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  1. AK51

    #21 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Hey! Good luck for your stream!!
  2. AK51

    My Gambling is so good

    Can you give brief explanation about your strategy, We like to hear from you loupstick:)
  3. AK51

    My Gambling is so good

    Hy, it's looks like busto strategy, lol,All strategies not work in the long run
  4. Hy Friends! Primedice Recently Changed It's minimum Tipping amount Users, due to sharp plunges in btc & other altcoins, Btc:0.00002. Ltc:0.002. Doge:100 . Eth:0.001. Bch:0.001. Except doge all coins tip amount changed,. We Know Primedice always took user-friendly decisions, but due to bad days for altcoins they have take this decision, For me:Eth & Bch Tip amount looks somehow high, 50k or below quite reasonable. What is your opinion friends?
  5. AK51

    If you die tomorrow

    I will try to make happy others happy as much as possible, even though those are my enemies i like them!!!
  6. AK51

    Hi Everyone

    Heyyaa!! Welcome to primedice forum☺️ Yes you are in one of the best community on internet, We also love to hear and share new thoughts, Hope you get also best experience here, Good luck!!!☺️
  7. AK51

    We can gamble yes!

    Hy dicyprime,welcome to primedice forum, Hope you get best experience here, good luck for your journey!!!
  8. AK51

    30 Days x2 Challenge!!

    Since How many days you are doing this 2% per day.
  9. AK51

    I need great help

    I don't understand that, can you pls explain briefly.
  10. AK51

    Primedice video

    Good, Risky strategy but its worth for high payout!!
  11. AK51

    My Technique for Winning Big

    I usually prefer to play 2x manually, and combined with money management, If my profit or loss trigger on that session, i quit for a while and will get refresh in chatroom!! I play for fun only !!!
  12. Thanks Ultra, This is useful to me, i write it down in my notes and then i will try to change my playing style.
  13. Yes, I agree, Frequant breaks refresh our brain and avoids stupid decisions!
  14. Hy Friends,Today I'm covering this thread with { what is your best quote or suggestion to players in Primedice?} In gambling we do a lot of mistakes and some times we are very late to recognize those serious or silly mistakes by ourselves or by our friends in chat, Actually we are very good at suggest to others but this fails when it comes to ourselves, Thus, what is your friendly advice to Our dice rollers friends, so that they can reduce their mistakes in playing? My Suggestion: Never play serious big bets,when you feels uneasy ,Tired , stress or in painful situations ,in playing There is always another day with plenty of profitable opportunities so why hurry be cool!!
  15. AK51

    Just a silly question!

    I think it's WWE.