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  1. poker is too difficult for me, I prefer playing roullet because I think it's easier to get a win
  2. anything can happen on a gambling site .. sometimes 1.01 can get 5 red streaks playing safely with small improvements is better and dont be greedy bro goodluck
  3. petikemas


    this site is very good and friendly with all members and not too many rules that burden the members .. play and win
  4. What you say is true but there are others that robots are tired of uncertain price fluctuations lol
  5. I think this is just an effect while basically other coins will remain stagnant because the market is now unpredictable
  6. im very interested for it... big comunity for shre and care if any problem in site or real life
  7. welcome in our comunity our paradise... and have your game
  8. longtime ago just 2k doge..bcause low balance low withdraw....
  9. sempaxx i think my favorit bcause him from same place with us haha
  10. petikemas


    welcome in the crazy world ... big comunity with big care
  11. 9900x verybest multiliplier if you have big bankroll.. and for manual play i like 2.2x martiangel start from minimum BB
  12. i think nope faucet removed i just want green always in my roll any payout any basebet lol