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  1. we decide to write blogs regularly on our site: https://mydicebot.com/blog/
  2. Thanks for supporting, your feedback is welcome. I have an idea to make a dicing-script market. To avoid scam script authors, I am thinking maybe use Steemit voting function to support dicing script authors is a fair idea? Logic like this: * Create dicing script is very time-consuming (coding and testing), if the script is really good or not-so-bad, it worth some pay back or profit back. * But sometimes, users loss is not the scripts' fault, but just user's greedy behaviors. * So to balance the good part and bad part, voting the good script but not transfer real coin to the author is a safer-but-still-profitable action. So: * Steemit voting function is a good choice to make it happen. * Just voting, no need to transfer real coin from you. * Author still can earn STEEM/SBD if you voted him. Sounds good?
  3. https://mydicebot.com is availabe for the official web site of MyDiceBot NOW! Thanks for supporting. MyDiceBot - Simulator function is under development * Then you can coding and verify the script without any real-world risk. * No money loss.
  4. found some issues in the script: * there is a strange character in bethigh initialization sentence, see screenshot * X += 0.001 should be written into X = X + 0.001, as Senji bot is using C#, its lua solution support += operation, but our lua solution is based on javascript, not supporting +=, as += is not a standard operation in pure lua. * basebet is not initialized in this script * installBet and lastBet are not supported by default, should be defined and initialized by yourself * lastBet.Amount should be previousbet (Seuntjies DiceBot aslo provides both of previousbet variable and lastBet.Amount variable, it's confusing users) * lastBet.Roll should be currentroll * installBet should be initialized at the beginning of the code (it's bad practice if variable is not initialized at beginning) so I adjust the whole code as below, and the betting chart looks like this in screenshot chance = 10 nextbet = 0.00000001 basebet = 0.00000001 installBet = 0.00000001 X = 1.101 memberbet = 0 breakpoint = 0 bethigh = true game = true regame = true function dobet() if balance >= breakpoint then breakpoint = balance end if bethigh and currentroll < chance then X = X + 0.001 end if !bethigh and currentroll > (100-chance) then X = X + 0.001 end if game then if !win then installBet = previousbet*X end if win then installBet = memberbet end if currentstreak < -10 then installBet = 0.00000001 game = false regame = false end nextbet = installBet end if !game and currentstreak < -20 then regame = true end if win and regame then game = true nextbet = memberbet end if win and balance >= breakpoint then memberbet = 0.00000001 X = 1.101 game = true nextbet = 0.00000001 prof = balance end if previousbet >= memberbet then memberbet = previousbet end print(breakpoint) print('mult '..X) print('memberbet '..memberbet) end hope it's helpful.
  5. what is your script? maybe share here if convenient? we can help to investigate. BTW, below are the supported variables in mydicebot https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io#internal-variables
  6. MyDiceBot v7.1.0 is released. https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v7.1.0 Feature Updates Search function is provided in betting history list Menu for Script Script list for Script Log for Script UI Enhancement Retry mechanism for network error or timeout Fix Stake network issue
  7. We are working on Script Enhancement right now. * Menu for script * Script list * Log for script
  8. cheers and merry Christmas.
  9. HI I test this script in v7.0.1 and it works fine.
  10. I will have a check. chance/payout precision issue is fixed in v7.0.1: https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v7.0.1
  11. I will have a check the script you've mentioned here. MyDiceBot v7.0.0 is released and MagicDice is supported.