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  1. MyDiceBot - v20.5.16 Profit Prediction & Balance Changing in Simulator https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v20.5.16 #72 More Statistical Details #74 And more information like “Duration” (why is this not standard?) , “% profit per hour” and “% profit per 24 hours” would also be super helpful. #83 feature request: time running (duration)/profit per hour/prfit per 24 hours #87 change balance in simulator #78 load script from gist, the file title should be started from 'gist' but not 'gits' #84 restore loading icon in the center/middle https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v20.5.16
  2. MyDiceBot - v20.5.3 auto resetseed & console ui updates https://mydicebot.com * auto reset seed * loading icon adjustment * dark mode update * console ui update
  3. someone designed logo for MyDiceBot https://mydicebot.com
  4. How to hunt 3 different specific numbers in MyDiceBot: You can easily import the script from gist in MyDiceBot as well:
  5. MyDiceBot v20.4.25 - start() & resume() in scripting https://mydicebot.com * start() Start the bet (from very beginning) after stop() * resume() Resume the bet (from current stopping) after stop() * Demo code of start() & resume() in gist https://mydicebot.com
  6. MyDiceBot - v20.4.19 Minor bug fixing (#68 fix: stopOnWin and stopOnLoss): https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/tag/v20.4.19
  7. ntc dice bot is playing against which dice sites? @nolep 12k downloads of MyDiceBot has achieved!
  8. How to use gist(github) in MyDiceBot, and how to import script in Android edition as well!!!: https://youtu.be/0e8Hm9uf4xU
  9. # MyDiceBot - v20.4.10 Android Log Exporting & 'currencies'/'currency' in Scripting ## Update * Exporting Mobile Log (Android) * Allow MyDiceBot to access on Android * EXPORT CURRENT LOG -> CSV LOG DOWNLOADED * Log path: storage->self->Download: MyDiceBot_date_time.csv * Scripts are supporting 'currencies' and 'currency' ## Fixing * Bethigh does not work correctly in console edition (#62 ) * #64 fix: currentAmount is not defined (https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/pull/64) * #60 fix: minimum chance for duckdice (https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/pull/63) Thanks to @nathane fixing