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  1. Yes, it does seem to have a lot of attention on Stake, but it doesn't mean there is any lack for rewards because Primedice still do their very best giving users free money. I mean, you can see they have offered a reload.
  2. Hello, The event will conclude once 100 post are counted on this thread. This is NOT the winning post number. Regards, DB.
  3. Funny enough I found Stake first and I remember the day a friend told me all about primedice. I was hoping it was a lot like Stake then I found it was just a dicing site, not that anything is wrong with that at all! Everyone was very nice to me. I was even known in the community before even joining the site since many of the Primdice users come from Stake as well.
  4. There really isn't much point of betting 100 BTC for the potential loss to occur. 1 BTC is nothing when it comes to 100 BTC placed as a bet. You have to remember that the house takes 2% chance of beating you.
  5. My biggest win was when I won 24.975 ltc on Stake the other week ago. At least 70% busted now but it was a good day for me and one of the biggest wins I've had in about 2 years. I'm hoping to see some winnings in the thousands in the future. I wonder if I'll get lucky enough...
  6. I'm not so much of a massive fan when it comes to a vault and also by the recent changes they did when you no longer have to access your emails to confirm the withdrawals. As far as quite a few friends have told me, they find it more of a waste of time to even have a vault. They told me that "if you want to vault money, take it out into a service provider which holds them for a minimum of 48 hours, therefore you actually find that during the wait, you might or might not need the money". I'm actually for vault in Primedice in Stake, but however I'm not really ... makes no sense? If PD/Stake could add a timer cap to vaults, so it takes a minimum of 48 hours or something like that - it would make the vault more unique. Or at least setting it to a time of your choice... They always say they want to improve service, and those who are struggling to save because of temptation need something like this. It's not going to stop players from getting their money, once they have requested it, all they have to do is wait for the time they chose. e.g... 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and so on... There are so many features that could be added to vault, maybe some compounded interest options or something. There are many sites out there that are far ahead of Primedice and Stake and yet ... to be the best in the industry means to overtake some of those that are acquiring features by the day. So it's now over to you gamblers, when you do gamble, don't you ever wish you could of had a timer on the vault to avoids those temptations or not... Have a great day!
  7. I should of created a poll for this, I guess I forgot Thank you for your advice SLFJ btw lol! If anyone can add anything regarding this topic would be appreciated massively. I want to know whether giveaways actually help build a community or destroy them ... Quite strong words, but it's worth asking
  8. Most of the reasoning comes down to knowing when to stop when you have got your goal. Simply going for a tiny bit more can end up going sour and potentially busting in the long run. So my word of advice is when you have won some money, take it out! If you keep going, your only going to end up streaking to bust. Very few win because that's just the way casino's are.
  9. In a way, it's actually helped me save a little bit of money since I recently found out that my work place is paying 80% of my paychecks. Which is pretty good. Going out once a week also means savings too. I'm using an online vault as well in Coinbase to store my savings as well. All in all, during this time, it's save, save & more saving to ensure that when the pandemic is over, I'm okay on funds.
  10. So over the past few weeks, I've been making my own giveaways and helping out others. I guess the question is - Do giveaways increase forum activity or are they nothing but a waste of time overall? I've been an active member of the primedice forum for some time now, but I actually wonder if anyone comes to the forums as well despite any giveaways going on? I'm questioning because I want the best for the forum and community... Can people let me know what they think regarding this, it be very helpful to know if this is helping or just making things worse in the forum Many regards everyone!
  11. So everyone knows: This event goes all the way up to 100 posts. There are 15 guaranteed post prizes within the 100 posts that will win a prize. Post some more quality posts to get more of a chance to win! AVOID double posting. As I'm post 12, I can confirm this is NOT the winning post.
  12. Hello everyone, another weekend is here and something even more exciting than ever before, this time you will be able to compete for random post prizes. From the 2nd post until the 100th post, there are big prizes to be won! Here are the following rules to enter the giveaway: (Please ensure you read them) Here are the following rules to enter the giveaway: (Please ensure you read them) Place a comment here and you will share a portion of a prize (It's that easy!) Minimum post count must be at least 40 Users will share (up to) 0.08 LTC. Double posting & low quality content is STRICTLY prohibited. You can make more posts as long as double posting is avoided. You can win more than once. There are 15 prizes within this event (7x: 0.002 LTC) (3x: (0.004 LTC) (2x: 0.006 LTC) (2x: 0.01 LTC) (1x: 0.022 LTC) Support has the winning post counts - this is to avoid cheating or modifying the results on entries. Now Enabled: Display in your comments if you wish currency to be transferred to Stake.com. Please ensure you add: Username & the coin of your choice. +2% giveaway fee taken from your winnings: (Stake Username needed) Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash! Please note that primedice coins are currently unavailable.
  13. I'm a little tired, but today's 0.01 LTC winner is Zoltan - congratulations! As for the giveaway, there were 10 entries. 0.013 ltc each!
  14. I have watched this 8 times, this is so true and is extremely funny animations. This is sooo true! I want to see a plinko animation of 100 reds in a row on 0.2x that be hilarious
  15. I'm glad you are all enjoying the events as well as the update coming. Here is some news for everyone: On Friday-Sunday event release, you will be able to collect your winnings in the coin of your choice in Stake! Choosing a coin in PD will be unavailable during that time. I hope your all looking forward to a better giveaway!