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  1. can you post your tweak, please, i want to learn, this stuff is new to me..
  2. please, can you assist me to allow a private message to another member? is there an issue? i am not aware of any restrictions;
  3. quit gambling; gambling ruins people's lives; it always has...
  4. it busted several times in a row, nah, i'll pass;
  5. is DEATH to balance! when you hear dice strategy based on martigale - RUN!
  6. wait a minute! don't you find it strange, that it never mentions "luck" speaking of casino's profit? have you heard anyone say: depending on "luck" casino will or will not have profit this month, LoL? therefore same goes both ways - player's profit is subject to the same rules as casino's profit. isn't it? what i would suggest to players, learn the math part of gambling; stop living in fantasy&illusion fairy-tale! Method 1: divide your balance by 50,000 - this will be your base-bet; plan to win ~20% of your balance in a session; and put a stop-loss on 90% of your balance; in this way, the most you gonna lose in one sitting is 10% [if you busted, well, tough luck], but you can win 10-20% extra; don't play manual or auto on site! use a well known dice bot, made by seuntjies: https://bot.seuntjie.com if you need help, PM me and i shall give you working and best dicebot game profiles or scripts [for free] from you i only ask to learn to operate seuntjie's dice-bot properly, and you can start winning instead of whining... good luck!
  7. there is a good post, explaining seeds over here: https://dicesites.com/provably-fair
  8. stake is throttling bets, even worse than before; i run seuntjies dicebot and i see the difference between settings over period of time;
  9. i received an email, saying bet speeds have improved, but i was disappointed when my bot kept lagging and receiving message: "sorry, can't make bet - wait a few seconds" all the time
  10. i deleted my 2FA token in Authy for PrimeDice game - what do i do now? i cannot disable it in game!
  11. no it's here, in forum, not muted, but i tried send a message to another member
  12. it says i'm allowed 0 messages - is there any trouble? no ideas, haven't been either on forum or in game for a few months??! issue, reason, anything?