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  1. Well I sure hope I get rained on!
  2. It always great when layers share their strategues, especially successful strategies. So thank you for sharing that with us because I have been looking for a new one to start using. I will try this strategy and let you know how I do. I'll use the same exact parameters.
  3. I would love to hit the 9900x but have yet to do so. I think it's in my future though lol..congrats on the wins though
  4. I think people just get excited about it and gets them pumped up to gramble because if you see others doing it then they assume they can too. Generally I think it is usually people that don't have money and want to friend request the big winners so they can ask for a loan. I know when I have gotten a few big wins I will immediately get friend requests.
  5. I always buy more and deposit if I have the spare cash to do so of course otherwise I don't play. I only claim faucets when the amount of Bitcoin they give is decent. I don't mess with the faucets that pay 10 satoshi, waste of my time if you ask me. There have only been a few occasions where I actually turned the faucet into a withdrawable balance but ended up losing in anyway lol
  6. You know I haven't had a good dream in quite some time. It's funny because there will be times where I dream every night for a week straight and other times northing
  7. That was a bit tough to understand, what are you asking exactly?
  8. If I could get a steady profit everyday that would be nice but my first goal is to hit 1 btc and then go up to 2 btc and so on. Haventadebit yet but someday I'm hoping.
  9. Doesn't that tight there tell you that price manipulate s the outcome? I have noticed the same thing where I try to hit a high multiplier and can't but as soon as I drop the bet amount it hits..lol..seems fishy to me