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  1. How much does it take to make it big in life? What do you think, how much cash do one need to be considered rich? I know it depends where you live and how much your living expenses are, so it would be also good to mention the region you come from.
  2. as title saying..how to overcome deep depression ?? I am 27 years old, my one kidney stopped working 3 years ago.due to high calcium in body my hairs started falling out , i leaved my studies and after a year an IT company company fired me then i started working at home before few months my luck was so good in gambling but since a year i am looking for good business , but still i am fail Cry Cry . I am not posting this story for any donation but these are reasons of my depression , i joined since community forum since few months ago and i feel this best to share there.
  3. I'm just interested to know how many of you like to play online games and particularly to take part in playing beta online games. And what is it in for you because it's evident that there very likely will be serious bugs? For me it's always fun to try new games, interactive like this one, for example, and I'm enjoying to help developers to make their games better Especially if it's promising to be a great game following from its description
  4. As per title, but its not bitcoin gambling. just general gambling like poker, roulette, dice. mine is poker , because its doesn't depends on pure luck.
  5. if you have chance to choose between this 2 to date in 1 day. who would you choose? white or black american?
  6. My longest longest streak in 2x payout is 15. my deposit gone in 5 mins. Im just unlucky that time. well thats life!
  7. lbry is ready to go the moon this april or may. *April- sending of invitation for beta testing *May- first official release of beta- users 8) 8)
  8. i usually have sex 2x a week!.