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  1. http://prntscr.com/ndawwr but i don't write to members anyways
  2. no it's here, in forum, not muted, but i tried send a message to another member
  3. it says i'm allowed 0 messages - is there any trouble? no ideas, haven't been either on forum or in game for a few months??! issue, reason, anything?
  4. next question: why does my balance turn to NaN when i loaded a simple script and started in simulator? http://prntscr.com/mf7tjb
  5. it says undefined when i loaded my script from computer and pushed "run" http://prntscr.com/meifix soon after, later, i downloaded the desktop version, which opens in a browser, and loaded my script from hdd - can't make it run, says undefined please, teach me how to use your app properly!
  6. so true that! i've seen it many times: the beginner's luck exists! however, the experts or veterans often say that it doesn't exist - this is only due to the fact, that they have experienced defeat at some point and that narrows their vision and makes them concentrate more on the negative part or expected disappointment or failure or loss in whatever hobby they made it; you can study what thinkers of The East have to say, like It's well-explained in this quote from Buddhist monk and teacher Shunryu Suzuki: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few. what is says to me is, keep an open mind and your opportunities will remain undefeated by circumstance! best of luck in games!
  7. ... and now, start all your plans backwards - learn a skill, get a steady job, then go on to complete your wishlist in reverse order because that is waht your life gonna look like, in real reality wish you best!
  8. mining, you say?! that is a wonderful hobby! yes, indeed - you can mine very well: if not for the purpose of immediate profit, or as they say, Lambo to the Moon :p! when you begin to learn, it opens up a new world of many fun activities, ranging from fixing computer hardware to learning about programming and general setup; since it is packed with information, every miner will find it's purpose and calling in the world of computers, to meet new friends & open a new view of possibilities! anything that involves research and learning is worth a while in life, because it brings multiple benefits, maybe not seen for immediate eye...
  9. hello, what a nice casino you got! now, please, explain this part to me: "$65 Free No Deposit Bonus" i would like to try your game, how do i start to get it?
  10. well works from the start, just found last night and testing on cheap coins! this might add a rolling base bet calculation: base=((balance/10000)*0.5) so it makes a basebet of 1 satoshi for every 10,000 satoshi of the balance, and cut in half for safety start; what do you think?
  11. does not work for me, says: "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you."
  12. steady is the mind-set that i have; it really helps to add one profit to another profit and in small increments, it results in a bigger chunk of bankroll! but after some time, my mind becomes overcome with fear of losing that hard-earned by time-consuming grind my bankroll, so i just try to withdraw it or larger part; what is your idea of small profit to grind for the day, week, etc... can you say numbers? like, how much is it good for you in a game day?
  13. it does what i wanted - being able to switch my coins in a moment's notice! for example, i am building a strategy for dice and i can test it on cheaper coins; then, if all goes well - i can switch to top-coin! to me, it is best for my purpose, being flexible and in control of my bankroll! thank you very much, lupandina, i hope you make it worth a while, and please keep it working! in my understanding - this is a very mission-critical service for a gambler - to be able moving coins anytime he wants!
  14. а как им пользоватся? непонимаю!
  15. I wish you won! Give it all you got - you winner! [also, i'm gonna join the stream now] see you..