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  1. Babagucci

    How many instant depositers here?

    I always buy more and deposit if I have the spare cash to do so of course otherwise I don't play. I only claim faucets when the amount of Bitcoin they give is decent. I don't mess with the faucets that pay 10 satoshi, waste of my time if you ask me. There have only been a few occasions where I actually turned the faucet into a withdrawable balance but ended up losing in anyway lol
  2. Babagucci

    Coinbase lessons

    I joined the waiting list for this but haven't heard anything yet. I imagine there are a lot of people trying to join the platform to earn Free crypto. I have been using Earn for the last 2 years now but coinbase bought them out and doesn't seem to be as good.
  3. This is a solid poker platform although they do have a lot of poker boots but nevertheless they have freeroll poker tournaments pretty much every night. If they added some slots and a better Dice platform they would be even better.
  4. Lucky games definitely has one of the best built-in exchanges I have come across. I am not a huge fan of the games but I use then whenever I need to exchange my crypto. The withdrawals are nice too as they are just like PD or stake, completely instant and automated. It's a cool site to use for sure.
  5. Babagucci

    What Are Dreams?

    You know I haven't had a good dream in quite some time. It's funny because there will be times where I dream every night for a week straight and other times northing
  6. Babagucci

    Bicoinman is ready....!!!

    That was a bit tough to understand, what are you asking exactly?
  7. Babagucci

    What is Gostake.com

    That's pretty cool thanks for the tip. I am definitely going to check it out. Is it a new site? Have you tried staking based off it's suggestions?
  8. Babagucci


    If I could get a steady profit everyday that would be nice but my first goal is to hit 1 btc and then go up to 2 btc and so on. Haventadebit yet but someday I'm hoping.
  9. Babagucci

    What your Primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    Doesn't that tight there tell you that price manipulate s the outcome? I have noticed the same thing where I try to hit a high multiplier and can't but as soon as I drop the bet amount it hits..lol..seems fishy to me
  10. Babagucci

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    I don't think it matter which one you use whether dicebot or auto because in the end you will always lose using both. At least thats my experience and i have tried both a few times but it just doesn't work for me. You have to do manual to be successful in my opinion.
  11. Babagucci

    Hii everyone im Josenete

    Hello Josenete, welcome to PD, hope you have a good experience and enjoy yourself. PD is another great community just like Stake.
  12. Fortunejack has gone downhill a bit for me after there relaunch and I've been playing here since they opened.in 2014. The new loyalty program was a huge disappointment for me as well. Still waiting for there mobile site which was suppose to be already last September. Their Dice seems much harder to make profits and they got rid of Lucky Jack.
  13. Babagucci

    LuckyFish.io - Dice, Slots, Roulette

    Great post thanks for the tip on the new site. I know I am always interested in new gaming platforms. The probrem is there are so many that when you try to Google them you see the same 5 websites over and over. Have you made any withdrawals yet? I'm always happy to join through referral links if you are willing to split any commission I give you.
  14. What about a Dice War game where you compete against other players each rolling against each other. Who ever rolls higher wins, if it's a tie the game continues as the pot increases. I think that could be a cool idea. Anyone else?
  15. Babagucci

    ReCaptcha in login form

    That's the worst when it keeps asking to solve more and more..lol it just gets so annoying especially when you not doing anything out of the ordinary.