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    liltrump reacted to Cat4Life in You could choose numbers you want to hit   
    So you know.. now you can pick payout and side, Choose 100x and have 0.99%  to hit and its either >0.99 or <99.01 
    i think it would be cool if we could move that 0.99% so it would be like  77.00-77.99 you are hunting.
    and i think would be a big thing: 9900x choosing a number you want to hunt. so it wouldnt either 0 or 9999, butwould be hunt like 7777 or.. 6969 instead,or any number you want.
    wouldnt that be  fun, and we could make some different-new strategies too.  i think it would be usefull, and fun.
    1) could be hunting when the dice doesnt move, and now  you can only do like 2x. if it was like 51.00 but  then you could  do like  50.00-50.99  or like 50.50-5.99 and then if it doesnt move much, Boom thats a 200x or 100x,  while right now you can only do like 2x for such thing.
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    liltrump reacted to Steve in $5,000 MEGA RACE! 🏁   
    That's right a $5,000 Mega Race is starting up on Primedice! This is a great opportunity to win some prizes and earn some profit!
    Don't miss out!
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    liltrump reacted to jamyr in 36 Billionth Roll   
    Haven't got over the 35 billionth roll promotion but as time flies, the rolls just fly by as well. And we are almost at the 36 billionth Primedice Roll.

    No promotion for this wonderful milestone?
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    liltrump reacted to DeeBK in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: Stranger Things   
    Bet: 35,197,236,024
    placed by DeeBK on 21/08/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit
    0.00001000 Bet: 35,197,236,700
    placed by DeeBK on 21/08/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit
    0.00001000 Bet: 35,197,237,671
    placed by DeeBK on 21/08/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit

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    liltrump got a reaction from groshman in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: Stranger Things   
    Bet: 35,054,518,582
    placed by liltrump on 19/08/2019
    0.00000140 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit

    Bet: 35,054,519,215
    placed by liltrump on 19/08/2019
    0.00000140 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit

    Bet: 35,054,520,083
    placed by liltrump on 19/08/2019
    0.00000140 Multiplier
    11.00x Profit

