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  1. Well same for me opening my laptop, set the autorolls and let it run while im sipping my coffee, its actually tiring sometimes but i love the people here specially the trolling of people, ive been into different sites too, but this one is different.. i love the way they troll each other lol, for me PD is the best and fck the rest
  2. For me when i just reached the minimum to withdraw im cashing it out, its not always we win here so if given a chance then im doing it im just letting it on my wallet and changing it into fiat when its in good price i dont know to the other players, but its just on my own opinion
  3. A good player for me is the one making profits and can control emotions, being contented with small profits and doesnt take any loans from others discipline on thy self is important
  4. If that gonna happen, no one will deposit and make loans and loans, and of course this is a business, if it'll happen expect pd will close in less than a week month or year
  5. kaya nga eh.. maraming pinoy dito kaso puro sugal lang talaga ang inaatupag, di man lang bumibisita sa forum maganda rin sana kung maging aktibo yung pinoy chat natin dito gaya ng sa stake
  6. On this type of gambling we cant trace wether theyre young or on right age to gamble if my cousin or younger brother did it, i'll let him play.. i'll let them learn by their own mistakes
  7. I was playing at real casino and slots before but of course i cant afford it anymore and its more hassle to travel going there unlike on online casino you can depo small amounts and you just open your laptop and play
  8. I tip most of the time privately because youre only prone on begging by others and you just made them drool over it lol and of course it didnt make spam on the mainchat, imagine tipping 10k ethoshi on 20 people lol
  9. Its popular nowadays because you can play even youre at home imagine putting up gas on car were you can deposit it that small amount here
  10. i have a long run on 2x and 3x, of course its a small basebet.. its just really need a big patience for me profit is still profit big or small, small once when you vaulted it will grow at the end of the day
  11. It really depends on bankroll but of course i still believe in luck
  12. I have many friends here on primedice but didnt have a chance to meet them specially filipinos, most of them are from province or away from my place before there were friends planning to meet up, but most of the time its conflict on schedules still looking forward to meet people virtually and personally
  13. Because its the Holy Grail of all coin, some other coins are just copycat of bitcoin and its concept