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  1. Menurut saya sih kalau bisa sama2 jalan keduanya. Karena keduanya memang bertujuan menghasilkan rezeki. Hanya perbedaan cara kerjanya saja. Tapi kalau dilihat dari tekanan wabah Corona ini, sepertinya saya lebih cenderung bertahan di gambilng dari pada harus bekerja keluar rumah,
  2. I think everyone must have felt defeat when betting with Bitcoin. however it seems like everyone has also felt the withdrawal of this coin, I think you need to look for other strategies if you want to feel the winning bet with bitcoin. Even if you fail to recover your minus number with this coin, at least you have won at the minimum withdrawal rate
  3. It looks like you are lucky enough with the bet you made. although only receive a coupon of 24 xrp, but you managed to make it tens of times the amount. it is a sign of a good victory in 2020. I hope other victories will overtake you going forward this year
  4. I wish you the best for primedice. I hope primedice is always there for all gamblers in the future. and I'm also sure the primedice admin will always try to give the best for the judges by presenting various promotions or other interesting things as a form of business primedice provides comfort for gamblers who join and bet
  5. Bet: 57,752,971,403 placed by zulfandina on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000001 Payout 8.55x Bet: 57,753,832,646 placed by zulfandina on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.55x Profit 0.00000755 Bet: 57,753,833,767 placed by zulfandina on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.55x Profit 0.00000755 Bet: 57,753,834,886 placed by zulfandina on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.55x Profit 0.00000755
  6. sometimes saying is easier than doing it. I also once planned to do something like you said. after having a little win, then I will stop betting and save the winnings in the vault, but one day when a long red comes to me, I actually withdraw all the money I have in the vault and destroy all of it in the bet. I can't control my emotions
  7. I used to do this, but not in Primedice. I lost a lot of money that I borrowed for gambling capital, and now I don't want to do it anymore, it ruins your life, friend. you better bet using the extra money you have even if only a little in gambling, than to have to borrow money for capital betting in gambling
  8. I often experience things like this, after tired of saving the results of victory in the vault in a few days, the next day I lost when I bet, but because I felt confident with the green line that was near, I pulled little by little from the vault until I finished it all, but still, I didn't find the green line. it hurts so much
  9. I think a lot of online gambling sites have a fancy and very attractive appearance. but in terms of fairness especially in terms of deposits and withdrawals, they cheat. so this cannot be a benchmark in judgment
  10. itulah kenapa banyak dari rakyat biasa yang terkadang mendo'a kan hal yang tidak baik kepada para pejabat daerah setempat. karena hal yang seperti ini. sesuatu yang benar2 sangat dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat miskin, penduduk yang nota banenya hidup di bawah rata2, justru dipermainkan oleh mereka yang memegang jabatan, terkadang sekalipun jelas2 sudah tidak mampu, tetap saja harus dipaksakan. begitulah kekejaman yang mungkin saja akan terus berjalan tanpa adanya tindakan tegas menghadang mereka didunia ini, tapi tidak di akherat nanti
  11. if you talk about eye health, then what you say is true. betting for a long time with bright lighting can indeed damage our eyesight, dark mode is the solution. but if discomfort is the reason, then this dark mode will not be liked
  12. I don't think so, the jackpot might just keep increasing about the huge prize. but not a long time someone will hit him. but how many people participated in it. I think if many try to reach the jackpot, then the jackpot will be obtained immediately without having to wait another 10 years
  13. i think so. if this materializes and the primedice agrees, I also have a reunion plan and bet together, but not with a few prizes. just competing for victory. I think your plan will be very pleasant especially to your referrals
  14. playing smart is not a trick. but how does one overcome his emotionality and greed in gambling. when there is luck, smart play is needed
  15. I also like the quiet and quiet atmosphere when betting. as if I were truly one with primedice when I bet, with music or other sounds, it would bother me. but it all depends on each gambler too, because everyone's tastes must be different,
  16. bet with a basic 100 satoshi bet within 3 days? it requires a fairly large bangkroll. and if you say recovering every 500 satoshi loss, I think 3 days is very unlikely to reach VIP
  17. if your target is high, then you need to provide a strong and numerous bankroll to achieve that target, if that is the challenge you set for yourself. however, first consider all the losses that might occur and it is beyond the possibility
  18. if you see the number of residents between stake and primedice, then I might agree if the stake will make its own coin as a new form of promotion, maybe. however, I still hope that primedice is prioritized for this one rather than the stake
  19. if you say stingy, I disagree. because the faucet I think is very common in use by several other online casinos. and primedice replaced it with various promos that were far more interesting than the faucet. but people don't understand that
  20. the disadvantage of betting on a smartphone is that one of the most annoying is not being able to open two tabs at the same time. just like you said, even if we click it twice quickly, if we have a problem with the internet connection or the smartphone that we use still has a low version, it will be a bug. and it was very annoying
  21. I think that's the way it is, he's really lucky to be able to run bets on 2x payouts and win long-term (4 days) wins. I have also tried hunting on this payout and after finding 21 streaks of red streaks, I never tried it again
  22. if so, the desktop version that we have must be commensurate with the old version which can display the emojis. ok i will try it, i think i need the latest software to try
  23. memang benar jika pemasukan kasino itu sangat besar jumlahnya, tapi kenapa diberbagai negara ada juga pelarangan perjudian, jangankan untuk mendirikan kasino, untuk berjudi di warung2 saja dilarang keras, padahal kan mendatangkan keuntungan juga untuk pemerintah setempat. jika hal tersebut mendatangkan keuntungan, kenapa harus di larang
  24. Before stake existed, Primedice had launched a charity event at this forum. but since the stake is running, maybe because there are far more interested parties than primedice, I think that's why they moved it to stake. but I hope primedice still has its own charity event even if it isn't worth the stake in the end
  25. true, fans of live casinos will crave this. but if primedice really wants to make it happen, it's not difficult to do by the admin. it's just not for now, it depends on how much demand for this matter and what are the benefits for the primedice.