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  1. Well mrnice, that's an interesting question, I would like to hit 10 btc, but I know that's not going to happen as I never take my profit. i go all out. so its just the fun for me...
  2. Blairsy

    Egg or Chicken

    many moons ago there was a chicken like bird. It was genetically close to a chicken but wasn't a full-blown chicken yet. The video calls it a proto-chicken. So proto-hen laid an egg, and proto-rooster fertilized it. But when the genes from ma and pa almost-chicken fused, they combined in a new way, creating a mutation that accidentally made the baby different from its parents. Although it would take millennia for the difference to be noticed, that egg was different enough to become the official progenitor of a new species, now known as... the chicken! So in a nutshell "or an eggshell, if you like" two birds that weren't really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken....!
  3. I would say where is the fun in that.. 😛
  4. I would ask why would you cry under water in the first place..
  5. as long as it JD and coke game on lol
  6. What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?
  7. Would you want to know you are going to die before hand or die suddenly without warning?
  8. This is a question I got asked once but I did not know the answer to, Do you think it is possible or not?!?
  9. Something that defines and solves the very essence of the existence of the question. Therefore, “I don't know” is not an answer, but merely a response. Everything has a reason, and that reasons is the answer to every possible question. But there are questions that doesn't have an answer or we do not have an answer yet???
  10. Blairsy

    What Are Dreams?

    Dreaming is one thing that’s common to us all. It might differ in the way it happens for some of us, but it’s definitely a resident feature of all of our brains. You’d think that science would be able to figure out why our brains decide to go in lsd mode every night, but sadly, there are no definite answers as to what exactly dreams are. Some people believe that they’re just random images which serve no purpose, while others believe that they carry a deeper meaning, though we’re all pretty much guessing here. so what do you think on this matter?
  11. Blairsy

    Egg or Chicken

    What come first Egg or Chicken??
  12. Well im hoping its Tron.... ive got alot invested in it 😊
  13. what is your best hit and what xhit was this? also how long did it take to roll that sweet roll?
  14. Let see how many of us are rolling friends... state who you think is the best roller in your eyes!!