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  1. Yes, it really does have a big impact especially in me. I let gambling get the best of me and it got in the middle of day to day activities in which messed up life in general. I made bad decisions and gambling is one of my worst decisions. It has impacted my mental health, I've even went to therapy, to be honest that didn't help...
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty chuffed with how well I've done over the course of just a few weeks. I'm now sitting on 13.05 ltc worth of savings just saying no to gambling. I think that is highly remarkable!
  3. So if Primedice or Stake bring a new coin out in 2020, I'd love to see XLM Stellar Lumens... The reason behind that is because it's a good coin and it's cheap to buy. I'd love to see if they could bring this as it would innovate the gambling community and maybe bring along new members that specialise in the coin and want to place bets too.
  4. I hope everyone ain't speaking too negative about how dead the forum is because it sounds as if everyone would be better off without it. I'm hoping people want to be on the forum because they care about the things happening or changing in the community. It's not all about farming. I earn next to nothing. I come here because either there is something that has been said or some information I don't mind commenting about. I have to be influenced. Those that farm for posts I will not reply too because it won't interest me. I like commenting on those who actually have something to say, like here right now... It's only dead if everyone assumes it's dead. All I can say is that we should be more productive with the forum.
  5. So as we all may have figured out after years of gambling that it always ends up going rough for the many of us including me. But it doesn't mean you have to give it up. I've been dedicated to a site which has investing opportunities and I'm building that up myself. There are many generous players around that give the help in hand to have a little to gamble, the odd rain, exclusive benefits in a casino all help. I've managed to set myself a goal in which I now can't gamble my initial deposits. My goal was to deposit and invest what I would have either gambled away etc. I've started saving for this since the 26th December 2019 and now it's the new year 13th January 2020 and I've saved 12.25 Ltc. I had always thought I needed to deposit big to win bigger, now I recently found out that I was rained 2 xrp luckily and managed to turn that into 240 xrp before busting. So my plan this year is to be grateful with what I have got, get lucky, complete airdrops and earn and play on sites with good faucets to gamble. My other intentions with my initial bank funds, I'll invest the money instead which will save me money and I can watch it grow too! So my gambling funds will be acquired in other ways. My initial savings I can finally work on. I will share from time to time just how well I do and hopefully, this may be some form of motivation to help others save a little bit of money and put it away or even to invest like I have. Currently saved: 12.25 LTC In the past, I have witnessed losing thousands of dollars at Stake and many other sites too, I want to be out of this harsh cycle and now is the chance... 2020! Maybe one day I can look back at this and actually be happy I made this decision. I'm also hoping my gambling story can become a success too, I want to be able to look back, maybe others can join up and break dark cycles with me
  6. Of course they should be logged. If you have won something big you might want to help out the person that actually done you a favour. I think it's quite irritating that I don't know who has tipped me if I go AFK. I wish they did bring it back, it would be helpful. I just don't see the reasoning behind getting rid of it. If players are not keen in giving identity in raining, they could set as anonymous. Quite simple
  7. A new and transparent casino has opened it's doors. It's currently in BETA and I've become one of their investors at the site. If your all into dice games, well Wayward Life Games has just that! I've been an investor for some time and I do see the potential in this project too. Every single day at 00:00 GMT +0: Live 1 to 100 number games start with at least a prize pool of 0.00250000 LTC. On some days, there are 2 big events to win coins too. It's still got a long way to go but I hope that it becomes something big soon and this is why I wanted to share, it is all legitimate, I invested over 10 ltc there. https://waywardlife.net/ Feel free to check it out everyone and thanks for your time
  8. I don't have a pattern for amounts that go into sites like Primedice or Stake, but I do have a pattern of when I deposit and that's normally on a Monday, every single Monday and the odd Friday if I receive a payment for the work I do in real life. If any support did look at my deposits, they would notice I normally deposit Monday's.
  9. Yeah I've just noticed the notifications are gone. There was no point getting rid of those and there is no reason either for it. I can't believe that. I thought statistics were okay but the notifications for rains/tips etc, I really don't understand the reasoning behind that. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. Thanks for the codes, I might use those 100,000 is massive! Thanks for being there for us Dina!
  11. I told them the truth about 7 months ago and they were not happy. They would not talk to me for about at least 6 months. They recently got back in contact with me because of the excuse of Christmas time. It's madness because Christmas is none other than an excuse to get back in contact. At least I've made amends and promised to cut down on the gambling I've done in 2019.
  12. Well with spare coins like Bitcoin or any other coins that are accepted I tend to spend them until either I win enough to convert them to my specific coin: Litecoin. I have a current investment account somewhere else which has over 12 Litecoins right now, this is something I been working on since the start of this new year. I'm trying to aim for bigger amounts as the more I accumulate, the more bankroll I have when players gamble themselves against a casino I will not announce
  13. There is a reason for vault confirms via Email. - Emails are there for preventing users that hack the account acquiring funds. - Slower the process in the chances that the user really wants to build up the vault. Not sure why they would need no confirms anymore via Email... It still says even now that confirms are sent to the Email, so now that's something they will need to take off if they really don't want Email confirms no more.
  14. I don't think this forum is around for people to win 1 btc just like that. This is just a bonus incentive that allows people to earn by making valuable posts. This is more of a form of rakeback than a place to make money. This is not something you make a living on. We are all lucky we have such a feature.
  15. Most of the news, information and events are all on the other site now. I for one enjoy both forums but I don't think it's easily comparable since stakes player-base brings all the action on the other forum. I think this forum is more for those who have placed their own loyalty on this site. Many have left but I'm still loyal myself to here in this forum. I wish there was a way that could bring the player base back here... promotions did help somewhat and maybe they could take that into consideration? I doubt it but it's worth a shot.