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  1. teddy78

    My Biggest Mistake

    all in 0.08 btc 1.05x payout. guess what.. reeeeed.
  2. hey Flansca good luck with your hunting u= teddy 78
  3. teddy78

    A new challenger approching ...

    Hi Lulu Welcome to Primedice forum.  I am sure will enjoy your time here and on Primedice. most of members share the same love to the game good luck
  4. it woul de be nice to have a local exchanger. think about it guys.
  5. i believe that too Btc leading the market. Bch and ETH wining more acceptance.
  6. teddy78

    What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?

    yeah. good question Captainloraca. Personally. using vault is safer and faster than getting into a second account just to tip myself. I did not have to swing between two accounts.
  7. teddy78

    Egg or Chicken

    hell its chicken