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  1. Destiny1872

    What you feel when you lose big

    Really I feel "wtf is this". Its really sad feeling. So sad that i dont even like to talk to anyone. Feeling is actually much i cant describe it fully in words.
  2. I think BTC will remain below 5k USD. It can gain momentum only if there are news of regulations coming from countries. If countries are not willing to regulate BTC then bear trend will follow and may its prices will fall further below 3k USD. G20 nations have decided to regulate it, but its their long term target, so cant see any rise in prices of BTC in near future.
  3. Destiny1872

    Ez Profit - A Martingale Twist

    My opinion on this is fixed if you keep on rolling with the same strategy for long,a time will come when all will be gone. So there is no perfect strategy for long run, we need to keep on changing our strategy.
  4. Destiny1872

    Personal luck of a person!

    Ofcourse luck plays some part in our winnings. But our strategy is also important, as already stated we must first decide, before betting, what we are able to loose. Then go on. But must also remember when to stop because when greed for more and more comes, it takes everything from us. So my opinion is to keep changing your strategies and keep rolling and before that fix your targets.
  5. Destiny1872

    2019 : New Year, new resolutions

    I had problem too. I used play excessive games, even leaving urgent work behind. But last year i promised myself that I will never overdo this thing. I reduced my gaming time and now I have control over it I only play on my PS4 on weekends for 1 hour a day. Not more than that, Now i have time for myself, my family and my work. Initially its hard, but gradual practice makes it good.
  6. Destiny1872

    Death would you like to know?

    Death comes without warning. But i would like to know when its coming.
  7. Destiny1872

    What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?

    I use vault to keep it safe from being getting busted . I take the amount out from vault which is good (for me) to loose in a day, without loosing my sleep. After that i deposit it back to vault. That's to keep it safe.
  8. First when i claimed 1000BTC satoshis from faucet & made 100000 BTC satoshi from it. then next day lost all. Secondly, when tedsaif tipped me 0.1ltc recently. That was the great day.
  9. Destiny1872

    If you have 100Btc

    I would have sold those and started my dream business of (tyre company)... Always dream of owning this business since childhood.
  10. Destiny1872

    What is your most Loved & Hated coin in PD?

    Love all these. but my preference is; 1. BTC 2. BCH 3. ETH 4. LTC 5. DOGE The BTC still has same lure due to its value in market. Doge due to low value, we can own a lot. But value wise it cant be like BTC.
  11. Destiny1872

    Which Coins will be the top 10 on market cap in 2019?

    after BTC only BCH has acceptance in the market. No other coin has such acceptance after BTC, ETH. XRP too is on its way to top, due to acceptance. So many coins come and go, coz of their non acceptance in market.
  12. Destiny1872

    What happened to Primedice-coin idea?

    Great idea man. Distribute Primedice coin for posting here and let users convert it into whichever crypto they like.
  13. Destiny1872

    Which Coins will be the top 10 on market cap in 2019?

    As always BTC will be on top. followed by BCH, ETH & XRP. Rest not sure.
  14. Destiny1872

    Which TV series do you watch?

    Thank You will try it next time
  15. Destiny1872

    Which TV series do you watch?

    Spartacus Game of Thrones Mr Robot Friends Vikings Prison Break Lost in space Battlestar Glactica