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  1. Sex77777


    It all depends on the statistics of the player. Injuries and so on. But basically, I bet on the totals by express.
  2. Sex77777

    Do you like sport betting?

    Of course, I like to bet on sports. I’m doing this for more than one year. I’m mostly on the NBA.
  3. Sex77777

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    Hello everyone! I have been placing bets on marathonbet.com for a long time. I think this is the best bookmaker. With a very beautiful design and convenient lines.
  4. Sex77777

    Why do you like poker?

    Because it is the best card game and cash)
  5. Ну да согласен не мешало бы и бонусы еще какие нибудь замутить.Да и игр бы добавить еще каких нибудь.
  6. Ваще норм,еще бы игры такие же как на стаканюге)
  7. Sex77777

    New Jackpot

    The casino is designed to empty our pockets,admit it.What kind of jackpot win can we talk about?Do not believe!
  8. Да лексус ваще красфачиг постоянно во всём помогает.Респект тебе и уважуха!