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  1. lol not sad was confused, cause they made a whole topic just because the 100k tip?! Wadu hek! @Zaynab
  2. Why Stunna never show himself on stream? Username: KinAniK
  3. I heard a lot about Grahamesko and a noice! motto to follow "Win big or go die" hahaahah
  4. Personally, I am holding btc from last year when it was $6500 and I think there is a huge possibility to touch $9500-$11000 by the end of this year
  5. hello Darius! Welcome to the community man
  6. best of luck man! if you reach 70k to 1 btc that would be real miracle tho!
  7. OMG!! bro, we have lots of similarities! My favorite movies are those you listed, even the series Games of Throne, The Flash, Arrow the only this didn't watch yet is "Purge" I need to watch it soon
  8. Wow very nice and exciting news it is, hopes we will able to tip other cryptos like this as well in future
  9. Its not small information gene, its huge information for us!! nice to know about you more man
  10. Thanks for the Strategy gene, I will definitely try that
  11. KinAniK

    Unusual pets?

    I love birds and I have a cockatiel, she is also a part of my family!
  12. Noice!! that was really a lucky day for you gene! hope you will turn 0.001 to 1 btc one day! 🤞