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  1. awwww, come on someone told me i can't post referral links on Forum.
  2. it's true, New coin is coming this week, and i don't understand how it's gonna manipulate price.
  3. yeah i did press max button accidentally many times, 1st time i won my .2 eth turned to like .38, then just recently i did touch max button it was like my screen gitched or something and i lost 10xrp.
  4. Yeah i did, instead of setting 78.8% chance i set the multiplier 78.8x and swooooosh red it was 50k sat no biggie.
  5. I asked Eddie, new coin is i think is esy to deposit
  6. Today on Primedice ViP Notices, A coupon was released, In which Eddie also wrote about stake's sportsbook and this: "In other news, we plan on launching a new currency early next week. Can you guess what it'll be?" So what are your guesses? My guesses is, i think it might be one of EOS, TRX or XLM maybe. either way we will know in few days. EDIT : i don't know what happened it was supposed to be released by now, its released on Stake though. Edit2 : Coin Is Launched, Its Tron.
  7. to answer this question we have to look at the basic definition of virgin and assume you have get laid in the past lol. so google defines virgin as a person who never had sex before, so after you change your tools that's should not have any effect on your experience, so that should not make you a virgin in my opinion, why i feel like i ruined the joke xD?
  8. Lol, same i wouldn't tell anyone either.
  9. Probably at least once you have thought while playing and winning that, i think i have found an unbeatable strategy, this mostly happens when you are new to gambling, for example at first you must have thought martingale is op. but in the end you bust all again and again. But imagine someday you really find a strategy like that by which you will never lose, would you tell anyone about that strategy?