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  1. I just want to add.. when going to races/hr tab you need to stop rolls before to see what rank are you and as said by thefrog the pd page become unresponsive when changing tab
  2. activity#1- i really enjoy playing ltc and xrp bec of its price thats easy to compute for playing( php/crypto pair) activity#2- i want to see monero,eos, or usdt in the future... hope eddie will add one on my coin choice lol
  3. I cant reach it too unlike on its sister site, topics and thread here are just few.. hope someone who will be active here and post a good thread everyday I want it to see as a growing community someday
  4. Dati naman active ang forum dito bitboy mga nawala na lang paisa isa, dati active dito si eldrin na naging mod din dati sa ph nung nakaraan nagdaang 2 taon Yung iba naikita ko na nagpopost sila sa stake dahil doon marami silang narereplyan na topics mapa english man or tagalog na thread
  5. i believe on this too chikou.. theres so many high rollers on stake than on pd but of course this site is earning too we just really dont know how much it is bec it still give rakebacks, weekly bonuses,reload giveaway and rains by rainbot
  6. So far my february rolls are good, still hitting those high multis on hunt and im looking forward everyday/weeks/month to have such great luck Im running even why i profit a little not pushing it really hard to make decent one but a good one is fine for me
  7. For me eventhough i bust i love to really stay here, pd is my home dice site i feel family here than any other site I only take a break for an hour then back again, i guess my way of gambling is still acceptable than any others who has a ludomania that really needs a rehab or break into a casino
  8. For sure i will cash out it all or might leave some of it for gambling, might build a good business out of that money and out of that money i can get my gambling funds when it grows
  9. Of course i will not do it, what if on first roll the house got me lol i should bet it on low multi and hunting, i guess will get same 1 btc even im not risking that 100 btc on single bet