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  1. Rakeback doesn't expires Either if you are a Vip or a Non Vip, You can claim it Even after an year and let it accumulate.
  2. Oh wow Thank you so much for featuring me @cryptsforum And specially you @Fies7a As all credit goes to you for giving me a chance to win and then challenging me to double it LOL I couldn't believe for a minute when that bet rolled green. I was like "How could 2x be so kind" πŸ˜‚ Oh and the cutest reactions I saw on chat after winning this were hilarious πŸ˜› Like riggedd and stuff lmao. I am a noob on Primedice for sure. πŸ˜› But not on stake. πŸ˜› Thank you so much again I appreciate it ❀️ GOOD LUCK πŸ€πŸ€ž Why sad reaction kin sweetie πŸ˜› @KinAniK
  3. Then should be eligible already πŸ˜› Have 100 on both now
  4. Awww I didn't counted the words Though Must be 100 on the second topic I guess lemme edit the first too
  5. My Favorite Highroller is none that I could name specifically. But yeah occasionally. When friends do Highroller bets one are Eugene. Badger, Jivantoor. That's all I could remember for now. It usually depends on how they bet. I prefer to have favorites kind of betting be small or normal base bet and hitting a high multiplier. That's what I personally do too.. Or maybe playing with a strategy on a multiplier such as 11x or 99x or if it's about going more insane then 1111x Looks cool af.