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  1. Oh wow Thank you so much for featuring me @cryptsforum And specially you @Fies7a As all credit goes to you for giving me a chance to win and then challenging me to double it LOL I couldn't believe for a minute when that bet rolled green. I was like "How could 2x be so kind" 😂 Oh and the cutest reactions I saw on chat after winning this were hilarious 😛 Like riggedd and stuff lmao. I am a noob on Primedice for sure. 😛 But not on stake. 😛 Thank you so much again I appreciate it ❤️ GOOD LUCK 🍀🤞 Why sad reaction kin sweetie 😛 @KinAniK
  2. Then should be eligible already 😛 Have 100 on both now
  3. Awww I didn't counted the words Though Must be 100 on the second topic I guess lemme edit the first too
  4. My Favorite Highroller is none that I could name specifically. But yeah occasionally. When friends do Highroller bets one are Eugene. Badger, Jivantoor. That's all I could remember for now. It usually depends on how they bet. I prefer to have favorites kind of betting be small or normal base bet and hitting a high multiplier. That's what I personally do too.. Or maybe playing with a strategy on a multiplier such as 11x or 99x or if it's about going more insane then 1111x Looks cool af.
  5. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35310-favorit-highroller/?do=findComment&comment=274837
  6. It's not that hard to remember or save your passwords. All you gotta do is either switch on the auto save passwords that gmail has saved for you. Or prolly draft an email with the password and required details. And save it in your drafts to check back later easily. It's more convenient to have auto save of passwords enabled for instance. Because you be using a number of sites for sure. And Manually noting down the details. Then saving it in drafts is a lot of work lol. So the best suggestion in my opinion would be using auto save.
  7. Heyy 😛 Oh Post count not required here lol *Fingers crossed *xD
  8. How has primedice and stake changed your life in general. Username, Zaynab