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  1. How on earth do people even afford to get that sort of money and risk such a lot for so little when you think about it. I guess even the rich are not happy enough. Whoever hit that, they got balls of steel so congrats.
  2. I'm working my way up to a signature, however I believe you need 100 points to enable that feature, I'm looking forward to having a signature and becoming more helpful within the prime-dice community, I hardly come here but I'd love to get the best of both worlds so having a signature would be awesome! I am still wondering what I'd do with a signature anyway
  3. I consider the rainbot to be a big issue when it comes to good lucking and nice rains and all that stuff, remember, not many places get so to say "free money" and it's quite annoying, I agree completely. Maybe Stake & Primedice will say goodbye to faucets and rains, it's only causing spam in my opinion. Who needs that toxicity ?
  4. I'm quite new to Primedice so I'm not too sure about these VIP tags because at Stake they have them for the loyal players so to be honest, I don't see why they shouldn't bring it back here since everyone is stating that it was discarded. I think loyalty is important and since most people actually want VIP tags, why not introduce it back?
  5. Good Luck: Stake Username: DarkBlood069
  6. @FotisNt heya mate it's great to see you at Prime dice - I know your a very known Stake player so I welcome you and wish you all the best of luck, make sure to win big and to play steadily 19 years old? Now your making me look old lol I'm 21
  7. If I made 100 BTC I would settle down in real life with a house, my wife and an amazing car. Not much else you would need in life, just financial security in which would be there anyway. Make sure the kids had enough as well
  8. Well someone has got to win so congratulations, 15 BTC is a lot of money, I'd even question what I'd do with that much money!? I hope this person does some good with it, don't go wasting it all back into the casino whatever you do
  9. If someone tipped me 1 btc - the first thing that would come to mind would be "why am I this important" and at the same time, I'd be jumping up and down in excitement. I'd honestly be so happy if someone was this generous
  10. Perhaps a few people make profit from gambling but about 95% or even more people end up losing it all. That's what a casino does, it does cause much loss. I was on stake a few days ago and lost 115000 doge which is around $240 - it is a lot of money to lose. Not everyone is a winner.
  11. Sometimes people lose lot's and I consider this a learning curb to lose as much as $600 as stated. Sometimes people do not learn. Sometimes it's true to say that people have to grow some balls to know when enough is enough. Sorry to hear about your gambling experience
  12. I like coming to Primedice because I enjoy the chat, it always cracks me up and that is something I personally feel that makes the site what it is. No site should allow you to gamble alone, that's why the chat room livens up your gambling experience.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, so you all know that I am DarkBlood069 from Stake and here I'm DarkBlood096 - It should be pretty easy to remember, I hope you all have a great day!
  14. Hey guys/gals, I'm new to Primedice, just started playing, I'm an old player from the other site Stake, it's nice to meet you all! You can call me David if you like, I'm 21 years old and getting older by the minute. I wish everyone the best of luck with your bets :)