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  1. i shorted at 4000, hope you guys did too
  2. it reached 0.0012 usd today from 0.00012 10x increase plus bittrrent was very popular anyways, as a client to download that is
  3. there is the small possibility that he faked his death and ran away with the money, people have done this before
  4. i would use my luck and do a few 1.01x bets and give the 1 btc back
  5. the max ive done is from 300 sats to 0.0013 btc with safe bets, took about an hour. havent had the time to replicate it yet, but from 70000 to 1btc is quite amazing im going to give this challenge ago but im going to try it passivley over a week instead of in one day, you have any tips for me @windsfun this is what i did so far