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  1. yeah .. I also think so, because everything was indeed decided by the staff and the owner of this primeice, but they also need advice and input from active gamblers on their site like us. they also definitely want to provide good service to gamblers who join their site, bet and make friends. of course they also want to ask if there is something missing or is there something we need other than what we have to add? and that proves that they also want us as gamblers who join primedice feel comfortable and feel at home with primedice for quite a long time
  2. that's because you have a pretty small basic bet. because in my experience, at 51% chance it reaches a long red line of 33. That's if you bet 1 dogecoin and above. and it looks like the settings on loss and on win must be maximized. Tap if it's not equivalent, then there's only a losing streak that results in running out of balance we have. You should start to explore a good strategy in betting before all of them are regrets in the future because they always experience continuous defeat without stopping
  3. that's good, but unfortunately it still happens. indeed controlling yourself against greed is the most difficult thing for a gambler. like myself. I always fail to control it, as if greed is ingrained in myself. and I think that this greed is indeed the killer of all the coins I have. I don't know when I can fully control myself from this greedy nature
  4. some people do, even though basically they have lost, but they remain consistent with the strategy that he chooses to place his bet on. this should be the case, because sometimes victories come from big losses in the beginning, and big losses often happen to people who don't have a strong grip or firm belief in the strategy that they play. as if he did not believe in his own woman
  5. saya pikir jika tidak dimlai dari orang lain, bukankah sebaik nya dimulai dari dikita sendiri. cobalah membuat topik sebanyak mungkin dan coba untuk memancing teman dengan hasil yang didpat dari membuat topik tersebut, semoga bisa memancing keinginan teman lain dalam membuat topik baru dan berlomba2 dalam meningkatkan penghasilan dari forum. karena hal yang seperti ini memang membutuhkan pancingan, dan sangat tidak bisa dilakukan dengan paksaan. jadi istilahnya harus dilakukan dengan lemah lembut
  6. for me, if I still want to play, then I will continue to play and bet, until finally I have a balance of 0 or I withdraw my personal trumpet. so ... there is no vault for me, because I bet until 0 or withdraw everything to my personal wallet
  7. Slow betting is everything, because fast betting will only torture the balance that I have. betting quickly is the same as doing something in a hurry, and I hate that. I prefer actions that are slow, not in a hurry and produce maximum results, sometimes according to what we expect to happen.
  8. whatever it is, it all depends on luck and I think only that can answer everything. because I myself have and often experienced it, got huge profits starting with a very small balance even below the 1k sath. indeed if asked is that difficult? yeah .. it is indeed difficult to do, even very impossible to run, but if luck is there, then all the impossible things can be realized
  9. I don't think so. and I actually hate the 1.0102x payout specifically when recovering defeat. because it is not recovering but increasingly destroying. and also hunting on payout 1.0102x only wasted my time. You shouldn't bet if you only hunt on the payout
  10. indeed most gamblers do that, when a gambler wins a bet to touch the target of victory, then he will think that achieving an easy victory, if only a short time has won and reached the target, why not just continue to achieve greater victory? this is where greed comes into action and makes the average gambler defeat and destroy
  11. Same with you, I also do not use Vault to secure the coins that I have, because I am thinking of what to save coins in gambling, I think that coins are brought to Kekasino to be played, at stake in the betting arena, not saved. if you do not want to save in the casino, go home and enter the inclination if you want to save and save. dikasino to bet and the answer after that is win or lose. finished story
  12. I myself am still in a minus position for this coin, because I think someone's luck lies in the coin too ... Good luck friends, xrp is a good coin to bet, unfortunately I am not as bad as you in betting using this coin
  13. I also thought about that. I made sure that this was indeed true. between trade and gambling has something in common that most traders don't realize. Many traders are asked if he gambles? Peacock would say that they don't gamble, even though basically without them knowing it, they actually gambled.
  14. I have tried this method many times, but still when I changed my bet to btc, I returned to find a long red line as much as a long red line that I found while making a bet using the previous dogecoin. This seems to imply that if I change my coins before finding the green line, then I will find a long red line back as much as a long red line at first, and I make sure this strategy doesn't work for me
  15. I often hunt by using 2x payout as a place bet that I think is suitable for reaping the victory. but that only applies for a short time, because at the beginning of the bet, I did win the bet, but as time went by, I began to feel the pressure of the long red line, slowly but surely my balance was gradually drained until I lost. Looks like hunting in payout 2x is very vulnerable to defeat, but it happens if done for a long time, if betting in a short time, then this payout 2x is very suitable to try to reach profit at least 2x times the balance we had at first