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  1. thanks for the reply cres... atleast you give me some idea and to the community, thanks sokah for the great reply, atleast ive learned some techniques and it will help the community as if they read your comment, cheers
  2. Done with it edward trustpilot-yomzkie primedice-yomzkie
  3. Yeah captain.. but can't do sports nowadays, only brisk walking and doing simple household chores lol planning to buy a bike btw
  4. So guys, is there a a program or method of losing weight when you're almost online 12/7 or more than that? Many of us forget about exercising or losing weight while gambling I want to hear from you guys Let's talk about being healthy while dicing Here are some tips on exercising on home while dicing or on autoplay, only 10 mins or less of workout and it'll be fine 1.)Standing Lunges- Start standing with feet together. Step right leg forward, bend knees, keeping right knee stacked over right ankle, left hip in line with left knee. Straighten legs and return to standing; alternate sides with each rep. Do this for 60 seconds. 2.)Push-ups- Start in a high plank with wrists directly under shoulders, body in straight line from head to toe. Bend elbows, keeping them close to torso, to lower chest to ground, then straighten arms. Do this for 60 seconds. 3.)Jumping Jacks-Stand tall with arms by sides. Jump legs apart and swing hands overhead. Jump feet back together as hands come back down to sides. Do this for 90 seconds. 4.)Plank Taps-Start in a high plank with wrists directly under shoulders, body in straight line from head to toe. Shift weight to left side and lift right arm, bringing right hand to tap left shoulder. Return right hand to the ground, alternative sides with each reps. Those are examples of exercises you can do at home, have fun dicing while staying healthy (reference-self.com) Remember:Health is wealth
  5. Dice on pd is much smoother than on stake, plus it offers a jackpot eventhough its hard to hit lol 😂 plus i just love the eng community here than on stake 😊
  6. I havent tried it kate since im rolling with two sites stake and pd, i think its more enough than to add more lol
  7. I think i will expand it and add more 3rd casino next to stake lol i have some great ideas for the new one
  8. Yeah it did change for all coin i guess seuntjie or hui made that thing, bec its really unfair for the players who only roll for btc i think it's same prices now when converted to any currency
  9. I think yes, because real life gamblers can't catch rains or even beg on every HR on real casino unlike it here it's just one pm away or they can even catch rains even when they have small amount to wager and one more thing you can deposit even 1 dollar here lol one more thing it's just one log in on boom you can play unlike on real casino you have to travel with your own gas or commute just to gamble I agree to this once you're a gambler you're a gambler lol but the more difference is you're playing much more money on real gambling than here bec here you can depo only even just one dollar and it's not much hassle to travel
  10. Im looking forward to have lottery here, i know dicing sometimes is really tiring hope can have it here even just on monthly or quarterly, trying to test luck on different game would be a nice idea
  11. Im happy 7's to read your post.. i know were from different countries and having that langguage barrier for us to communicate im not good in english too but im trying my very best too to communicate and understand more by any other players well as days go by and by, i just noticed that it's more nice than before lol just talk to every player we dont have any grammar police here on this site to let us go on pd jail lol beggar and passives are more punishable by law than trying our very hard to speak the universal langguage here in pd