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  1. This is awesome u made .01 from 25K what strategy u use for this can u tell me
  2. Should need to clarify that up-to how much participants so no doubt in future because it's 5 giveaway should be more then lst giveaway prize and if more then 100 users are done this 150+ post then only less then 100K we get so clarify it
  3. How to make money without investment or what the the best sites which make u in profit without any investment?
  4. Should need to discuss what is base price for faucet
  5. It means we should now invest in it for profit in future
  6. Primedice only have 4 language but I see in other sites there are more then 6-7 language so pd should have to increase its language
  7. Hey stunna nice to see u here it's awesome feeling
  8. I see thefrog have a lovely heart so he don't want to mute beggars
  9. I started with .02 and in 3 days I make it to .05 but few reds I get so just want to make it back but can't do it and loss all in greed
  10. Ya Yes they are paying 50% I see today and they are paying lots of tips in the chat
  11. I want to use search button but it's not working hope u guys work on it so I can take advantage of it to search a thing instead of going one by one step
  12. The new forum is little bit new and difficult hope I will change my brain according to it but I like last forum it's looking tough
  13. Is there is only 10 prize Means only for 10 people ?
  14. Thanks all hope I will win more again
  15. And should show the results in front of all in streaming
  16. Awesome man god give u more
  17. No btc. Now to try this no winning
  18. Thanxx for giveaway I turned it into .033 in 2-3 hours very happy and enjoy it Maybe this is the last giveaway from zoltan But hope they will do again because pd faucet decrease no pay per post People interest down now towards primedice to keep the interest they have to do regular interesting giveaway Thankuuu
  19. It's never going to be happen