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  1. It will be in the English chat
  2. 1 win per person, so yes it's better to post a picture of a Doge rain if you can get one. If you win a Btc rain and post it then win a Doge rain edit your comment, just make sure you only have 1 picture on this thread at a time.
  3. Let's face it, we all love the rain at Primedice more than anything. I was thinking why not make it rain every day for the next 3 days? Actually how about 6x a day every day for the next 3 days! What to expect & another giveaway? Each rain is going to be worth $10 to 25 people and will happen 6x a day over the next 3 days! That's 18x rains valued at $180! There will be 2x rains for the following currencies each day: BTC, ETH, DOGE Another giveaway! If you can take a screenshot of yourself winning any of these rains and post it here you'll also win another prize! Post a picture winning a BTC rain - Win $1 Post a picture winning an ETH rain - Win $2 Post a picture winning a DOGE rain - Win $3 The first rain will start in 24 hours! After that some rains will be announced in chat before they happen, some will have advanced notice through the official Primedice Telegram and some will be completely random! PD Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice Rules 1 win per person (don't post multiple pictures) Post count of 15 Only pictures showing the rain in the chat box count Your post has to be a picture from these specific rains
  4. $1,000 donation to Charity Water: http://bit.ly/2VXTHCR
  5. Winners Winners for this post have not been selected yet! Go enter on all 3 social medias!
  6. Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to! Charitywater.org - Charity Water is an organisation that creates community owned water projects around the world. They have given clean water to nearly 9 million people in 26 countries! Watsi.org - Watsi is a crowdsourcing donation platform that allows you to directly fund the medical care for individuals in developing countries. Theredcard.org - Show Racism the Red Card uses the high status of football players to help end racism in society. This educational charity aims to defeat racism through providing young people with role models and anti-racist messages. Wikipedia.org - Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is created and edited by volunteers worldwide. Greeneration.org - Greeneration’s visionary mission is to bring more eco-friendly practices to Indonesia. Recycling programs for businesses and encouraging a better waste management service are a few ways Greeneration is helping Indonesia. The charity with the most votes from this poll and Twitter will receive a $1,000 donation! (Combined with Primedice votes) Do you know a charity that should be on this list? Post it below!
  7. That was a great first challenge everyone! Remember we'll be doing these birthday challenges daily all week!
  8. The first Telegram challenge will be in less than 1 hour! Everyone get ready because there's going to be a special prize for the 1st winner! Join here: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice
  9. Winners Twitter - les110, yololife2, fr1berg Instagram - williamsh, bobiylta3000, slasher555 Facebook - karthik999, elissa3335, Nidaoblanco Reward Link - https://primedice.com/?coupon=hrgiveaway2105
  10. First post has been updated with more info!
  11. Winners Twitter - Cat4Life, BladeMaster, Pinoygambler Instagram - thalnub, noeprellik, stakeneich Facebook - Chrab0vsky, lucky233, Paecga129 Reward Link - https://primedice.com/?coupon=HRpostgiveaway1105
  12. I've updated my first post with a giveaway link for the first 50 people who saw the small text!
  13. $1,000 donation to Feed the Children: https://bit.ly/2PMv7P9
  14. We have a lot planned for Primedice in the very near future so everyone be ready! I know many of you have already joined, but the first thing I'd like to announce officially is the new Primedice Telegram channel. We will be hosting a few challenges there but I'll get to that later. Right now the first thing you should know is we'll be doing a $250 giveaway at 1000 members to celebrate! Join the Primedice Telegram here: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice The next thing I'd like to talk about is Primedice's 6th birthday. Can you believe on May 18th Primedice is already 6 years old? Primedice's Birthday Events $25,000 Race $2,000 giveaway Primedice birthday stream Daily 0.06 BTC forum challenges from May 12th-18th Daily Telegram challenges from May 12th - 18th Primedice Birthday Blog Birthday Race The Race has just started and will be ending on May 18th! There are 50 unique prizes ranging from $10 to $12,000! https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35527-race-happy-6th-birthday-primedice-race-25k-prize-pool/ $2,000 Birthday Stream Don't miss Eddie's Primedice birthday stream on May 18th, 1 pm (GMT) ! Be sure to follow on Twitch to be notified when the stream goes live! https://www.twitch.tv/primeedd Primedice Telegram From May 12th to the 18th we'll be hosting challenges in the Primedice Telegram channel & chat! We'll also be having a $250 giveaway once this channel reaches 1000 members! https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice Forum Challenges More info on the daily forum challenges here! https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35528-🎂-04-btc-full-week-of-birthday-challenges Primedice Birthday Blog You'll later find a blog update here https://blog.primedice.com/ See you all at the best Primedice celebration yet! If you saw the small giveaway text and won claim your prize here https://primedice.com/?coupon=AnnouncementGW 🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂first 50 people to comment their Primedice username win $1🎂
  15. Winners Twitter - kosocho9x, maksatka, Tokyo06 Instagram - ArtizyKristy, pedrojmelo, Kate865 Facebook - cryptohunt, chrab0vsky, demonross Reward Link - https://primedice.com/?coupon=HRgiveaway0605