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    cryptomonkey reacted to UltraChief in Martingale Strategy....   
    I am sure everyone tried the age-old martingale strategy once a while but all ended up learning one thing that the casino having a house edge will be the winner in the long run. One needs to stop to prevent the busting.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to 777seven777 in Martingale Strategy....   
    Only one time I rich 0.001 btc on thise strategy, maybe if you have good seed, thise work, but risk, I better play manual without double every losses bet. 
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    cryptomonkey reacted to luckygirl in Martingale Strategy....   
    its dosenot matter we should have luck for winnning nothing more
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Kate in Martingale Strategy....   
    The thing is martingale will only work on good games not on dice because it is a very weird game to use this particular strategy on in my mind and it requires patience too which is hard to have .
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    cryptomonkey reacted to sheenaz.bay in Martingale Strategy....   
    Martingale is a probability management theory that allows the equality of values in a given time with the previous period using the multiplication principle. Martingale strategy is a strategy to get profit while closing the total loss from the previous transaction through capital multiplication.
    Therefore, when using the risk martingale strategy the next transaction always increases with increasing losses.
    martingale strategy is not only used in gambling, in the world of trading, you can also use the martingale strategy
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    cryptomonkey reacted to xvids in Martingale Strategy....   
    Well it also works on dice but the problem is the house once the house detects it you would surely lose.
    The martingale strategy would only be effective on a short period of time.
    When you use it for a long time no matter how big your capital is it would be burn out.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to duggerd in Martingale Strategy....   
    I also used martingale but I was afraid of losing money so I only took a little profit that I stopped.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to bankbank in Sickhouse's current strat settings on dicebot   
    Down 33% thus far I do not recommend you keep using this strat unless you go in with 90% later base bet and a way higher reset.

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    cryptomonkey reacted to Cyber2019 in Sickhouse's current strat settings on dicebot   
    Thanks friend, this looks promising. I'll try it out. Cheers! 🍺🍺 for sharing this with the community.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to bankbank in Sickhouse's current strat settings on dicebot   
    You are welcome
    Any pointers are welcome in case anyone simulated a downtrend.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to xvids in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    You need both of them to win you couldn't just rely on luck,
    You also need a good strategy and a plan in order to gain profit.
    You need a plan about when to stop or quit .
    Don't be too greedy it is always better to have control and know when to quit.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Cyber2019 in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    Forget Luck. In reality it's all based on Math... Mixed with wisdom,, knowing a really good Strat is
    very important; don't bet high unless you want to risk losing all your balance. Just use common sense.
    Best of Luck friends. 😎
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    cryptomonkey got a reaction from MrNice23 in Seeds   
    there is a good post, explaining seeds over here:
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    cryptomonkey reacted to MrNice23 in Seeds   
    HI dicers , wanted to know how often do you change your seed , and in your opinion do you think it's useful , or more efficient for some specific payouts ? 
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Sem144 in [100% Safe Dice Script For PrimeDice and DiceBot]   
    Lol u will bust all strat never safe 😔
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Cyber2019 in [100% Safe Dice Script For PrimeDice and DiceBot]   
    This looks like a great Script and i'll probably try it. Thanks.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to sid027sp in [100% Safe Dice Script For PrimeDice and DiceBot]   
    any script for low balance like 100 k satoshi ? Hope you have any good script for that .
    Good luck guys , nice script for 10x .
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Katarina in How to enable 2FA?   
    Hey.  Please contact us on Live Support chat or send us an email to support@primedice.com . We will guide you further.
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    cryptomonkey reacted to lupandina in Cryptogamblers.pub Telegram game – grab free coins daily!   
    So, inspired by one guy, who was trying so hard to steal others tips and exchange it as own (), we are starting a game in our Telegram channels!
    Random count daily (maybe once, maybe five?)
    At random time (maybe in the morning, maybe at night?)
    In random channel (maybe English, maybe Russian?)
    Will appear information and details about tip, sent by me to "Dinabot" and not used yet 
    Random coin and amount (maybe 100 doge, maybe 0.1 ltc?)
    Who will be winner?
    That one, who will notice message first, and will exchange this tip to his own account!
    So, subscribe to one of our channels and try to catch it first!
    English Telegram channel or Russian Telegram channel
    Few useful notes:
    To catch tip, you should fill form in cryptogamblers.pub with exact same details, provided in Telegram message, as exchange to your account, and click "finish". If you are getting "IP error", means, someone was faster than you and already started exchange process. If too much other exchanges are done after this tip, system won't find it anymore. What a waste! Be fast!
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    cryptomonkey got a reaction from ew3gil in If you had 100 BTC   
    ... and now, start all your plans backwards - learn a skill, get a steady job, then go on to complete your wishlist in reverse order
    because that is waht  your life gonna look like, in real reality  wish you best!
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    cryptomonkey reacted to Miladmirzaei in If you had 100 BTC   
    what thing you will buy if you won 100 btc or more than 100 btc ? lets to dreaiming and answering we know dream will be reality if we thinks about that . have good luck and ejroy your times in pd
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    cryptomonkey reacted to maverick528 in Is anyone here still mining?   
    Im still doing small mining,nothing serious.
    Years ago I bought a pair of USB sticks for mining SCRYPT coins, like LTC or DOGE.
    The plus side is that they dont eat a lot of energy, and you can have them plugged into your laptop or PC all day without you noticing you are mining.
    The down side is that now they are obsolete, both sticks working 24 hours only generate between 2k and 3K litoshis.
    But I keep them running anyway .....
    Sometimes I also mine with a video card some Neoscrypt coins like FTC or ORB, but only when I have some "free" electricity...
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    cryptomonkey reacted to bigbrankx in Is anyone here still mining?   
    I've mined a time ago, and I dont anymore 
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    cryptomonkey got a reaction from bigbrankx in Is anyone here still mining?   
    mining, you say?! that is a wonderful hobby!
    yes, indeed - you can mine very well: if not for the purpose of immediate profit, or as they say, Lambo to the Moon :p!
    when you begin to learn, it opens up a new world of many fun activities, ranging from fixing computer hardware to learning about programming and general setup;
    since it is packed with information, every miner will find it's purpose and calling in the world of computers, to meet new friends & open a new view of possibilities!
    anything that involves research and learning is worth a while in life, because it brings multiple benefits, maybe not seen for immediate eye...
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    cryptomonkey reacted to UltraChief in Have you ever told your parents about your Gambling Habit?   
    I dont see the reason for making this thread because its literally your personal opinion. Honestly if you are underage you should not gamble.