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  1. ew3gil

    Those that go slowly, go well and far

    Given that we all agree that there is luck, I understand that the temptation to play everything is very strong, and believe me I am often tried to bet everything for a 2x ..... then I look for distractions and I stop .
  2. Hello Guys, I have read many posts related to different techniques. To date, I believe that important winnings in a very short time are very difficult. I'm making small numbers but every day, so the proceeds increase. We'll see how it will end .... and what do you think of the proverb "who goes slowly goes healthy and far"?
  3. thanks, I downloaded it too, I see how to use it and then I'll let you know.
  4. ew3gil

    #20 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    good luck
  5. I immediately tried your strategy with a balance of 300k BCH, I was cautious and I bet 0.00001. won 0.00018. If every day goes like this I would say that there is good. Thank you
  6. ew3gil

    Primedice video

    Congratulations, seeing her in the video is another thing compared to the simple play.
  7. hello, give me time to sign up and see you soon ...
  8. for me, the capitalization of coins will be fundamental. regarding the ranking I think yours is a possible indication.
  9. ew3gil

    2019 : New Year, new resolutions

    A lot of good intentions, we must find ourselves the same on 31 December 2019 to check what happened and who did it, some in part and those who tried but have not yet had results. However there is a lot of health for all of you and your families.
  10. ew3gil

    Withdrawal limit's reduced for BTC

    Great start Primedice, I personally find this change very useful, usually the withdrawal limit is seen as a goal and now this is more reachable. Perfect
  11. ew3gil

    Rewarding Ways + Payment proof

    hello kasinojacob, I registered with your ref, then I'll try to do some questionnaire. is the site paying for a long time?
  12. I like sharing experiences, positive and negative .... better than positive ones. I find very useful indications to stop, change money, casino or other and then not be in a hurry. maybe easy to say but difficult to do.
  13. ew3gil

    2019 : New Year, new resolutions

    Last year I quit smoking, then I resumed and I resigned in November .... hopefully the 2019 is smoke-free. for sporting activity we are working ...
  14. I agree with Sourc3 Code, given the many attacks on our wallet I was thinking too a hardware wallet, I'm looking around and accept advice.
  15. ew3gil

    Personal luck of a person!

    I think a little luck exists, a mixture of courage, hope, optimism. Then how much deposits and how much you win is mathematics ...