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    liltrump reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in Suggest a Hosted Promotion (0.0027 btc) +   
    1. Combine the highest multipier they can.
    Explanation: Let's say you win on 2x 3 times in a row, a combine multipier of this is 8 because 2x2x2=8. Let's say you win 9900x and then play 2x and it's also green, combined multipier for this is 19800. And so the people would need to make the highest multipier combined, all the bets would need to be in one go, green after green of course.
    Minimum payout for each bet: 2x. (To prevent long runs)
    Minimum bet (no idea if it should be minimum bet for this or not) but if yes then:
    You have to put all your winnings into the next bet. (Let's say you put 100 satoshi on 3x, so now you have to put 300 satoshi into next bet. (If no minimum bet then the        amount doesn't matter here).
    No seed changing during this of course.
    Minimum 25 posts on forum.
    1 Entry per user, you can edit (if challenge is not over yet) to change the entry if you hit better one.
    3. Rewards distribution (0.002 btc).
    1. - 0.001btc.
    2. - 0.0005btc.
    3. - 0.0003btc.
    4-7. - 0.00005btc.
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    liltrump reacted to Gust4v0 in Suggest a Hosted Promotion (0.0027 btc) +   
    could be a competition between players, it would be cool, say 10 players participate, so the organizer of the competition indicates a number for example 77 only the first 2 squares, the first 5 that hit remain in the competition, and those who don't hit are eliminated, As the number of players decreases, the difficulty increases, so when there are 5 left, a 1 digit number after the comma 77.7 is searched (example). The first 2 that hit are left and the rest are left. 2 squares after the comma 77.77 for example so the first to hit would be the winner. It's just a suggestion but each one with their creativity
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    liltrump reacted to williamsh in How do you feel about these "Hosted Promotions"?   
    Heya everyone!
    So over the last week or two, I have noticed a large increase in the number of moderators doing promotions here in the forum. It ranges anywhere from chatting to mods, guessing numbers, chatting constructively etc. It seems like the moderators are all of a sudden all doing small giveaways for the community
    I personally love this! It is super fun to participate in some of them and it is a great way to get more people active and involved. Let me know what you all think about this.
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    liltrump reacted to williamsh in Tiny chat bug   
    It's been an ongoing problem, but there is not an easy fix because otherwise you'll miss most of the messages if the chat had to pause while you clicked someones username.
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    liltrump reacted to Zoltan in [0.01 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 2)   
    Ends: Whenever the goal is reached
    Hopefully you remember the first run which i did in April, this one will be similar and it will also sound a bit complex, but i will try to explain it.  What i need from all of you, that you fill out this topic with numbers between 0-99.90. It should be in increasing order so the first entry should be a roll of "0" , second entry should be the roll "0.10" 3rd entry "0.20" and so on. That is not all though! As you can't post a new message if yours was the last, as it would merge, therefore if you posted an entry you have to wait until someone hits the next target, so you can post again. Every new entry has to have a bigger bet ID than the previous one, so you can't stack winner bets and just wait for the opportunity. This way if you are lucky and persistent you could win up to 0.005 BTC as explained later.
    No minimum bet!
    Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
    They have to be winning bets.
    Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion.
    10+ forum post count.
    Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!
    Prize Pool
    Every correct entry is 0.00001 BTC (yes i know it is small, this is just a test run and you can have multiple entries, so if you are lucky, you can get up to 0.005BTC) (Hopefully there will be no one with only one eligible entry, as minimum tip amount is 2k )
    How to Enter
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. 
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button)
    PS.: If you see someone posted a wrong bet, then please try to post a correct one instead and don't go for the next number until the previous one is not eligible.
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    liltrump got a reaction from AliBaba17 in Jackpot rolling 77.77 twice in a roll: The Pipeline Dream   
    unless you're already packed with bitcoin I don't think anyone is even trying to do it. But if you're betting over the minimum amount you better watch your rolls carefully 😛
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    liltrump reacted to SEMPAXs in [0.00171 BTC] Hunt Jackpot Numbers!   
    Jackpot Number
    🍀🎇 77.77 🎇🍀
    "As you know, the number 77.77 is a sacred number as a Jackpot. Let's see who is lucky to collect this sacred number".
    Win roll 77.77 on whatever multiplier you can and it must be a winning bet! There are no minimum bet amounts. You can bet with 0 too. You must get number 77.77 two times to participate in this hosting, but not in a row. You can edit your posts if you get a shorter time between these two bets. Bets must be made after the start of this promotion. Hosted promotion is valid for 1 day (24 hours) Prizes: 
    1st place: 0.0003  2nd Place: 0.0002 3rd place: 0.00015 4-10th place: 0.00008 11-20th palce: 0.00005  
    How is the ranking of the winners determined?
    1.The closest distance between the first 77.77 and the second bet is the rank we will use as a parimeter.
    2. In the event of a draw, players will be ranked according to the time of posting their entries in this thread.

    **Good luck and Have Fun**
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    liltrump got a reaction from SEMPAXs in [0.00171 BTC] Hunt Jackpot Numbers!   
    56 minutes
    Bet: 33,930,784,555
    placed by liltrump on 03/08/2019
    0.00000008 Multiplier
    4.45x Profit
    0.00000028 Bet: 33,933,607,407
    placed by liltrump on 03/08/2019
    0.00000008 Multiplier
    4.45x Profit
    0.00000028 Edit: I really liked this event. Maybe competition would be bigger if there was more time, number rolling is not that fast here. Anyway thanks for fun and I hope there will be more of these
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    liltrump got a reaction from MrNice23 in Is it important for you to check prices in Primedice?   
    As we are playing with a new kind of money, I think it's important for users to know what their coins are worth at that time in an easy way, some people don't want to keep 5 tabs open just to see the price quickly. I hope in the future we can see a small tab somewhere with the prices.
  15. Haha
    liltrump got a reaction from Bojana in Treasure hunt! (0.003 btc)   
    I can certainly recognise DMX in this picture so I thought the number 1 is what we're looking for

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    liltrump reacted to Xantys in Treasure hunt! (0.003 btc)   
    Brazilian chest is in the Flag. The configuration of the Brazilian flag and the pirate's flag is similar. You have a rectangle insribed in both. Circled in my picture.