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  1. Bet: 29,531,706,057 placed by Ceastem1 on 14/03/2019 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00006000
  2. Thanks for another great advice amar! Anyways i agree with the part "stop complaining" cause for me its a complete waste of time. When you got time to complain, better use it by working or i dont know clean your house to be productive? Cause complaining is just a complete waste of time and exhaustive.
  3. gambling cannot be a source of income but ofc you can add this to your sources of incomes. just do not depend on it entirely and control your deposits. as long as you have discipline in gambling, you won't lose too much here and possibly earn a few dollars which you can use to pay electricity maybe haha. anyways, gambling is good as a hobby for income only, and not worth to be depending on entirely.
  4. Goodluck! Stake: ceastem PD: ceastem016 but i would prefer on stake though haha
  5. this is a great idea for primedice. since this promotes wagering (more money for them) haha i guess it would not hurt much for them to bring back some of those profits to the wagerers. and i like the challenge too since it does not really rely on how much you deposited but your skills too to manage bets.
  6. well i guess i was too late in purchasing but now i think it still offers a decent price and has great room for growth. i invested some of my money here and i hope i get some profits hehe. end of the year is coming and i wish for the best for skyrocketing of prices. goodluck to us!
  7. my favorite is 3x! with a very low base bet and increase of 50% so far this one is bringing profits for me but ofc you need to change seeds once in a while every time you make significant amount of profits.
  8. yes jackpot is possible. but of course just the same as in the lottery of any countries, your chances of hitting the right numbers at the right time are very slim. you need to have extreme luck and huge bets you want to hunt this jackpot. which may take years for one to hunt. and most likely not take back what you lost for hunting it. so yeah if you hunt with 100 sats only, you won't even qualify because you need at least 10k sats bets each of the two rolls. which is again, costly especially in the long run.
  9. try ko nga din to haha. pero napakalabo talaga magbayad nito. Mga pinoy pa kagaling natin sa scams hirap na ngayon magtiwala lalo na pag wla proof of payment galing sa kakilala mo talaga
  10. i think i saw rains before having mroe than 40 doge, maybe they lowered it cause of rain farming? i don't really know