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  1. Quel

    Spanish Bitcoin Miner Plans 300 MW Solar Plant

    Wow I didn’t know that .. even I’m here in Spain lol 😂 thanks for the info my friend 😘
  2. Quel

    Primedice in 4 years time

    I totally agree .. anyway I’ve learned my lesson never ever trust anyone here 😁
  3. I don’t believe with that they create that site to earn but not to donate lol .. all people wanted to earn maybe if they are that rich then it should be there family first to help not others .. just my thoughts 😁
  4. Quel

    Primedice in 4 years time

    Maybe PD in 4 yrs time it would be cooler like there is more alts and beggars will banned forever lol 😂
  5. Yes I think it’s very important the attitude towards others but sometimes I get irritated with the people who keeps on begging all the time. I’m not selfish but I do hate people begging all the time.
  6. Exactly and they tell bad stuff about you either omg. I’m tired with them
  7. Beggars will always send pm everytime you let them show your winning bet
  8. Quel

    Newbie here

  9. Quel

    Newbie here

    Thanks always 😘
  10. Quel

    Newbie here

    Thanks to my friend added me here