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  1. If you could do a promotion it must be posted on english mainchat and of course on forum let's say its a challenge on constructive chat 1.) People need to construct a sentences on chat depends on you if its 10-50 words per chat 2.)it must not be spammy and contains a meaningful messages 3.) the distribution of the prize depends on the people who contributes more on chat say for example 2, 0.0005 btc for the one who contributes more and 10, 0.0001 btc for the least chatter
  2. As i checked my transactions, i saw that my last withdrawal was May 20, 2019 lol that was 3 months from now, i always withdraw on stake than here
  3. Yeah i believe that one too.. i guess there still one or more owner or circle of their friends own this site, but theyre just not fronting on it except on eddie maybe just eddie its not just busy to show or have that time to people, i know eddie loves the community both stake and pd
  4. I always see eddie on stake chat often than here on pd, its just like when youre having a kids you must take care most on the baby one or the younger one than the old one
  5. Most i like here was the community, the supports 24/7 online to help you not like the one on other site that you need to email and wait for admin's reply i really love the trivias here even i didnt win sometimes but learned something from it, also i love their giveaways i think most of us do
  6. Its still working on pm i think, it was just removed on chat because some players abusing it just to catch rains since the one requirement on catching is chatting yeah its important because to know wheter youre still on profit or losing
  7. It happened to me too, my dream was playing a small amount of btc and made it to decent amount 2,3 or 4 bitcoins cant remember how much it was but then after that i suddenly woke up in hurry believing it was true but not lol, im trying to go back to bed because that was an awesome dream but didnt manage to make a sleep again