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  1. you mean you were trying to hit 0.02 roll for 3000 rolls and it didn't hit but when you made this bet on 98% win chance it came and you lost? that's very unfortunate man, but things like this happens to everyone, one i changed seed play on 98% win chance and 1st bet red and then i all in and guess what 2nd bet also red. it was not much just around .003 btc, but it's big for me.
  2. there are many things that can be improved, 1st they can add more functions in autobets, for example they can add stop on win/loss, but i think Primedice won't add it because they want to keep things simple and minimalistic.... i guess. they can fix something in chat for example when you paste 2 bets at once it doesn't send it right, if you send "bet:1 hello world bet:2" hello world will be disappeared.
  3. We can't know for sure unless they release the statistics, but their are more than 500 users online, some user wager like 5-10 btc others can't even wager .01 btc daily, so lets say average player wagers 1 btc a day that makes it 500 btc wager in a day on pd and house edge is 1 percent that makes 5 btc, i can't say anything for sure, because i know anything i wrote just now it very inaccurate.
  4. hehehe thanks, I Know 2fa for tips is annoying as a whole but what annoys me more that they don't care much about Primedice, here they still haven't fixed many bugs and keep changing UI to show they care but they don't, it's not there fault actually revenue from pd low in comparison to stake... i think. but come on how much time it will take to fix it, on stake you can update your 2fa as you send tips but on pd they still haven't fixed it, yet.
  5. It's all the same and if you are taking about losing without a fight then i need to tell you on low payouts fights are more intense, yeah i fo agree you can lose the fight before reaching the highest intensity lol.
  6. If they add other games here then Primedice won't be Primedice anymore, maybe they can add other dice related games?