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  1. quit gambling; gambling ruins people's lives; it always has...
  2. it busted several times in a row, nah, i'll pass;
  3. is DEATH to balance! when you hear dice strategy based on martigale - RUN!
  4. wait a minute! don't you find it strange, that it never mentions "luck" speaking of casino's profit? have you heard anyone say: depending on "luck" casino will or will not have profit this month, LoL? therefore same goes both ways - player's profit is subject to the same rules as casino's profit. isn't it? what i would suggest to players, learn the math part of gambling; stop living in fantasy&illusion fairy-tale! Method 1: divide your balance by 50,000 - this will be your base-bet; plan to win ~20% of your balance in a session; and put a stop-loss on 90% of your balance; in this way, the most you gonna lose in one sitting is 10% [if you busted, well, tough luck], but you can win 10-20% extra; don't play manual or auto on site! use a well known dice bot, made by seuntjies: https://bot.seuntjie.com if you need help, PM me and i shall give you working and best dicebot game profiles or scripts [for free] from you i only ask to learn to operate seuntjie's dice-bot properly, and you can start winning instead of whining... good luck!
  5. there is a good post, explaining seeds over here: https://dicesites.com/provably-fair
  6. stake is throttling bets, even worse than before; i run seuntjies dicebot and i see the difference between settings over period of time;
  7. i received an email, saying bet speeds have improved, but i was disappointed when my bot kept lagging and receiving message: "sorry, can't make bet - wait a few seconds" all the time
  8. i deleted my 2FA token in Authy for PrimeDice game - what do i do now? i cannot disable it in game!
  9. no it's here, in forum, not muted, but i tried send a message to another member
  10. it says i'm allowed 0 messages - is there any trouble? no ideas, haven't been either on forum or in game for a few months??! issue, reason, anything?
  11. so true that! i've seen it many times: the beginner's luck exists! however, the experts or veterans often say that it doesn't exist - this is only due to the fact, that they have experienced defeat at some point and that narrows their vision and makes them concentrate more on the negative part or expected disappointment or failure or loss in whatever hobby they made it; you can study what thinkers of The East have to say, like It's well-explained in this quote from Buddhist monk and teacher Shunryu Suzuki: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few. what is says to me is, keep an open mind and your opportunities will remain undefeated by circumstance! best of luck in games!
  12. ... and now, start all your plans backwards - learn a skill, get a steady job, then go on to complete your wishlist in reverse order because that is waht your life gonna look like, in real reality wish you best!
  13. mining, you say?! that is a wonderful hobby! yes, indeed - you can mine very well: if not for the purpose of immediate profit, or as they say, Lambo to the Moon :p! when you begin to learn, it opens up a new world of many fun activities, ranging from fixing computer hardware to learning about programming and general setup; since it is packed with information, every miner will find it's purpose and calling in the world of computers, to meet new friends & open a new view of possibilities! anything that involves research and learning is worth a while in life, because it brings multiple benefits, maybe not seen for immediate eye...