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  1. its gone? its back you got to like the video and leave a commet in the video to be entered in the draw. the channel person said its going be done live on random.org
  2. suppose just comment on the channel ask the question i can if you want?
  3. not many people on this channel so good chane to win,
  4. i make upto 16 nano in 24 hours but thats for about 4 hours of the day playing the games as i know how to complete the games very quickly, as long as you got a different phone tablet etc you can do it as many time as you like better than a part time job
  5. Hey man, I'm not sure I only use the quicrypto and bitcoin cash app.. ask the question to the channel dude
  6. if you play the game correctly, you can also gain when the market down..
  7. answers to this is No! unless you are super lucky and win a Jackpot
  8. Ok so this is what I withdraw of the app, I need take a photo of my wallet as I can't screenshot in the wallet So this is my nano wallet receiving the nano Same amounts as on the app.. All apps on this channel pay. Trade this then on a platform for whatever coin you want.. Over $20 in two days why not its free
  9. im glad that its helping people out, Ready steady crypto!
  10. i use the app to get nano coins, Nano coins are $1.40 as soon as i withdraw the nano i move it over to binance and sell it and buy bitcoin also the same with the Bitcoin cash app.. its free crypto why not i say..
  11. I dont mind whatever, If im winning i make sure everyone else wins..
  12. I would like to share this with you guys as I made some good free cryptocurrency, I am always looking on utube for good apps and come across a channel called cryptocurrency apps the apps are good and do pay.. so if you fancy alook here the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaxC5OhtI6-OBVy1jQBRhNA I know alot of people dont have the money to buy crypto so I hope this help... This is why i do so much rain as i get it for nothing Ready steady crypto! Check the channel out plus it gives free cryptocurrency away And good luck 😃
  13. Well mrnice, that's an interesting question, I would like to hit 10 btc, but I know that's not going to happen as I never take my profit. i go all out. so its just the fun for me...
  14. Blairsy

    Egg or Chicken

    many moons ago there was a chicken like bird. It was genetically close to a chicken but wasn't a full-blown chicken yet. The video calls it a proto-chicken. So proto-hen laid an egg, and proto-rooster fertilized it. But when the genes from ma and pa almost-chicken fused, they combined in a new way, creating a mutation that accidentally made the baby different from its parents. Although it would take millennia for the difference to be noticed, that egg was different enough to become the official progenitor of a new species, now known as... the chicken! So in a nutshell "or an eggshell, if you like" two birds that weren't really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken....!
  15. I would say where is the fun in that.. 😛