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  1. good luck for all !!! username: orelinhatx
  2. because after these updates became harder to win and very easy to lose ???? lol username: orelinhatx
  3. I like to interact in PT chat, I really like everyone there
  4. without doubt a dog, they are very faithful to their owners.
  5. Homunculus? WOW he is a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist. to make it right he needs the philosopher's stone. lol
  6. at the moment a single series that I watch is supernatural
  7. my suggestion would be an internal exchange, and also wanted to win more. lol
  8. The first thing I would do would be to realize the dream of my own home and be able to leave my in-laws' home, so I would invest in a business because I am unemployed, that would be enough for me, not to worry about housing and employment, Rest I run after
  9. although I am poor and need a lot of money at the moment, I really like what is mine, and my name is worth more than anything, with certainty I would return.
  10. I fully agree, the private message already solves the problem.
  11. good morning dear moderators from other rooms also come into our chat to they do spam, just to get rain. our language is Portuguese, they can not come here and only speak English, because most do not speak English, but Portuguese ...no use they speak because no one will understand we need a moderator who speaks our language.
  12. Although I know the site a short time ago, and being very fond of it, I come here to show my indignation at the abandonment of the site to users of Portuguese language. In the topic of other languages, there is no specific topic for the Portuguese language. The Portuguese-speaking chat inside the game is also abandoned. There is no moderator. Users of other languages, do spam all the time, without any kind of punishment. And even the moderators of the other rooms enter the Portuguese chat to win rains. I ask you, what arrangements are you taking? Until when will we be without a moderator? I hope not for long, and that you can resolve this as soon as possible. It's getting boring already. Língua Portuguesa (PT-BR) abandonada pela Primedice Embora eu conheça o site há pouco tempo e goste muito dele, Eu venho aqui para mostrar minha indignação com o abandono do site para usuários de língua portuguesa. No tópico de outras línguas, não há tópico específico para a língua portuguesa. O chat de língua portuguesa dentro do jogo também é abandonado. Não há moderador. Usuários de outros idiomas, fazem spam o tempo todo, sem qualquer tipo de punição. E até os moderadores das outras salas entram no chat português para ganhar as chuvas. Eu pergunto a vocês: quais providencias estão tomando? Até quando ficarftemos sem moderador? Espero que não por muito tempo, e que vocês possam resolver isso o mais rápido possível. Está ficando chato já.