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  1. to be honest, it's not an easy thing to win in primedice, but if that victory comes to me, then I will spend all of the win together with my little family, if it is still left, then I will share the money with my brother who is having a hard time. in their economy
  2. primedice is not possible to add other games to the site, I am sure of that. because in terms of name alone we can already see that the word primeDICE (the word dice) here symbolizes the purity of primedice sites about gambling in the field of dice and only gambling with a single game. if primedice adds other games, I think it will damage the name primedice itself, because it will make the dice game as if it is just a symbol, it would be very bad for the big name primedice whose name is very fragrant in the world of online gambling
  3. I just think that primedice does not make a profit of up to 20 btc in one full day. although the number of gamblers joining primedice exceeds 400+ users. My personal calculation of the profit achieved primedice in one day touches the number 10 btc more or less, why do I say that, because of the total number of gamblers who bet in one day the least that makes a deposit is only about 25%, the rest only bet from remaining balance the day before, or can also bet from rain capital provided by primedice, and also maybe they are betting using funds from the forum
  4. that's good advice, friend. I also think so, for anyone who is interested in wanting to take part in the race, it can be to register themselves in a special room for the registration of the race event, so between ordinary bets and races will be separated. because I also sometimes bet when my thoughts are diverted by the amount of wagered I have achieved and it makes me think of increasing the amount of my wagered and not thinking of winning in the bet I'm making. my mind was diverted by my position in the race that might have resulted in my losing bet
  5. Hello all gamblers at primedice. I want to talk a little about our belief in ourselves which may have been traumatized by defeat over the past year, or maybe even better, instead of rising 360 degrees of enthusiasm to achieve victory this new year. I personally experienced a mental decline, or you could say a little trauma over the past month. I have avoided primedice for more than a month and never bet at all. but it didn't take long for me to bounce back from adversity, I realized that if I give up now, then I'm too stupid as a gambler. My spirits bounced back this month, and I began to be active again in the forum and in the betting room, replaying my brain with various strategies that I might be able to use to bet to achieve a win that I didn't get last year and I believe that this year I can win, thus, I will continue to sharpen my brain to try and keep trying to achieve victory. and I'm sure of that. How about you? Are you even more unenthusiastic about betting because you have lost confidence in yourself to win at the Primedice? or do you like me who has sudden beliefs that have just emerged and believe that your beliefs will surely realize what you dreamed of at this year's primedice? because I think that belief cannot be made up, but was born and just appeared in a gambler.
  6. motor metic menurut saya diciptakan sebagai kendaraan ramah lingkungan, dan itu sebenarnya diperuntukkan untuk kaun hawa. sementara motor manual, ini secara systematis diperuntukkan untuk pekerja, dalam arti kata lain, untuk pria. tetapi di zaman sekarang, metic justru menjadi idola, karena mungkin dalam segi perawatan, metic memang lebih simpel dan mudah, juga dalam segi pemasaran, motor metic memang selalu terdepan, dari pada yang manualan, tetapi menurut pandangan saya, untuk para pria, saya pikir yang manualan masih lebih pantas dari pada metic, karena jujur saja, saya kalau diatas motor metic, hilang kepercayaan diri dan kejantanan saya
  7. if you talk about strategies in betting on payout 2x, then I would say the same thing. but my advice is that you need to try it out before continuing the station in the future. Can you make a minimum withdrawal for 4 days of betting on 2x payouts? yes .. I also admit it, because I experienced it also when I first joined primedice, and it only took about 3 hours. less than 4 days. but for the next, I was actually surprised using this strategy, because in payout 2x I could find consecutive reds of 20 to 26 reds, and that made me frustrated and tried to find a new strategy to recover my defeat
  8. I as a lover of gambling dice and also love primedice, it is clear I want my exact gambling site to be crowded with people, having a lot of gambling participants (which certainly exceeds the number of gamblers on other sites including at stake). but it is not easy to invite people and create promotions that are likely to attract many parties to join the primedice. however, I still think of all kinds of ways to invite several groups of individuals to join me in primedice, although at this time there has been no progress, I believe one day, they will accept my offer, because convincing someone is more difficult than just informing
  9. in my personal view between the race in primedice and in stake, it only lies in the number of games that might be an option to play, like at stake, we can choose a game to play in the race according to our beliefs that might provide the fastest and largest number of wagered, while in primedice, we only have one game, the dice game, and no other choice, however, in primedice, those who participate in racing events have enormous bets, when compared to stake, I think competition is tighter in primedice than in stake. however, everything returns to the gambler, all depends on faith, and I myself prefer to take part in the primedice race rather than the stake, because aside from the number of bets being compared, I am indeed addicted to this dice game than any other game.
  10. it all requires cooperation and cohesiveness among primedice forum members, if only one or a few people take the initiative to create a new topic, or there are only a few people who are willing to sharpen their brains and minds to develop various topics to be discussed together in the forum, then it is very unlikely the forum will return crowded. for that we need good cooperation among members in the forum, trying to think of interesting topics of discussion and attract the interest of other members who might have been active in the forum, but now never appear again in the forum because they might not have something that can be made the subject matter that must be discussed together, then, I think forum reward is also very influential on forum occupants, or even becomes one of the active causes of forum members every day. I hope the forum rewards are back to the way they were when they were a year ago
  11. if the withdrawal from vault goes directly to the primedice website without notification of confirmation via email, I'm sure it's a bug. because in essence every transaction originating from vault really should require confirmation via email first, because primedice is always on the lookout for fraud or hacking that might be carried out by irresponsible third parties.
  12. at a glance, there is indeed a lot of content that is almost similar and even with the same purpose and the same direction of conversation, but sometimes each person's evaluation has its own version. at first glance it does seem to lead to the same discussion but actually it is different in terms of meaning, we have a moderator in this forum, and surely they will surely know if there is indeed the same topic (spam) either in the original or not, which is certainly our moderator certainly have a fairly accurate consideration in the assessment in our forum. leave it entirely to the moderator, and rest assured, they are quite skilled in their fields
  13. bet on payout 3.75x, onlose 57% with basebet 1 satoshi, it is really possible to increase the balance 2x from the previous amount, but I think this should be run with a pattern of playing under and over that is always changing. can not only be in one position, this is in my opinion. because I tried it, and it really works.
  14. I tried a new strategy in 2020, but the same thing you experienced friends, I also failed. however, I can still win with a betting strategy in the 2.71x payout with a manual play pattern. by reversing the direction between under and over according to my belief. if you want to try my strategy, I suggest to be more convincing yourself before betting, because your belief is the key to everything. when you are sure of the green line when you change the direction of the bet, then raise your bet as much as possible. Good luck
  15. I have never used to be plotted when betting on primedice, because I prefer to bet on the web than using being plotted. but when the internet connection is slowing down, I feel upset. specifically when betting. I will try the things you saeankan, hopefully can speed up bets when the internet connection is experiencing interference. thank you for your advice and input, this is very useful for me