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  1. That's the way I would state it. For me gambling is simply entertainment and now a way of earning my money// living of, off it. It's just something to entertain me whenever i play. If I win, that's even better, If I lose, sad but whatever.
  2. Username on primedice: Jakeoubb this is sick
  3. Hey Eddie! I know you like travelling and gym of course haha, but I'm just wondering, how many countries have you travelled to so far? And if you travelled to a lot of countries, which ones were your favourite? Cheers and good luck streaming! Username on primedice: Jakeoubb (sorry, I don't really play on Primedice but rather stake most of the time so didn't setup everything yet)
  4. Thanks for the nice welcome! I have a little question if you don't mind, what is the Primedice forum post limit?: )
  5. Hey CaptainLorca, great topic! I think If i had the power to be the owner or like you've stated, the boss of Primedice, I would probably talk more with the community what they'd like to be changed, 1 to 1, person to person. Also i would make sure i do all the work that the owner normally has to do on a daily basis to keep the site running. I would also love to do some promotions on forum as a little quick celebration and share more with the active chat. *Also flirt a bit with the lovely support, but ehhh, I try to do that already*.
  6. Hey guys, we all have cute dogs, cats, baby pigs, whatever people have as pets nowadays! But I'm wondering... What pets do you find oddly cute, sweet? For me it's all types of foxes, but in general i'm talking about Fennec foxes. They're just so lovely. Here is a little video of one cute one. And also here is a little photo.
  7. I know this is a late reply. But my opinion on Dogecoin is actually surprisingly good. I think the decision of bringing it to both stake and Primedice really profited and made players happy. A lot of new players coming to Primedice for dogecoins. It's also a great currency to bet without stress and still feel like the king of the world when you bet those whole coins.
  8. Hey mate. As for me i prefer using Dicebot if I'm chasing something really hard to hit, for example 1500x. I use auto bet for some little bets like 99x. Remember, whichever you use won't make your bust more, it always relies on your seed. Anyways, have fun betting.
  9. Hello kippo. I hope you gonna enjoy it here. I'm also a newbie here since today.
  10. Hello to the Primedice forum Flansca. I'm new to Primedice also, but I've been a member on stake since march this year. 🙂 I hope we can hopefully enjoy it here, just like we do it on stake.
  11. It would be my first time using a script on the bot, but will give this a try, great explanation btw.
  12. This is an absolutely crazy bet on dice. Very, very risky. If you noticed, if he went lower instead of higher, he'd of lost, since the outcome of this dice roll was "0.73". So I'm sure he had to take something to calm him down, lol.
  13. Hello guys, my name is Jakub, i'm 19 years old. Some of you may know me from Stake, where I'm known as Jakubb on stake or Kuba on forum. Nothing much else to say, I hope you all have a great day and don't mind me sneaking into Primedice.
  14. I really doubt bitcoin will make it back to the top. At least not this December.