at payout 100x. and there is also no guarantee of defeat or victory, hope in luck, because that's the only thing that can change everything, especially when hunting at 100x payout

  10. omg ... this is the biggest defeat in a single bet I've seen in the past year. 26 BTTC is not a small amount if we exchange it to USD, however, this is gambling. and gambling anything can happen. for professional gamblers, certainly understand well about the risks of gambling. and I'm sure our friend who suffered a 26 btc defeat is a professional-class gambler, he must be tolerant in accepting his defeat, and certainly he will not back down afterwards.
    keep the spirit and always think positive

  11. Harga bitcoin tidak akan anjlok ke angka 50-60 jutaan perkepingnya. Karena jika harga bitcoin berada pada posisi $5000 atau lebih perkepingnya, saya pikir itu akan merusmak pasaran global crypto, dan ini efeknya akan berimbas sampai pada investor2 besar, yang kemungkinan besarnya akan membuat ketidak percayaan investor kepada nilai vluktuaktif crypto lagi, khususunya btc

  12. On 03/11/2019 at 15:03, sourc3code said:

    I think the house edge overall is negligible in the overall gameplay results. I believe it is there more for the house to generate steady revenue than it is to be used to circumvent you from winning. The house actually likes it when you play for longer periods of time, contrary to popular belief. 

    it is true, if we take into account the total amount on the bet. and if we take into account the scale of the bet, systematically the house edge will be more happy if I or anyone bet for a long time. because basically, the percentage turnover and the house edge count are calculated from the length of the bet.

  13. On 04/11/2019 at 08:58, Himiko said:

    The other day on another site I hit two 77.77 rolls in a row. It is a pity that it was not on PD. But now it does not seem to be unreal for me :)

    I don't play on other sites, however, if you can hit number 77.77 on sites other than primedice, why don't you try to get it on primedice. isn't that number you should get in primedice. because it will make a big change in your life if you manage to hit it in primedice

  14. On 06/11/2019 at 20:30, Byteking said:

    I was trying to get some free money, then i knew about Bitcoin, then i got introduced to Bitcoin gambling, then some other site that didn't let me withdraw when i won there, then i found primedice.

    Well, in the beginning, most people just tried to find free money at the beginning, instead of getting money, the site was not found, and finally got acquainted with bitcoin and tried to get closer and fall into cryptocurrency gambling. after trying several gambling sites, finally found primedice. I thought most people were like this at first so they met with primedice. our favorite site

  15. in my opinion if the chat room is canceled, or deleted, I think it will affect the gamblers in the primedice. dqn seems like if the chat room is deleted, I believe the number of gamblers in primedice will be much reduced. because some people come to primedice not just to play gambling, but just to have fun and chat with friends in primedice

  16. 8 hours ago, iulianbutanu said:

    Look, a problem that i have with gambling on primedice is that there is no limit in max bet. In real casinos for example at slots you have a limit 20$ (max ive seen; except if you are an amazing high roller - 1-2 mil$ bankroll).

    PD has no limit in those...you can go 50k$ in a bet and that's not so fair but can also bring lots of advantages

    yeah ... that's true, but even so the level of risk of loss and loss is higher because there is no limit in the primdice in terms of betting, though betting online is more flexible than betting in the real world because there are more advantages

  17. On 02/11/2019 at 04:35, nolep said:

    I myself will definitely play it because it is free so that if you lose you don't really experience a big loss. but certainly will change it to dogecoin so that the number is more and if used to play can withstand existing losses.

    I think it returned to the gambler. and even if you think about changing to be a dogecoin, it also depends on your luck in betting, getting a big tip and turning it into a dogecoin is no reason to get a bigger win.

  18. It seems like Primedice is indeed donating some funds to certain people who are entitled to help.
    however, if it is said about our situation which always loses when hunting in primedice, it seems we only need to recover it, so it's not a protest with donations of primedice funds every week because these donations do not necessarily come from the defeat of user primedice in general