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  1. Thanks for the fast transaction milan. more power!
  2. Do you have a favourite country and if so why? Is it the country you're living in or another one? I don't really have a favourite country myself, I guess I have some issues with just about any country, but there are also a few that I like more than others
  3. If bitcoin to be international currency, what do you think? You can use it every where and anywhere, without exchange it. And how to use transaction with it, if bitcoin just crypto currency? How many people like with this thread?
  4. I have a macbook pro 2015. What do you have?
  5. I built a website which converts YouTube videos to MP3 files (its link is in my signature). But I just don't know how to get visitors. Do you have any tips or tricks? I believe hiring an SEO expert is just a waste of money which leads to no relevant result. What's your opinion about it?
  6. Since most of us are pretty simple, why do we live under such a complex system? Is it an inherent property of the system or just a way for the elites to herd the common folk away from their own self-interests? What role do you think scarcity and greed play in all this?
  7. Can Bitcoin Step In And Save A Failing State?
  8. https://lbry.io/ visit this site. and join there slack community @ slack.lbry.io
  9. I just received a tip that time(august 2016)- 100k. and i yolo it in 50x payout in 1 bet. and im so fcking lucky i hit it. Just wow!
  10. lbry will be release in may. you can earn just posting some content. and the lbry price now is so undervalued!
  11. who experience sex in public places?
  12. no sex before marriage? do you like this or not?
  13. kimdomingo


    what is your best asset?