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  1. it's true, friend ... It seems that the right coin to invest in is bitcoin, given its price and potential in the market share and also its position / position which is always the top of other coins causing many to be more inclined to side with this one coin (bitcoin) ... but, even so, also use your reserve coins 🤔🤔 ... judging from the increasingly popular competition in digital currencies, it's a good idea to make a backup if you want to invest ... because cryptocurrency at this time cannot be predicted ..
  2. welcome and welcome to the primedice community .. ok .. I will say if I started my business not by borrowing some money from someone or some loan company. but I started everything from 0, even starting a business that I was working on now, I started from 0. indeed in fact I almost gave up in life. but, with my family, seeing my wife and children who are so hopeful of a decent life, I do not want to remain silent and give up on destiny just like that ... it makes me get up and try to find a job with a capital of sweat and mind to find as little income until I succeed as it is today without help and capital loans from anyone.
  3. Bet: 35,060,498,457 placed by zulfandina on 19/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,060,499,200 placed by zulfandina on 19/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,060,500,046 placed by zulfandina on 19/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
  4. amazing number ... I never thought there would be that many people using crptocurrency now .. hopefully in the future the crypto market share will continue to increase over time ...
  5. It seems I am not lucky to play / bet using coin xrp .. I always lose when betting using this coin (xrp) .. but I will not give up just like that ... I will keep trying until I succeed ... hopefully in the near future I can recover defeat I bet using coin xrp ...
  6. this is just my calculation ... if it is questionable have I ever tried the method that I applied? the answer is never .. This is just a calculation ... I really want to enter the top 10 above, it's not for now ... because if I want to be able to realize my method above, then I need initial capital before betting with very large amounts ... it's not possible I get for now ... but ... someday I will definitely do it ... realize the dream is my priority, it's just that there is the right time and place to do it .... and I am a person who is patient enough in that .... it's true what you say, friend .... it's hard to put our names in the top 10 ... But, this is gambling ... anything can happen without us knowing ... I myself have determined to do what I have applied above .. I will implement my method and I will try to prove it to myself if my thoughts are true .... now I am just waiting for the right time to carry out my plan .. hopefully when I start to implement my method, luck will be with me on the bet ..
  7. I heard a lot about this news ... there are many people who try their luck in various online casinos on the internet ... if he loses a bet in one casino, he will switch to another casino to try his luck to win, and so on until he almost join every online casino that is on the internet now .. like one of my friends there who tried his luck in various online casinos on the internet ... if he finds a win in one casino (say casino A), then he will withdraw from casino A to casino B ... and so on until he reaches him have a big win ... but I have never done that ... because in my opinion, every casino has different calculations and ways of working. for example, if we play with strategy A at casino A we can win, but if we implement that strategy at casino B, it will not necessarily be that the strategy will work well as we expect it. In essence, we must have many strategies, and we must right putting that strategy on the right casino anyway ... it makes me dizzy, ... I would rather be single with one casino than to play / bet on various casinos that are on the internet today .. and I also think that primedice is the best for me ... so ... why would I join another casino ...
  8. how are you all primedice friends ... I hope everything is fine and also that everyone gets the targeted victory ... ok, get on with it ... I thought for a moment when I saw HIGH ROLLS ... did they really make such a big bet because they had a large capital or was that the only capital they had and just immediately risked all the coins they had? This raises my own question ... because I think betting should start with a small bet ... slowly and surely ... when the victory starts to feel the results, even more bets I increase the amount, .. I never do betting using all the coins that I have (all in) ... because that could have a very bad effect on myself .. what I want to ask here is whether the way you bet on primedice gradually, little by little until you win the bet or you bet with just one hit? if anyone has experienced betting by betting all your coins in large numbers and finding defeat, how do you feel? Are you experiencing bad things like frustration, regret, anger or maybe damage what's around you? Or, you like me who bet with small bets at first, when you find a win, gradually you will raise the bet to the winning target limit that you have set? share your experience and the way you play below ... I want to know because I keep thinking about it ... about what will happen if someone experiences a big defeat with just one roll of dice ...
  9. hmmm ... questions that need answers .. I think the biggest win in a bet or whatever at a casino is "JACKPOT" ... so ... it's only natural that getting a jackpot is a difficult thing to achieve ... if it's easy, it's not a jackpot ... I once got a roll of 88.88 with a bet of 0,00020000 btc in a row, meaning it is possible to get a roll of dice at 77.77 in a row ... it's just when can I reach that number ?? believe me friends ... all of that will happen someday ... the harder it is to find that number, the bigger the prize will be ... so ... keep up the good work and always think positive ... then it's better to do ...
  10. hahahha ... it's not important friend ... about how much he bet and found bet id 35,000,000,000, the important thing is he is a winner ... if you ask about how much he gets from winning the bet id 35,000,000,000 it's his business ... hahahahahaha ....
  11. as well as I know about the problems of the internet world. if there is a sentence "long respond" the problem lies in the internet network that is experiencing interference with the player. not on primedice site .. It looks like you need to refresh your computer, and if this problem still persists, confirm with the internet officer in your area of residence, ... because this is an internet network problem that you are using ... I hope this helps...
  12. when talking about "bot" I prefer rainbot ... it seems like this is the perfect feature ... moreover I also like to share with friends if I find victory. even with small wins. and if asked what my suggestion is if there really is a bot addition in the primedice, then it seems like I would suggest the bot auto silence the beggars and who make trouble in the chat room. because in my opinion they have interfered with the concentration of the gamblers in the bets they are making
  13. I have never played e-sports games. Many of my friends invited me to join e-sports games, such as Dota 2 and so on, but I don't seem to be interested in games like that ... maybe because I am only interested in gambling or betting that makes money instantly. .
  14. yes ... you are absolutely right ... I myself have experienced betting on payout 1.01x with a bet amount of 0.00000100 btc .. I have bad luck it seems .. why I say that ... because I found 7 red lines in arrow .. I myself did not expect to find 7 red lines in arrow ... I myself had thought if with a bet of 100 satoshi I could find 7 red lines in arrow, what if I bet 0.0001000 btc or more ... will I find 10 red lines ? or even more?