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  1. Thanks everyone! The Survey has now concluded so please do not take the Survey any longer (You won't get paid for doing so). I got swamped with some other work so I missed out on coming back here to check up on things. If there were any issues with a payment, feel free to send me a DM I'll update this thread once I have some fancy results with some graphics to share.
  2. I can't tip to your PD account sadly, it'll have to be all on the blockchain. Thank you for taking the Survey & please PM me your BTC address
  3. Week 3's payments have been sent out. If you did not get paid you either didn't write your Bitcointalk name correctly within the Survey or you tried to abuse it here in the thread. You can keep on taking the Survey until I say so, we are at the home stretch now. Results should be posted soon!
  4. Correct, results will be sent through email once the Survey has concluded and a couple of days later (With some graphics and all of that jazz) I'll share it publicly :).
  5. You'll get paid on the coming Thursday, I missed out on filling out people from here as I had a bunch of stuff to do last week, sorry about that! EDIT; Only affected people that signed up on Wednesday/Thursday.
  6. Hey guys! Sorry for the delay but payments were sent out yesterday (Friday) due to personal things going on Thursday. Regardless, everything should be settled now and the next batch is being sent out next Thursday. We have a target of reaching 1,000 participants and we are about 80% there so if you are yet to take the Survey, do so now
  7. Please send me a message with your Bitcointalk name (That you used when taking the Survey) & your BTC Address
  8. What's not to trust about it? I'm not really sure I understand the question..
  9. Sorry about that, that's the way I'm doing it on btalk but I'll edit OP here to have people only PM me after they've completed the Survey :).
  10. Hey guys! I'm doing this Survey to gather some results regarding crypto & gambling in general. Please take the time to answer the questions and you'll be sent $3 in BTC on Thursday (Next week). https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8JGJ2W2 The Survey should take no more than 5 minutes and your answers are anonymous. If you enter your email address at the end it is only so that you get the final results when the survey has concluded before we make that information public. Some Rules: You need to have a Bitcointalk account. You can only participate once, if it is found out that you use alts or try to manipulate the results you won't receive any BTC. You need to send me a message with your BTC Address & The Bitcointalk name you specified when you took the survey. Payments are sent out each Thursday for the previous weeks participants, I just sent them out this morning to about 120 people and we are aiming at getting a total of 1,000 participants before we finalize the results and post them publicly. Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5050824.0 For any questions, feel free to PM me or comment below.