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    maisam307 reacted to athena2007 in [EXCHANGE] - BTC ➡️ LTC ➡️ ETH ➡️ BCH ➡️ DOGE TRADES   
    Be careful of Impersonators. My accounts are "athena2007" and "sukanyabank" on Primedice, "athena2007" on forum and @athena2007 on telegram. These are the only accounts from which I will ever contact you for any trade. Rest all others pretending to be me are impersonators.
    There have been such reports recently of people trying to impersonate trusted users here in order to scam others. Be careful with whom you are trading and double check everything before you send coins to any account.
    Heya Guys!
    Having a hard time exchanging your cryptos? 💰😟 Wanted to play ETH or LTC or BCH or DOGE but only have BTC balance? 😑
    Say no more. ☝🏽 I got you guys covered! 🔥😎
    Now opening my BTC-ETH-LTC Exchange shop! 💰🔄✔
    BTC to LTC ✔ BTC to ETH ✔ LTC to BTC ✔ LTC to ETH ✔ ETH to BTC ✔ ETH to LTC ✔ BTC to DOGE✔  ECT ECT ECT VISA VERSA  How to start transaction:
    Drop a comment for the requested exchange. (Example: "0.01BTC exchange to LTC.".) 🤘🏽 Wait for my confirmation here. I will quote your request.  Once I confirm, send the amount to my PD account: athena2007. After I receive, I will send the requested crypto to your PD account. Fees for the transaction is NEGOTIABLE. We can always talk about it before finishing the transaction. PS:
    You can also send me a message on Primedice for exchange requests. 😉 You can also contact me through Telegram! Just send a PM. Telegram ID: @athena2007 😊😊😊 Make sure you introduce yourself by your PD id's for smooth transactions. 🤘🏽
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    maisam307 reacted to athena2007 in Australia Trials Citizen Disability Insurance Payments on a Blockchain   
    Kudos to the australian goverment as they are trying blockchain to help in the payments of people with disabilities . thuis would make it easier for these people to receive and even so spend thier allowences 
    They are creating  blockchain technology to create ‘smart money’  , great work aussie goverment.
    Whats your thaughts on this?? i think its great for the less fortunate ..