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  1. Many people tend to use PC or so to say Laptop, but I'm still surprised that even today, people use phones. I only used phone when my electricity went out in which lead me to actually using my data on my phone which worked out quite expensive.
  2. Maybe they need to consider making it a little bit easier by making some promotions which enable more chances to win? That way Primedice can essentially make more money out of the players? What do you think, it's a good business idea?
  3. Yep, Martingale until bust for me, I tend to make a huge profit and then feed it back into the casino after some time, as @lupandina explained "all strategies sucks" - But I'll add to that because not only do strategies fall into the trap of busting but it's not difficult to go through a really bad red streak. It happens often. But green streaks occur too so it is provably fair at the end of the day. It's about making the right choices when gambling.
  4. The best rollers are the ones that physically contribute to the community and don't hold a greedy attitude. I can understand in real life problems but completely ignoring the community and what it stands for makes me upset. I've never been a greedy person, I've always helped others too. I just hope to see some people that actually do want to make a difference and not just help out other players too, but offer more valuable opinions and friendship. Friendship is better then money for sure.
  5. I'm expecting BTC to reach about $5k during this year and if it doesn't go to plan, the lowest I see Bitcoin dropping to is $3k - I would not say it would get any lower then that but some of my predictions have been wrong. Just hoping for the best because I want to be saving as much as I can so that I can have a better future. Lets hope my prediction can surpass $5k+ - Hopefully it does Let's hope more whales purchase more BTC.
  6. My aim for 2019 is to accumulate 1 Bitcoin which I used to have in the past. Obviously I lost a lot on the way and it's time for me to work hard to actually achieve my goal since it's the only way I'm going to push forward. Sadly, it's going to take a lot of time but I'm a man of patience. The key is knowing how to afford your gambling funds and to identify what you can't gamble. It's the only way to achieve a good amount of money further on. Obviously, you all know that gambling always eventually ends up to losing all but if you know when to stop, you stop. Simple principle.
  7. Plain simple, I always play small funds for high multipliers since I prefer the odds like that. Going straight all in or something like that never goes down well and always causes nothing but hatred and anger. To enjoy the funds more, always go for higher multipliers and make your money more worthwhile in the long run doing that. That's personally my way of enjoying dice.
  8. The chances of actually hitting that jackpot on the other hand is extremely slim, I actually wonder if anyone has even won anything from it with lower bets. I'm sure that someone one day will win but personally, I don't stand a chance since my bankroll can't produce 0.01 + btc bets trying to aim for jackpot. I wish that I was back in 2017 where I actually had thousands and thousands of dollars and could try and win the jackpot but those days are long gone. I wonder who will hit it next... Perhaps Sam...
  9. Yeah, I plan to make a signature when I reach 100 posts. I don't currently meet the criteria. On the other hand, when I do make signatures, I tend to promote Discord since it is good for publicity and improving Stake/Primedice advertising.
  10. How on earth do people even afford to get that sort of money and risk such a lot for so little when you think about it. I guess even the rich are not happy enough. Whoever hit that, they got balls of steel so congrats.
  11. I'm working my way up to a signature, however I believe you need 100 points to enable that feature, I'm looking forward to having a signature and becoming more helpful within the prime-dice community, I hardly come here but I'd love to get the best of both worlds so having a signature would be awesome! I am still wondering what I'd do with a signature anyway
  12. I consider the rainbot to be a big issue when it comes to good lucking and nice rains and all that stuff, remember, not many places get so to say "free money" and it's quite annoying, I agree completely. Maybe Stake & Primedice will say goodbye to faucets and rains, it's only causing spam in my opinion. Who needs that toxicity ?
  13. I'm quite new to Primedice so I'm not too sure about these VIP tags because at Stake they have them for the loyal players so to be honest, I don't see why they shouldn't bring it back here since everyone is stating that it was discarded. I think loyalty is important and since most people actually want VIP tags, why not introduce it back?
  14. Good Luck: Stake Username: DarkBlood069