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  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion with me. Have a good day I know that thing too. Stake forum has a lot of free forum rewards farmers with low quality topics( actually sh*t topis) . Just separated from them is the best way for pd
  2. First, im not a professional gambler. I just played gambling for extra money . So I just played with only free money which I can get in anyway. My goal is always minimum amount of withdraw. This is dice site and max payout multiplier is 9900 . I never try to hit that too . Even I tried, my bets amount never over 5k sats . There has only.000001% to win 10 btc for me hehe 😜. Just a joke. Peace ✌️
  3. Yeah I also feel like that too. I’m confusing between these thoughts. That’s why I’m asking this. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your opinion , knowledge and ideas about seeds things That sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. There was different ideas from each person about seed. I’m so happy to reading your ideas/knowledge/experience . Keep sharing guys. I would like to read yours too
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience Thank you for your wishes. Wish you guys good luck too.
  5. Because in order to being not to be lost as much as possible while playing Yes I already been profit and withdraw 200k sats from forum rewards 2k sats by being managed time to play and focus Thank you for sharing. I will try to use that
  6. Maybe one of your topics or reply get removed by moderator. I had been happened once before .. don’t worry your debt will paid by getting contributing .
  7. We need more new things to play. If only this without being upgrade or update , people will get bored later . Just my opinion
  8. Thank you for sharing your schedule Yoo my favorite streamer answer my questions and share her schedule. Thank you lupa Yikes. You should get a job for better life
  9. Omg the famous person sheen notice me and answer my question . Thank you for sharing your strategy . I will test it too
  10. Thank you for your answer. I already know about it because someone told me That’s nice explanation about two sites to be clearly. Thank you sir for your answer
  11. Yes now i know that why they didn’t combine two sites.
  12. For me, i do gambling for extra money to earn and feed the addiction in free time not to be wasted .