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  1. AlphaRovic

    Wild Feels

    Alway be Cautious,...in a blink of the eye in will vanished all your coins..I did that in my previous play, it was a HUGE mistake.....
  2. AlphaRovic

    OlegBarca's Stream #259! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!

    goodluck guys hope you get it BiG PriZE
  3. AlphaRovic

    If you have 100Btc

    If i have a 100 BTC... i buy House , car and buy some stockExchange
  4. AlphaRovic

    First Day : First show:)

    welcome .. lets rolling and make more profit then share it to the poor people..
  5. AlphaRovic

    Dream about Jackpot

    The higher the wagering the more chance to get the winning jackpot... You need a lucky charm
  6. AlphaRovic

    Do you use a forum signature?

    If you always use your signature its reflect to your personality its depend on the image you post.
  7. AlphaRovic

    Personal luck of a person!

    Always think positive they attract luck ,wear lucky charm and smile always
  8. AlphaRovic

    What is your greatest Win, Bust & Bet?

    My Biggest mistake is to Bet all in my BTC then I busted . Im so greedy that time I thought i will get 2BTC, its hurts so much when is gone.
  9. BTC still the number 1 in the list Digital crypto....I think it will be uptrend early next year and no one could defeat BTC. More new digital currency will introduce next year
  10. AlphaRovic

    Do you really need a Religion?

    The purposes of the practice of a religion are to achieve the goals of salvation for oneself and others, and (if there is a God) to render due worship and obedience to God. Different religions have different understandings of salvation and GOD.But I believed there is Only One GOD and Religion is so important in our daily life.
  11. AlphaRovic

    What do you expect from PD moderators?

    Moderator is a versatile, Select, invite and confirm interesting panelists.Determine room logistics,moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in a discussion
  12. AlphaRovic

    1BTC Challenge

    I try that set up,990.0xxx make me busted always .. i thinkyou should have more coins to bet that set up .goodluck Bro....
  13. AlphaRovic

    How do you celebrate Christmas?

    Invite your family and friends for christmas dinner. Do a little holiday time travel! You can also research holiday customs of Filipino past. Christmas customs of years gone by are pretty much different than those of today.
  14. Try working out. While some people find that the adrenaline boost from vigorous exercise wakes them up, most people sleep better after working out. Exercise helps release stress and can make you feel calmer, which can add up to a restful night of sleep. just relax think positive
  15. AlphaRovic

    A long black strip on the Prime

    Oh..Boy So sad dont lost hope always look positive, soon you will be recovered all your lost and dont be greedy