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  1. It is very interesting tournament, but it would be great to reveal more details about what are the requirments for the winners! Good luck to everybody!
  2. Good day guys! I'm continuing my challenge! I think today I can go and rest, in order not to bust all my profit))) no no no. only last hit and I close my browser😋🤣
  3. this is my most most big love roll X990
  4. one more X11. I love it! A here we go again 👇 So for today its enough I supose. Will contiune my challenge may be tomorow/ GL everybody and have a good weekend!
  5. One of my favourites X is X11 😋
  6. It was close. I hate suh rolls))))) But balance is increasing slowly. BTW I catched 2 times 990x
  7. Hello My primedice friends and forum readers. After completing 1BTC challenge I decided to start new one from 6 ETH to 100ETH. Hope my goal will be reached. Please wish me luck, I need this 100ETH I promissed my familly to go to Maldives for hollidays.))))))🤣
  8. Privet Elena. Welcome to prime. I'm from Russia btw! Good luck to you and your big familly))))
  9. Honestly to say, sometimes I begin to roll out my strategy and can lost everithing , it almost hapened during my challenge 3 times, first I go down from 0.5 to 0.2, second time from 0.78 to 0.4 and third time from 0.98 to 0.5 , this was very stressfull. So I'm afraid to lose everithing . Today I received rakeback from the Prime and gona start one again. from 0.01 to 1BTC Thnx dude. And yes I have a tip for you, dont lose your hope, always have a target and dont lose your cold mind. Have a good luck.
  10. Guys I reached the goal! 👇 Tnx to everybody who supported me! I can easylly say now, that 1 BTC from 70000 satoshi on primedice is real because I made it.
  11. thnx for your comments and thoughts, but if I started I will try to reach the goal! 1BTC or nothing🤣 Thank you!!! Luck is very important here)
  12. JackPot is JackPot, its not easy ofc, IMO the winning terms have to remain the same and let's our dream come true/ GL to us all))))
  13. All I can say is that big guys are obviously acummulating bitcoin, so DYOR and make conclusions. I'm acummulating $BTC
  14. Here we go, my progress! I didnt ask for tips, thats why my challenge was supose to start with 1k satoshi which were on my balalnce, but after I told in chat about my goal some of my friends decided to help. I hate such rolls, after I switch from X990 But I love this one👇! My challenge is progressing very well!
  15. Thnx for your wishes. 1.My strategy is a secret. 2.No time goal.
  16. I don'twant to sound banal. but I have a strategy and ofc I'm a damn lucky sun of the bitch))
  17. Hello. My nick in prime is winDSfun. I'm playing dice since 2015 I think. So few days ago during some fun chat with my gambling friends from russian prime I decided to start challenge for myself , from 1k satoshi to 1btc. After my announcement in chat everybody began to tip me, so I started with arround 70k satoshi. I will keep you updated/ wish me luck
  18. блин что то туплю и не могу найти правила, дайте ссылку чтоли почитать их
  19. Oh man I hate to read the rules, its boring, but thnx for welcome speach)))
  20. Hi I'm winDSfun. I play dice about 3 years with some pause for holidays and trading on different exchanges. But thnx to prime i found out about crypto and made nice profit while trading. BTW XRP which i bought at 20cents and sold at 3 dollars is my very very first huge profit. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask