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  1. good luck for all !!! username: orelinhatx
  2. because after these updates became harder to win and very easy to lose ???? lol username: orelinhatx
  3. hello friend, good luck !!! username: orelinhatx
  4. hello my friend !!! good luck for u !!! username: orelinhatx
  5. hello my friend, good luvk for u !! username: orelinhatx
  6. hello my friend, good luck for u !!! nick: orelinhatx
  7. hello my friend, good luck for u !!! stake name: orelinhatx
  8. I like to interact in PT chat, I really like everyone there
  9. hello friend, good luck for u stake name: orelinhatx
  10. without doubt a dog, they are very faithful to their owners.
  11. Homunculus? WOW he is a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist. to make it right he needs the philosopher's stone. lol
  12. at the moment a single series that I watch is supernatural
  13. my suggestion would be an internal exchange, and also wanted to win more. lol
  14. The first thing I would do would be to realize the dream of my own home and be able to leave my in-laws' home, so I would invest in a business because I am unemployed, that would be enough for me, not to worry about housing and employment, Rest I run after
  15. although I am poor and need a lot of money at the moment, I really like what is mine, and my name is worth more than anything, with certainty I would return.
  16. I fully agree, the private message already solves the problem.