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  1. I would call myself neither an expert nor a successful gambler. But I should say that I do my best in moving to success and I enjoy this process.
  2. I’d start with an explanation of what cryptocurrency is and the main benefits it provides. My arguments that bitcoin isn’t a scam I would couple with facts and proves. I wouldn’t suggest my family read the long white paper unless they wish to read it by themselves. Of course, I will tell about pumps and dumps, crypto fraudulent and other pitfalls of the crypto world. I would give advice about the choice of a wallet or cryptocurrency only if they ask me. And I will try to encourage them to do their own research before taking any decision concerning crypto.
  3. I bought my first crypto just for fun. I was curious what it is and how it works. And while I was using crypto, I started to realize the benefits. The great thing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the small amount for entry. It opens the investment opportunities for everyone including those who don’t have a bank account. I didn’t have big wins or losses, but I was charmed with the financial freedom bitcoin gives. Your coins can’t be frozen or controlled by anyone. You are the own bank for yourself.
  4. Meantime Bitcoin is still the undisputable leader in the cryptocurrency world, and I don’t think something will change in the nearest future. So bitcoin remains number one coin in 2019. XRP and Ethereum will be in the top 10 as well. I think such coins as IOTA, Monero, NEM, Dash, and OmiseGo have potential and can enter the top 10 and replace Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, EOS, and Tether. Especially I bet on IOTA and Dash. Anyway, we should wait for bitcoin to set the pace for growing up and only then the rest altcoins will rise as well.
  5. Bitcoin Core is a software that works as bitcoin node implementation. It was called bitcoin core to distinguish it from the bitcoin’s network. But it’s not correct to call bitcoin as bitcoin core. Bitcoin has only one version created by Satoshi. But then arose the disputes among team developers regarding further development of bitcoin network that led to a split. As a result appeared Bitcoin Cash hard fork that claimed to be a better or true bitcoin. However, it is not. And Bitcoin SV is another hard fork in the bitcoin cash chain which is also not a real bitcoin. BCH and BSV are copies of bitcoin with some changes in the protocol.
  6. Hi, I also would recommend this articale https://cointelegraph.com/ripple-101/ripple-vs-bitcoin-key-differences https://cointelegraph.com/ripple-101/ripple-vs-bitcoin-key-differences