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  1. chance=33 nextbet=0.00008000 bethigh=false currency = "Ltc" local targetStreak = 3 local conditionalStreak = 0 local lastDigit = -1 function dobet() if win then print(currentroll) -- Check if last digit matched current streak local digit4 = round((currentroll * 100) % 10) if lastDigit != digit4 then conditionalStreak = 1 lastDigit = digit4 else conditionalStreak += 1 end -- Stop if we hit the target streak length if conditionalStreak >= targetStreak then stop() end else conditionalStreak = 0 lastDigit = -1 end end function round(x) return math.floor(x + 0.5) end Download: https://mydicebot.com
  2. MyDiceBot - v190625 Simulator supports multiple currencies and different balances https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v190625
  3. chance=98 basebet=0.000001 nextbet=basebet bethigh=false numbersToHunt = {20.29,92.02,19.84,48.91} function dobet() if containedInSet(currentroll, numbersToHunt) then print(currentroll) stop() end end function containedInSet(x, set) for key, value in pairs(set) do if x == value then return true end end return false end
  4. A MyDiceBot Docker which is created by CodeCASH, BIG THANKS! https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot-docker mydicebot-docker MyDiceBot Docker Files Currently this is using my repository for mydicebot, my repo contains enhancements and bug fixes. Presently the official mydicebot repo does not work with Docker due to absolute URLs being used. My scripts are also being used in this example. To use the offical builds just change the respective APP_REPO_URL to https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io.git Enviromental Varaibles: Variable NameValue APP_REPO_URL https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot.github.io.git SCRIPT_REPO_URL https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot-scripts.git Basic Usage: git clone https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot-docker.git docker build -t codecash-mydicebot mydicebot-docker docker run -d \ -p 57432:57432 \ -v $(pwd)/app:/app \ -v $(pwd)/script:/script \ -e APP_REPO_URL=https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot.github.io.git \ -e SCRIPT_REPO_URL=https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot-scripts.git \ codecash-mydicebot Docker Compose Usage: version: '2' services: dicebot-dev: image: codecash-mydicebot-docker:latest container_name: dicebot-dev environment: - APP_REPO_URL:"https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot.github.io.git" - SCRIPT_REPO_URL="https://github.com/CodeCASH-Things/mydicebot-scripts.git" volumes: - dicebot_data:/app - dicebot_script:/script networks: - bot_network ports: - 32787:57432 networks: - bot_network volumes: dicebot_data: driver: local dicebot_script: driver: local
  5. MyDiceBot - V190616 Fix chat room issues https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v190616
  6. thanks for reminder, it looks like google play just updates their gambling policy, and our app is suspended at this moment. we shall update app to align its latest gambling policy. so just stay tuned.
  7. MyDiceBot - v190610 with KryptoGamers is supported https://mydicebot.com
  8. it looks like there is an issue of steem and google login on Android edition, so we are busy to fix it at this moment.
  9. Thanks for discussion on MyDiceBot's Chat Room Cheers We think this is a very good channel between MyDiceBot and the end users. We could fix issues quickly based on these discussion. BTW, all the suggestions in MyDiceBot's Chat Room are very valuable for us. We really appreciate. We still suggest you to please go to https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/issues and log requirements for us. As chat room may refresh by other users and we may miss them.
  10. v190605 is updated as MagicDice is a scam, so we remove it.
  11. MyDiceBot - v190604 is released with a lot of new features! Full Screen Mode For Scripting Before After Both of Javascript and Lua are supported Highlight Unsaved Code Dark Theme Select Contrast in the SKIN list Bets Script Chat Login Status Account Login Chat Room